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February 7, 2009 - New Message from Matthew

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    February 7, 2009 Description of highly evolved civilization; collective consciousness, Earth s and the universe s; ascension, individuals and Earth s; life
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      February 7, 2009

      Description of highly evolved civilization; collective
      consciousness, Earth's and the universe's; ascension, individuals'
      and Earth's; life mission; light absorption; global economy reforms
      needed; technologies; whales; stasis; reasons for differences in
      channeled information

      1. Good day, dear souls! This is Matthew lovingly greeting you from
      a magical world outside your galaxy. Ordinarily civilizations'
      invitations are for the purpose of my evaluating and assisting in
      upgrading their spirit realms that are the equivalent of Earth's
      Nirvana, the proper name of the world that many call Heaven.
      However, this invitation was extended solely for me to visit, a
      respite from my service mission.

      2. The magnificence of these souls, their spiritual clarity and
      environment is beyond the comprehension of even some other highly
      evolved civilizations. While they may know about the existence of
      these souls, they have not attained the growth that offers a frame
      of reference for relating to life in a world where all souls are
      completely attuned to the love essence of Creator and God. This is
      the kind of world I am visiting.

      3. The souls here, whose individuation began in cosmic antiquity,
      eventually chose to be an indivisible collective mind and heart, so
      to speak, and function as an entity rather than a mass of individual
      souls who share the same intentions and goals. Their unification
      enables them to direct their energy as a powerful force field across
      vast distances to reach civilizations that most need this
      assistance. In this sense, you could say that these souls' "leader"
      is the Supreme Being of this universe, for only at that ultimate and
      infinite plane can it be determined where the need for light is
      greatest and authorization given to direct it to the struggling
      civilizations most needful of healing love and enlightenment.

      4. These souls could live in an evanescent state, but with their
      ability to manifest any type of body they wish that is compatible
      with their evolvement station, they chose a distinctive form.
      However, because their bodies vibrate at such a high frequency that
      third density vision cannot detect them, you would call this an
      amorphous, or discarnate, civilization. The body style they chose
      is a slender cylindrical "torso" that is more an indication of a
      shape than an actual shape because it shimmers in opalescent waves
      that comingle with the waves of all the other millions of cylinders.
      The energetic "reach" of each—and you cannot conceive of it as it
      cannot be measured in your concept of distance—varies only to show
      the length of time each soul has been in the civilization and not
      the degree of spiritual and intellectual attainment, which is
      uniform throughout the collective souls. However, that degree of
      awareness keeps growing and expands the "reach," thus growth and
      change are inherent in life even at this height of evolution.

      5. The cylinders are "storage silos" for light, and extending from
      the top half are golden filaments that connect with "blossom
      clusters" of sparkling iridescence. The clusters are memory banks
      that contain the combined experiencing, knowledge, talents and other
      abilities of the collective mind, an instantly accessible library of
      all light thought forms within the universal mind. Ordinarily I
      manifest a body that fits into the civilization where my service has
      been requested or, like now, an invitation of the vacation sort; but
      I am here in my etheric body, which is attached as an "appendage,"
      as it were, to one of the most ancient souls.

      6. When they wish to communicate other than the customary telepathy,
      they "speak" in majestic musical tones of such softness and purity
      that nothing on Earth can compare. At this station and some beneath
      it in spiritual clarity, vibrations of consciousness are expressed
      as magnificent pastel colors and tones, and the atmosphere of
      joyousness, peacefulness and unity far exceeds the sensations that
      any dense body can feel.

      7. These souls have no DNA patterning for aging, illness or death
      and there is no reproduction. The population grows through souls who
      are at the same spiritual level and are attracted to this force
      field by the universal law of "like attracts like," and all visitors
      who want to remain are welcomed. If souls wish to move onward for
      other experiencing, they are celebrated for their time in the
      civilization and bid a loving farewell with an open invitation to
      return at any time.

