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51404imra Are S-300 Batteries on their way to Egypt? Could cover all of Israel

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  • Paul
    Sep 3, 2014
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      Sujet:Are S-300 Batteries on their way to Egypt? Could cover all of Israel
      Date :Wed, 3 Sep 2014 18:03:56 +0300
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      Are S-300 Batteries on their way to Egypt?
      In case the report published on itar-tass website will materialize and the 
      procurement deal goes through, how will Israel deal with the S-300 batteries 
      being placed on Egyptian territory?
      Ami Rojkes Dombe  3/9/2014
      Will Egypt acquire Russian S-300 batteries? According to reports online, the 
      batteries that were designated for Syria will probably find themselves on 
      the southern border,itar-tass.com reported.
      According to the site, the producing of S-300 batteries will stop within a 
      year and instead new generation S-400 batteries will be manufactured, to be 
      in use by the Russian army and be sold on the international market. 
      Meanwhile, Russia is thinking what to do with the batteries that have 
      already been produced for Assad, and one of the alternatives is to sell them 
      to Sisi. It should be recalled that at the end of last year, Saudi Arabia 
      provided Egypt with a grant of two billion dollars for the purchase of 
      Russian weapons.
      A report reveals on altahrir website that the air defense commander of 
      Egypt, Abdel Moneimal-Terras, traveled to Moscow to discuss a joint exercise 
      between the armies in the near future as well as the procurement of military 
      equipment. If the deal is implemented, it will be a closure for Egypt, which 
      has been looking to buy S-300 batteries since 1996 (source).
      What does this mean for the Israeli Air Force pilots? Well, if the reports 
      are referring to the S-300-PMU-2 version, it means that this battery has a 
      detection range of 300 km and a damage range of about 150 km. In other 
      words, if this battery will be stationed in the Suez Canal (it is likely 
      that Israel will not allow placing batteries in Sinai), its radar will cover 
      half of the territory of Israel – the southern half. Whether it will be 
      placed in the area of Port Said, it will cover almost the entire State of 
      Israel. It means that any aircraft or missile leaving towards Egypt (if and 
      when) could be identified within Israeli territory (Assuming that Israel of 
      course that Israel do not have the capabilities to disrupt the radar of the 
      S-300 – an argument frequently heard in the foreign media [source]).
      Production of S-300 missiles in Russia to be stopped within year — source
      Russia  August 22, 9:13 UTC+4
      The source in the Russian military-industrial complex said the production of 
      components for S-300 will continue
      MOSCOW, August 22. /ITAR-TASS/. Production of Russia’s S-300 missile systems 
      will be fully stopped next year, a high-ranking source in the Russian 
      military-industrial complex told ITAR-TASS.
      This also concerns export versions, he added. “I want to stress that the 
      production of components for S-300 will continue and will even grow in the 
      coming years,” he said.
      The source said S-300 missiles would be replaced with a number of new 
      generation systems. “S-400 becomes the main system for our Armed Forces. 
      S-300 missiles remain in operation, and their production will not be halted 
      in a moment,” he said.
      Russia's latest air defense system S-400 licensed for export
      The source said the marketing policy of Russian producers of air defense 
      systems is now aimed at advancing S-400 to foreign markets.
      “We have had a more efficient system for several years, I mean S-400. What 
      is the point in producing things that don’t meet today’s demands of a 
      customer?” he asked, saying S-400 supplies abroad would begin no earlier 
      than in 2016.
      Redirecting deliveries
      S-300 Favorite missile systems destined for Syria may be delivered to Egypt, 
      a Russian high-ranking defense industry source told ITAR-TASS on Friday.
      Egyptian partners have expressed interest in S-300 purchases. The system may 
      be re-equipped for Egypt in a short period of time, the source added.
      S-300 system Russia made for Syria may be offered to other customer
      If an agreement is reached, software and some units and systems of "Syrian" 
      S-300s will be changed, he said.
      Cairo bought about $400 million worth of ammunition from Moscow over the 
      past ten years. A considerable volume of the military enginery bought from 
      the Soviet Union is still in service in Egypt, the source said.
      Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates may provide substantial financial 
      aid for Egypt, he added. 
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