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  • Paul
    Nov 26, 2012

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    Ramallah –Palestine

    WEEKLY INFO NO : 191

    November 26, 2012




    As the war on Gaza is over, Palestinians are looking forward toward the next step to promote their cause. Regardless of the ceasefire concocted by US and Egyptian mediation, it will not be the last round of military confrontations with Israel. Having a long experience with the Israeli iron fist mentality Palestinians know well that Israel will never take heed of international resolutions nor respect signed agreements with the Palestinians. Nevertheless, the current setback in Gaza will not deter Israel from carrying on its traditional course of aggression and domination. _nconditional _;_; support will but encourage _sraelΰs denial and exclusion of the _alestinian peopleΰs right to self determination and statehood


    It is really strange enough to see U.S. Secretary of tate rs; 􀀆linton carrying sraelΰs message to President Abbas asking him to refrain from pursuing the UN track and suffice by returning to the negotiation table with Israel. Needless to explain Palestinian insistence on their UN bid, for the U.S. knows well that peace talks have been going on since more than two decades without any inch of progress. Worse is that Israel used the peace talks to build new settlements (colonies)on Palestinian lands and fatten existing ones, thus violating international law and human rights of the Palestinian people.


    _nfortunately, the _;_; didnΰt move to stop _sraelΰs violations against _alestinians and continued to cover its aggression by additional arms supplies and Iron Domes ostensibly to shield Israel from a potential threat coming from Iran. With such maneuvers Israel succeeded in diverting U.S. and International attention from its vicious occupation and atrocities against Palestinians in the direction of a fictitious threat puffed up as a real danger. Consequently, Israel and its friends pushed hard to implicate the U.S. in a new war against Iran similar to that against Iraq in 2003.


    On the other hand, every sane human being has to wonder about the hostile U.S. position towards the Palestinian UN bid on November 29th; and whether it is a crime to lift a vicious Israeli occupation from their backs? Why do Israelis and Americans consider _alestinian freedom and statehood a threat to _sraelΰs existence or to _;_; interests in the region? Despite minor skirmishes and Israeli limited aggressions on Gaza Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is totally committed materialize Palestinian dreams through non-violent resistance and negotiations. Yet, U.S. and Israeli leaders donΰt leave any hole for _resident 􀀄bbas to breathe and insist to keep him and his people under permanent pressure and continued existential threat. _sraeli threats to cut ”_alestinian tax money” payments collected by _sraelS other statements target the “dismantling of the _alestinian 􀀄uthority”; 􀀄fter the  aza war Israel came out with a new idea to push Palestinians against each other by promoting Hamas against the Fatah leadership of Mahmoud Abbas. Other Israeli threats say that Palestinians will regret going to the UN and will dearly pay for that step etc...


    Palestinians are wondering about the U.S.-Israeli staunch hostility to the Palestinian UN bid, as if going to the UN equals joining Ben Laden or Al Qaeda. If Palestinians are denied weapons for self-defense; and non-violent resistance and UN diplomacy are equally prohibited, so what options are left for them to get rid of the Israeli yoke of occupation and expansion? Genius U.S. strategists and thinkers are genuinely asked to help Palestinians out of this dilemma and bring a special recipe to resolve such a complicated puzzle.


    Another issue irking Israelis is whether Palestinians will sue Israeli leaders as war criminals in international courts, which means that Israeli officials are really worried about their personal fate and indirectly admit perpetrating war crimes and the use of excessive military force against _alestinian civilians; _hatΰs what makes them vehemently oppose any Palestinian drive to promote Palestinian UN status as a non-member state. In fact, suing Israeli leaders in international courts has never been the main purpose of Palestinian UN bid, their main purpose is to get rid of the occupation and obtain their freedom and independence.




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