      8. Their homeland, if it can be called such, is simply the space in
      which they meander throughout the universe. As they do so, their
      power wafts undiminished as they create the subtle beginnings of new
      worlds for souls with lesser awareness to evolve into in whatever
      physical forms they choose for the growth experience they select in
      pre-birth agreements.

      9. My reason for describing as best I can these souls and their
      magical world, which it is to me, is more than a picture post card
      inscribed, "Wish you were here," although I do wish that for you as
      being here is inspirational beyond words; and it is more than
      enlightenment about a world for your wonderment. From the moment
      Earth cried out for help and God instantly authorized many
      civilizations to respond, just that swiftly these souls started
      beaming their intense light to preserve the life of your planet and
      all her life forms. That they did so and have continued for almost
      seventy of your years shows their unconditional love for each soul
      on Earth and the importance of each of you to God.

      10. Now then, in unison with the souls at my usual station, I shall
      speak about the importance of your collective selves. As
      individuals you create your own realities, and the realities of all
      Earth's residents are the collective consciousness, which creates
      the conditions that exist on the planet. This is why your thoughts
      about the life you want—the world you want!—are so important.

      11. Let me back up a moment. Long ago my mother asked if I ever felt
      discouraged because so many people's thoughts were of never-ending
      wars, tyrannical regimes, rampant corruption and other horrendous
      situations, or they feared the kind of world future generations will
      inherit. Her concern was how it affected the collective conscious
      and Earth's ascension when so much energy was being directed toward
      what people don't want instead of what they do want.

      12. I told my mother that Earth's free will is to ascend into fifth
      density, and not only was her progress sure and steady, but in the
      continuum, she already had arrived. Also I said that what I felt in
      fleeting moments was not as much discouragement as it was sadness
      for the individuals who use their free will to refuse the light that
      would enlighten and uplift them.

      13. With that bit of background—that Earth's ascension has been
      accomplished—I can proceed to respond to questions that show the
      considerable confusion about this topic: Is ascension in physical
      bodies or souls in their etheric bodies? Will ascension occur in
      2012? Who or what decides who will ascend with Earth and who won't?
      What happens to people who don't ascend with the planet? Does
      ascension mean being taken aboard spaceships? Are we going to
      ascend because the planet will be destroyed; if so, where will we
      go? Will there be unmistakable indications that let me know if I
      will or won't ascend with Earth? Can I ascend even if I don't know
      what is in my soul contract about my life mission? If Earth already
      is ascending, why is there as much violence as ever; when will that
      end? And there are many related questions about "light," which I
      shall address later.

      14. Persons who receive the light will ascend in their physical
      bodies along with Earth as she progresses into the higher vibrations
      of fourth and fifth densities. The absorption of light changes
      bodies' cellular structure from carbon-based of third density, which
      cannot survive the intensity of light in the higher vibrations, into
      the crystalline structure that can survive. I wish to add here that
      persons who make transition from physical to spirit life during
      Earth's journey, as well as many who have transitioned in recent
      years, may indeed have been "eligible" insofar as having sufficient
      light; however, in accordance with either original or amended soul
      contracts, their choice is a life in spirit for the time being.

      15. Earth's ascension—the process of world transformation and
      spiritual renewal that enables her to rise out of third density and
      continue into the Golden Age—has been ongoing for about seventy
      years in linear time; and by the end of your calendar year 2012, the
      darkness that has proliferated for millennia will have disappeared
      in all its vicious forms. However, this does not mean that after
      2012, there will be no further changes—there will indeed be splendid
      changes in many areas, including spiritual and intellectual growth.
      Life is a continual process of learning, or more accurately stated,
      a process of consciously remembering the knowledge within the soul.

      16. The decision about who ascends and who does not is the province
      of each individual. It is not an arbitrary decision—it is a matter
      of the energy within the individual and that is determined by the
      free will choices within either the light or the dark. Light-filled
      people will ascend, as I explained, and I shall speak about those
      with dark proclivity in a moment.

      17. Ascension does not mean being taken aboard spaceships; however,
      even now, visiting fleet crews in their ships is one of the grand
      benefits of souls with the most illumination, or enLIGHTenment.

