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January 20, 2009 - New Message from Matthew

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    January 19, 2009 [Note: Monday afternoon when I tried to distribute the following brief message that Matthew wanted to go out on the 19th, I discovered that my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2009
      January 19, 2009

      [Note: Monday afternoon when I tried to distribute the following
      brief message that Matthew wanted to go out on the 19th, I
      discovered that my ISP was nonoperational. Jean Hudon, Earth Rainbow
      Network, let me read it to him and he included it in his message
      specifically for the inauguration.]
      1. This is Matthew, with greetings of love and rejoicing at the
      momentous event for your world, the inauguration of Barack Obama as
      president of the United States. We ask that you fill your hearts
      with love and gratitude and direct those feelings to him and his
      family and to the individuals who will assist and advise him. The
      outpouring of those kinds of energy streamers is like a blanket of
      golden filaments surrounding your world. By sending that energy to
      the Obama family and the new administration, you are radiating light
      to guide, protect and contribute to their success in governing
      wisely and honorably; and the light in their efforts beams out to
      the world, thus benefiting all souls and Mother Earth herself.
      2. Although inauguration day is a specific date in linear time, in
      a universal context it is a major part of the master plan devised by
      the spiritual hierarchy in conjunction with physical civilizations
      in the timelessness of the continuum. Obama's willingness to come
      from a spiritually and intellectually highly evolved civilization to
      take on the primary leadership role in your world is part of that
      plan, which all of you knew and agreed to prior to your birth. The
      soaring hope of peoples around the world when he was elected has
      grown exponentially, and Mother Earth herself is feeling uplifted by
      the surge of harmonic waves from her residents and from all light
      beings throughout the universe.
      3. The first day of new presidential leadership is an event of
      paramount importance in a series of on-target powerful developments
      in the plan's goal of spiritual renewal and reformation in your
      physical world, but in the continuum, its success already has been
      achieved! [Note: The November 21, 2008 message in "Matthew's
      Messages" on www.matthewbooks.com explains the plan.] Nevertheless,
      all of the forward movement is operating in your concept of time,
      and in this respect, your every thought, feeling and action is
      creating not only your personal lives, but collectively are the
      stepping stones to Earth's "future" world. All those steps are
      being taken at one pace or another, and holding your light steady in
      trust and patience as events unfold within the new US administration
      will heighten the collective consciousness. The higher the
      collective consciousness of a peoples, the higher the vibrations
      they radiate and attract in kind, all the while assisting Earth's
      ascension into the increasingly higher frequencies that you perceive
      as time passing faster and faster.
      4. Mother, I thank you for receiving and distributing my message
      today, prior to the swearing-in ceremony tomorrow. And now, with the
      unconditional love of all souls at this station, who are sharing
      Earth's joyousness, this is Matthew bidding you farewell for a short
      January 20, 2009
      5. Because of technical difficulties incurred by my mother's
      service provider, she was unable to distribute my foregoing message
      at the intended time. I believe the difficulties were providential,
      as now I can speak in a timely manner about President Barack Obama's
      stirring address to his nation, indeed to your world. It is not his
      eloquence to which I refer, but his forthrightness and honesty and
      wisdom, his determination to unify what has been divided, to mend
      what has been in tatters, to strengthen what has been weak and to
      heal broken spirits. The energy of this day, energy that opened wide
      the portals of change based in love and enlightenment, reached
      heights not felt on Earth since the finest hours of Atlantis and
      6. Now I shall continue with other truths and perspectives we at
      this station wish to share with you. Abundance is the God-given
      right of souls, and joyful living circumstances for every person on
      the planet is part of the master plan that includes the election of
      Obama. From a purely "3D" perspective, his administration is facing
      one of the gravest situations the world has ever encountered. And
      indeed, it is a huge mess that must be cleaned up! However, what we
      see from our vantage point is that Earth is far healthier today than
      she has been for millennia, and due to the massive infusion of off-
      planet light that guided individuals into generating their own
      light, the turn-around in Earth's condition has happened with speed
      that is unprecedented in the universe. Again, this is all according
      to the master plan, and every soul on the planet is participating
      one way or another.
