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  • Josh Pollack
    Aug 1, 2001
      Israel Line (Prepared by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

      Wednesday, August 1, 2001


      Five Israelis were wounded by Palestinian gunmen in a roadside ambush on
      Tuesday night as they traveled in two cars on the Talmon-Dolev road in the
      West Bank, THE JERUSALEM POST reported. One of the motorists, Michelle Kam,
      of Dolev, sustained serious injuries from gunshot wounds to the chest and
      stomach. Her husband, Mark, was shot in the thigh and the hip and their son,
      Itai, 17, was lightly wounded by bullet fragments. The occupants of the
      second car, also from Dolev, suffered light wounds. They were taken to Sheba
      Hospital at Tel Hashomer for treatment. Security forces searched for the
      terrorists, who they believe fled to nearby villages under the control of
      the Palestinian Authority.

      Meanwhile, a Border Policeman was lightly wounded by Palestinian gunfire
      this morning in Hebron. The gunmen fired from the Abu Sneineh neighborhood
      overlooking Hebron's Jewish community. Also in Hebron, Palestinians threw a
      bomb at an Israel Defense Forces roadblock near the Tel Rumeida section of
      the city today, as well as several firebombs at a Border Police post next to
      the city's Jewish neighborhood. No injuries were reported.

      In other incidents, Palestinians fired 23 mortar shells on several Jewish
      communities in the Gaza Strip, including Ganei Tal, Neveh Dekalim, Morag,
      Netzarim, Netzer Hazani and Atzmona on Tuesday evening. No injuries were
      reported. Overall, more than 20 Palestinian gunfire attacks were recorded
      throughout the night on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip, and approximately 80
      grenades were fired or thrown at IDF troops.

      Meanwhile, a bomb exploded today in the parking area behind the King David
      Hotel in Jerusalem. There were no injuries or damage caused. Also in
      Jerusalem, the neighborhood of Gilo came under Palestinian gunfire on
      Tuesday night. No injuries were reported.

      Commenting on the targeting of Hamas headquarters on Tuesday, Prime
      Minister Ariel Sharon said, "The IDF targeted a group of senior Hamas
      members who perpetrated terrorist acts in the past, and were in the process
      of planning further terrorist acts." He added that "the IDF acted to prevent
      acts of murder and terrorism against Israeli civilians." The Hamas
      terrorists targeted were responsible for 10 terrorist attacks that killed 34
      Israelis, most of whom were under the age of 18, and wounded 333 Israelis.

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