      18. Absolutely Earth will NOT be destroyed! On the contrary, she is
      being restored to her former health, and along her ascension
      pathway, her Eden beauty will return.

      19. There are no specific "unmistakable" indications that one is
      ascending with Earth because those are as unique as each of you is.
      Most succinctly stated, personal ascension is the merging of your
      consciousness with your soul. Recognizable aspects are the raising
      of consciousness; strengthening discernment and trusting intuition;
      ever-increasing awareness of the higher self, the god/goddess self,
      and true spirituality; the sensation of peacefulness that comes with
      living in alignment with your soul contract—you feel this as if you
      are "going with the flow" instead of "bucking the current." Self-
      discovery may come as "Aha!" moments that can be considered
      indications, and these can be as varied as realizing the most ideal
      way to handle a perplexing situation or a difficult relationship, an
      inspiration about a new direction in life or moving to a location
      that "calls" to you, or perhaps the solution to an experiment.

      20. Please do not feel concerned if you do not know your life
      mission! Only a relative handful of Earth's peoples know about soul
      contracts, and simply following your inner voice—your soul's
      messages to your consciousness—naturally leads you in your mission.
      When the time is right, and it will vary from person to person, you
      will know where you are most needed and can most meaningfully serve,
      and you will feel confident to fulfill that purpose. Please do not
      feel that you must play what you consider to be an important role in
      the changes underway—each of you is important! You may think that by
      comparison with others, you are not contributing enough; but simply
      by BEing who you ARE at soul level, even if you are not consciously
      aware that you are doing so, you are fulfilling your mission and
      radiating light to all whose lives you touch.

      21. That violence is still a fact of life in your world is related
      to the destiny of people who will not ascend with Earth. At this
      juncture, the collective consciousness includes the elements
      associated with the tentacles of darkness that still are lurking
      about the planet. Persons who refused to relinquish their "heavy"
      roles that once were components of karmic balancing became captives
      of the darkness. As Earth enters higher and still higher frequencies
      along her ascension pathway, individuals with dark proclivity—the
      unconscionably brutal, greedy and abusive of power, some in ruling
      positions but many others controlling behind the public scene—will
      leave the planet. Without light except the spark that is the soul's
      very life force, those persons' bodies will die and their souls
      automatically will go to the very dense energy planes that
      correspond with their lifetime energy registration. In those
      placements, they will be offered a constant beam of light, and if
      they respond, their consciousness levels will rise.

      22. Now then, quite a different matter but still within the
      collective consciousness, are individuals who can be called "fence-
      straddlers." However unwittingly, they are wavering about opening
      their minds to the higher consciousness that the higher frequencies
      of Earth's ascension pathway are offering. If they waver too long,
      they will remain rutted in third density's greatly limited spiritual
      and intellectual awareness. Please understand that these people are
      not "bad," to state that most simply, but rather they are choosing
      to have a closed instead of an open mind. Souls at all light
      stations are "pulling for" all those individuals to respond to the
      light and awaken in time to accompany Earth into the Golden Age.

      23. The "final exam," if you will, is whether they can accept the
      truths that shortly will start emerging about the darkness that for
      so long has kept your world "in the dark," especially control of the
      masses through religious dogma. Individuals who cannot accept the
      truths—enLIGHTenment—will choose at soul level to physically leave
      the planet. After a suitable time in Nirvana, where they will see
      how they veered from their soul contracts wherein they had chosen to
      awaken, they will welcome the opportunity to embody in other third
      density placements and resume learning at the level where it left

      24. This brings us to the many questions about light that I have
      combined thusly: What people need to do so light will enter their
      bodies, how to know whether they are absorbing light or not, how
      much light is needed to ascend with Earth. I have spoken about this
      in a number of messages, and one includes a summary showing the
      simplicity of accepting the light. I asked my mother to please
      locate that passage and copy it here.

