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2678Police, IDF avert Jlem attack

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  • Josh Pollack
    Aug 31, 2001
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      August 31, 2001
      Security forces capture armed terrorist in Jerusalem
      By Baruch Kra


      Jerusalem police and an undercover army unit last night arrested an armed
      terrorist and were seeking the driver and getaway car of a three-man cell
      that left Ramallah last night.

      One man was arrested with two weapons - a nine-millimeter automatic rifle
      and a carbine. Another man fleeing the police ran into a Beit Hanina youth
      club, which was immediately surrounded by police officers and soldiers of
      the undercover army unit.

      A few minutes later, 10 Palestinian youths left the building and all were
      arrested. They were taken to the Jerusalem District police Headquarters at
      the Russian Compound in downtown Jerusalem. The police were questioning them
      last night to ascertain if one was the escaped terrorist - or to establish
      if he had managed to escape the building.

      A third terrorist apparently managed to get away in a car and last night
      police, army and air force helicopters were searching for him in the
      northern Jerusalem area.

      The tense night began with an intelligence alert around 8 P.M. that a
      terrorist cell was on its way from Ramallah to Jerusalem and planning an
      attack in the city center. According to Police Chief Mickey Levy, police
      immediately were sent to the northern part of Jerusalem to seek the
      approaching cell.

      Near Beit Hanina, a police unit discovered the car carrying the three men,
      and along with the army unit approached it shooting. In the action, one man
      was captured alive, the second ran into the youth club and the car and
      driver managed to get away.

      In a separate incident, two Palestinians stabbed a security officer at the
      Mt. Zion Hotel on the Hebron road opposite the Old City last night, lightly
      wounding him.

      The two had asked to enter the building, and when the security officer
      turned them away, they assaulted him. The two ran away and police were
      searching for them last night.

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