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Re: 2001 Swift Gas Mileage

you will lose 10 mpg the later metros have a 4 cylinder and get 30 to 35 Glen ... On Mon, 9/8/14, g_bowersjr_99@... [MetroSwift]
Glen Olson
Nov 12, 2015

geo metro for sale

if allowed here i have a metro for sale a convert in show condition was just on ebay the orange one now on craigs list in muskegon mi. thanks.
Sep 21, 2015

egr vacuum modulator burned up

Does anyone know why the EGR vacuum modulator would burn up on my 1992 geo metro convertible?
May 25, 2015

Swift GT/GTi Rear Brakes

Does anyone here know anything about the Swift GT rear brakes? I replaced my rear calipers with some rebuilt ones, The calipers come with new mounting pins.
Mar 31, 2015

Re: Power Mirror Wiring?

Wow, I figured someone on here had a Swift wiring diagram. I have wiring diagrams for Metros, but not for the swift. I download a complete Suzuki Swift shop
Jan 28, 2015

Re: Power Mirror Wiring?

Sorry, no schematic. On Saturday, January 24, 2015 11:56 PM, "g_bowersjr_99@... [MetroSwift]" wrote:   Anyone have a
james agee
Jan 27, 2015

Power Mirror Wiring?

Anyone have a wiring diagram for the Suzuki Swift power door mirrors? I bought a pair at the wrecking yard and I'd like to test them. They have 3 wires, but I
Jan 24, 2015

Re: Geo Metro's for sale

I am looking for the interior trim for both outside manual remote mirrors. Do you have some to sell?
Dec 26, 2014

91 Geo metro

I am looking for a fuel pump assembly , rectangular in shape, float and pump, new.
james agee
Oct 9, 2014

Re: 2001 Swift Gas Mileage

... A turbo kit would be nice, but certainly out of my price range. I've seen a couple of turbo Sprints at the wrecking yards over the years, but never a turbo
Sep 13, 2014

Re: 2001 Swift Gas Mileage

It would probably be easier to add the turbo kit from the Canadian Firefly. I don't know about the later automatic, but the '93 is just your basic slushbox on
Bob Stuart
Sep 12, 2014

Re: 2001 Swift Gas Mileage

Thanks. If you get around 29 mpg in the city, I expect that I'd probably get closer to 25 mpg. As I said I have a very heavy foot. Mostly I have a very short
Sep 12, 2014

Re: 2001 Swift Gas Mileage

I have a 2000 and a 2001 Chevrolet Metro LSi, each a 4 door sedan with the 4 cylinder 1.3 L engine and automatic transmission. The 2001 has a functioning air
Steve Harness
Sep 9, 2014

2001 Swift Gas Mileage

I've seen a couple of 2001 and a 1998 Suzuki Swift's for sale locally for reasonable prices. I really likie the body style of my 91 Metro, but I'm starting to
Sep 8, 2014

Re: engine swap

thanks for that update. some said yes and some said no but you say you did it. i figured it was a fast job and is i did it i would be using the complete drive
bob p
Aug 21, 2014
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