      (Excerpt from August 29, 2008 message)

      Now I shall address the variety of questions about how best to
      prepare for ascension. Live in godly ways—there's no need for me to
      spell those out, they come naturally to people who have light in
      their souls.

      There's no need either for esoteric studies, trips to the Himalayas,
      belonging to spiritual groups, attending instructional seminars or
      workshops, or establishing prayer rituals; however, if you feel
      strongly attracted to any of those and you have the time and
      resources to engage in them, by all means follow your heart in those

      Know that there is no separation between you and God or with all
      other souls in this universe.

      Trust your intuition, the messages from your soul to your

      Let the love in your soul radiate out to the universe. Love, the
      most powerful force in the cosmos, can be expressed in limitless
      ways, but it must start with self-love that comprises self-respect,
      self-worth and self-confidence.

      Live in harmony with Nature.

      Quiet times in solitude—meditation, if you will—is food for the
      soul. So is music that inspires or soothes, and the light in a
      genuine smile has incalculable ripple effects for self and those
      whose lives you touch.

      Forgive self and others, see a situation from others' perspectives,
      cherish beautiful memories and let go of those that are hurtful.

      The people who are working for peace; preservation of the
      environment; humane treatment of animals; assistance to homeless,
      hungry and sick; or any other avenue of assistance are examples of
      light and love in action. Those motivations come from soul level,
      and the advocates and activists are responding to their souls'

      Know that you are god- and goddess-selves with the power to manifest
      whatever you strongly intend!

      Nothing I said is new to many of you as we have spoken before about
      these and other like measures, but since ones still are asking about
      this essential aspect of enlightenment and spiritual growth,
      reiteration is necessary. And if it is a reminder to you who have
      this awareness, that too can be beneficial.


      25. Thank you, Mother. For the reader who asked if any special diet
      is required for ascension, no, there is not. But I would be remiss
      if I did not mention that giving attention to wise guidelines for
      health maintenance is advisable not only for your physical bodies,
      but also your emotional and mental bodies, thereby achieving balance
      in mind, body and spirit. Balance is essential for soul evolvement!

      26. And how joyfully we greet all these types of questions! The
      difference between them and the most prevalent topics of interest a
      year ago is stunning evidence of raised consciousness within
      individuals and thus within the collective consciousness.

      27. I mentioned Earth's Golden Age has arrived in the continuum. Now
      I shall speak about the collective consciousness that is creating
      that era in your linear time, and in this respect, I believe it will
      be helpful if I speak again about energy. Everything in existence
      throughout our universe is energy fluctuating at one frequency or
      another. This means not only everything that appears to you to be
      solid, but also all the thought forms that have created celestial
      bodies and their prevailing situations are energy vibrating in
      accordance with the density of the resident souls and thus the
      worlds they inhabit. Every civilization throughout this universe has
      its own collective consciousness, and because energy can be given
      direction but cannot be "boxed," or separated into compartments, the
      combined collective consciousness constitutes the universal
      consciousness, or universal mind. That is why there is universal
      interest in what souls on Earth are doing and thinking—the energy of
      your feelings and thoughts affects the universal consciousness. It
      also explains why lighted beings from many placements throughout the
      universe are lovingly and eagerly assisting you to manifest the
      peaceful, harmonious world you desire.

      28. Now, as Earth continues her ascension pathway and enters planes
      of increasingly higher frequencies, everything that is vibrating at
      a lower level will drop away. All thoughts, feelings and actions
      based in the negativity of darkness will cease because they cannot
      exist in the higher vibrations. The collective consciousness of
      Earth's peoples will be purged of all dark thoughts and desires, and
      light-filled souls can proceed unimpeded to manifest whatever is in
      their collective thoughts and desires.

      29. My last statements address the great amount of questioning in
      many minds: In short, how can today's world be so dramatically
      transformed by year-end 2012? Without enumerating the many instances
      readers cited that seem to you impossible to change that rapidly, or
      change at all, we say again: It is your collective light-filled
      minds and hearts that enables this. Of all the changes underway on
      your planet homeland, the change in the nature of Earth's humankind
      is the most profound. So please dismiss all your doubts as to
      whether the glories of the Golden Age really are possible and
      instead, know that in the continuum, that era already IS!

