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    Jul 1, 2014
      Thank you for subscribing to MidEastWeb News Service.
      This monthly reminder explains how to manage your subscription and how to help us improve MidEastWeb News Service.

      Mewnews has a companion service that provides in depth analyses and opinions as well as additional news items from around the world - mewbkd-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Visit http://www.mideastweb.org/mewnews2.htm to view the searchable archives.

      Managing mail - Because both Mewnews and Mewdialog generate a lot of mail, we suggest you make separate folders for them in your email client.

      Improving MidEastWeb News Service (MewNews)

      Mewnews is a volunteer effort. We rely on readers to tell people about MewNews
      and to send us news items, as well as to point out any major errors. Send mail to Mewnews-owner@yahoogroups.com. Submitted articles should include the source
      URL. Interested subscribers are also welcome to become contributing editors, provided they abide by Mewnews editorial policy.

      Please DO NOT send us mail commenting on events. That sort of discussion is
      most welcome at MidEastWebDialog. To join, visit http://www.mideastweb.org/mewdialoglist.htm

      Editorial policy - Mewnews will circulate any items of major interest to the
      Middle East, and strives to maintain a balance of sources. Press releases of
      different organizations are published on the responsibility of the organizations
      that produce them. No material in Mewnews necessarily reflects the opinions of any editor or of the MidEastWeb group.

      MewNews does not publish propaganda or meeting notices.

      *******Managing your Subscription*********************

      Mewnews mail distribution is run by an automatic listserv.
      You can manage your own subscription easily by sending commands in the form
      of letters to different addresses.

      Subscribe- Mewnews-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Unsubscribe- Mewnews-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Digest Mode- Mewnews-digest@yahoogroups.com

      No Mail Mode (for vacation) - Mewnews-nomail@yahoogroups.com

      Normal (return from vacation) - Mewnews-normal@yahoogroups.com

      If you change e-mail addresses, please send
      from your old address and
      from the new address.

      If you go on vacation and do not want to get mail, please send Mewnews-nomail@yahoogroups.com.

      If your mailbox become full, or you send "vacation" notices, the mail server may stop service to you. We have no control over this. Please make sure your
      mailbox doesn't become full and do not send "Out of the office" or vacation notices.

      If you have tried to manage your account using the email commands (either
      click on them to send a letter, or cut and paste the command into the letter)
      and you get an error notice, please send us the error notice (mewnews-owner@yahoogroups.com) and we will try to help you.

      ************ DONATIONS *************************

      MidEastWeb is a registered non-profit voluntary organization.
      Donations (even small ones!)
      will help us carry on our work. For details see http://www.mideastweb.org/helpus.htm or contact mideastweb@...

      Thanks for your cooperation and support in
      helping people to learn about the Middle East.

      Ami Isseroff for
      MidEastWeb News Service
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