      30. In a recent message I described the Golden Age master plan that
      includes Barack Obama's election as president of the United States
      as an integral part of Earth's ascension, and again I refer to the
      collective consciousness. Instead of feeling fearful that he may be
      assassinated, please know that he is protected within the Christed
      light. Yes, also by other measures, and this is a good place to
      respond to readers who questioned whether there was a starship in
      the skies over Washington, DC, on inauguration day. It has been
      there ever since the Obama family arrived—it decloaked briefly
      January 20th as evidence of its presence and the powerful protection
      surrounding them. However, envisioning the president and his family
      in golden light and praying for their safety adds to the collective
      conscious, so yes, by all means, do this.

      31. In the same respect, it would be extremely helpful to suspend
      doubt, disappointment or disapproval about what Obama does or does
      not do, such as his selection of individuals to work most closely
      with him or a change from his stated intended course of action, and
      instead, allow time for actions and results to unfold. No one on the
      planet other than he has total awareness of what is in his heart or
      mind—his reasons, questions, motives or unfolding plans and
      objectives—and at this station, we do. Many within both parties of
      Congress are either Illuminati or under their control, and they are
      working to sink his efforts rather than support them. Negative
      thoughts about Obama's intentions, just like anxiety about his
      safety, zoom into the collective consciousness and aid that "enemy

      32. Also apparent in the collective consciousness are expectations
      of Obama to be a miracle-worker or flawless in judgment, and he
      cannot be either. He had no reason to disbelieve information he had
      been given; he is learning that some was unintentionally incomplete
      or inaccurate and some was deliberately skewed. And, once he was in
      office, he was briefed on situations that are so highly classified
      that he did not know of their existence or extensiveness prior to
      that time, and he is taking judicious steps to learn about and
      eliminate all the cancers in institutions that adversely impact life
      in his country.

      33. The United States is not the only country teeming with
      situations in vital need of reforms and not all can be quickly
      accomplished. Your world is in a "birth" process, so to say, and
      every nation is experiencing the stages of gestation prior to a
      successful "delivery." However, because the United States is
      perceived to be the most powerful nation economically and
      militarily, hopeful eyes of the world are upon it. The light
      generated by individuals everywhere affects what happens in the
      States and simultaneously benefits the entire world. All of Earth's
      souls except the ones steeped in darkness passionately want an end
      to war, tyranny and rampant corruption, and their light streamers
      will continue to increase in intensity until peoples worldwide are
      free of darkness and the conditions it creates.

      34. We empathize with your longing for an end to haranguing about
      peace instead of negotiating in good will to achieve it, an end to
      all violence and impoverishment, an end to all suffering and
      injustices. That is why we lovingly urge you to keep the glow of the
      Golden Age in your thoughts and hearts and radiate that light into
      the collective consciousness to more swiftly manifest the world you
      do want.

      35. So then, back to Earth in this moment. The global economy will
      continue to plunge downward until its root causes are exposed and
      eradicated or reformed. An essential step is elimination of the
      Federal Reserve, a collection of privately owned banks, and the
      international owners are desperately maneuvering to keep the truth
      from becoming public knowledge. The Swiss banking system that has
      sheltered monies derived from illegal dealings must be ended and
      those funds retrieved. The Bank of England and the Vatican also hold
      vast fortunes that must be restored to the peoples. The
      International Monetary Fund, which has raped nations' natural
      resources in exchange for directing loans into a few bottomless
      pockets, must be taken out of multinational corporate control. The
      storehouses of stolen gold must be opened and precious metals once
      again become the stable basis for national and international
      economies and commerce. A series of banking regulations that have
      abetted the massive fraud must be stricken and new laws enacted to
      safeguard against a similar situation ever recurring. The
      global "illegal" drug industry, which garners untold funds for a
      variety of nefarious activities, must be halted. Take heart in
      knowing that this network of unimaginable greed, corruption and
      deception under the Illuminati umbrella is unraveling.

      36. We wish you could know how greatly we honor your
      resourcefulness, ingenuity and cooperative spirit in dealing with
      the financial fallout! However, we are not at all surprised that you
      are weathering the temporary hardships so constructively— your
      spiritual strength is innate, and you are acting on inspirations
      your souls are sending to your consciousness. True, you have the
      benefit of knowing that you came in well prepared by multiple
      lifetimes of encountering and overcoming many challenges, but is it
      not encouraging and uplifting to see that same spirit and motivation
      is blooming in people who are unaware of the source of their

      37. On the horizon is the release of technologies long-suppressed by
      corporate controllers, and scientists who could not heretofore share
      their knowledge will be able to do so. Production of materials for
      erecting sturdy but inexpensive structures and renewable energy
      sources will be initiated, and so will greatly enhanced food crop
      production. If the current momentum in Earth's field of potential
      continues apace, within a year you also will welcome advanced
      civilizations' technologies that will eliminate toxic pollution in
      your world and perform other astounding restorative measures.

      38. Whales are stranding themselves not because they no longer are
      needed to anchor light on the planet, but because US Navy testing in
      their habitat has damaged their sonar capability. The influence of
      the departed dark forces on their weak-willed puppets on the planet
      is responsible for the "national security" testing and the slaughter
      of whales for "scientific" purposes. However, even when the
      cetaceans, who species-wide are the most spiritually and
      intellectually evolved souls on Earth, physically die, they have
      agreed that their energy will remain and continue to anchor the
      light being beamed from distant civilizations.

      39. I have been asked about stasis and three days of darkness on
      the planet. By its very definition—a stoppage or cessation or
      stillness—stasis cannot occur because the universe is in constant
      motion, a balancing act if you will, and nothing in the universe can
      remain still while all the rest within that unfathomable vastness is
      in motion. As for three days of darkness, from this vantage point,
      that could happen only if the sun suddenly leaves your solar system
      or some gargantuan celestial body positions itself so as to block
      the sun's light from reaching Earth.

      40. There are differences in channeled information for a number of
      reasons. By far the most serious is that some receivers are not
      aware that they are reaching dark sources; those sources claim to be
      well known highly evolved light beings and give the receivers false
      information along with some that is, or may be, correct. So then,
      the variances in information from light sources. Souls in
      spiritually evolved stations, whether in spirit worlds or physical
      civilizations, have specialized areas of knowledge, just as you do,
      and messages from the "specialists" are more accurately detailed
      than mentions of the same topic from a "generalist." Souls who are
      actively involved in a specific kind of assistance to Earth are more
      knowledgeable of happenings in that area than souls who are aware of
      it but not participating. A source's perspective and opinion of a
      situation can differ from another's, just as your perspectives and
      opinions of the same situation can differ. If not all aspects of
      Earth's energy field of potential are viewed by sources, not all
      indicators of possible, probable and certain eventualities are
      considered in the sources' conclusions. Information from souls in
      lower planes of light is not as complete or authentic as information
      from souls in more highly evolved planes; and however unintentional,
      information from lower plane sources can be misleading. Sources
      transmit information in their personal speaking styles, so semantics
      can be a cause of confusion. Some information that you may deem
      illogical actually is factual, and in all cases, it is possible that
      messages are not clear to readers and therefore are incorrectly
      interpreted. Always we have recommended that you be discerning about
      information from all external sources and that you ask within for
      answers—they come forth as intuition, information from your soul,
      wherein lies the truthful knowledge you are seeking.

      41. In our unconditional love for all of you, we urge you to feel
      not only optimism, but certainty that events are rapidly unfolding
      to usher in Earth's Golden Age. However out of season a reference
      to the Olympic games may be, I say "Go for the gold!" and know that
      we are cheering you ever onward.


      LOVE and PEACE

      Suzanne Ward

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      very meaningful to me.

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