      7. By using the global economy to demonstrate the importance each
      of you has in the ongoing transformational process, I shall be
      answering many readers' questions. The population as a whole is
      seeing the economic situation as it is reported by mainstream media,
      with unemployment, retail sales and real estate statistics along
      with various analysts' forecasts. Therefore, in the collective
      consciousness the situation appears dire—by some estimates, the
      spiraling downward will continue for as long as two years and the
      overall impact will be felt with leveling out stages over the next
      ten or twenty years. The analysts are calculating in accordance with
      economic history and they see the resolution as combined government
      and corporate efforts to return to what they consider the soundness
      of the global system that existed prior to the meltdown.
      8. You know better! You know the economic system is collapsing to
      end the Illuminati's long stranglehold on all aspects of commerce,
      taxation, investments, and such, and that a new foundation based in
      light is rising out of those ashes. You know that the increasing
      light in your world is propelling Earth to her fifth density
      destination; you know about the universal law of attraction and the
      advent of on-planet assistance from the same advanced civilizations
      that have been helping from afar for sixty-some years. By living in
      consonance with this awareness, the light in your optimism and trust
      has raised the vibrations within the collective conscious—your
      contribution has been phenomenal!
      9. We want to clarify some misunderstandings prevailing even among
      the most faithfully dedicated lightworkers about the economic
      reforms underway. Some persons still do not know the magnitude of
      what is commonly known as NESARA. In previous messages I have
      recommended reading the explanatory messages about the true NESARA,
      but we understand your time constraints and I have been requested to
      summarize that material [Special NESARA Edition in "Matthew's
      Messages" below September 11, 2006 message on
      www.matthewbooks.com]. Most succinctly stated, NESARA is that
      master plan for manifesting spiritual renewal and world
      10. It had to begin with the thought becoming known on Earth so it
      could enter the collective consciousness, and it was presented in
      the form of legislation in the United States because that country is
      perceived by your world as the strongest. No legislation can state
      anything about a plan devised in the continuum jointly by light
      beings in spirit and those in advanced civilizations. It cannot
      state that there is nothing "federal" at all about the Federal
      Reserve System, that it is a grand deception designed by the
      Illuminati who own this private banking consortium, or that
      partially through that means, they manipulate the global economy; or
      that through the Fed's agency, the Internal Revenue Service, the
      Illuminati garner the billions of dollars paid annually by US income
      taxes; or that ridding Earth of Illuminati economic control will be
      accomplished by the growing intensity of light. No, the National
      Economic Security and Reformation Act could be worded only according
      to what was acceptable to the US administration and within the
      normal parameters of legislation.
      11. Of course, that government never intended to enact it anyway.
      Massive corruption within national and global political and legal
      channels prevented enactment and the dissemination of disinformation
      added confusion and disbelief to NESARA's energy pool. Regardless,
      because its monumental goals are literally "in the heavens" and
      already manifested in the universal continuum, the plan's down-to-
      Earth progress continued in other directions to accomplish the very
      same goals.
      12. Now then, among the believers are those who expect NESARA to
      begin with its announcement on television and followed with the
      delivery of enormous sums of money to specific individuals and "debt
      forgiveness." There will be no TV announcement, no such deliveries,
      and no automatic elimination of all debts. The actuality is that
      light forces on, off and within the planet have been working for
      more than six decades toward achieving all of NESARA's goals, and
      one goal is fair distribution of the grand abundance of your world's
      resources. The key word is FAIR. Would it be fair to eliminate a ten
      million dollar mortgage on an estate or yacht purchased with
      laundered drug money? Or a hundred million dollar mortgage on a
      building acquired by someone whose money came by defrauding
      investors or deliberately putting small companies out of business?
      Would it be fair to eradicate a $25,000 credit card debt incurred by
      someone who replaced last year's model of an expensive car with the
      latest model? Choices like that, like all other free will choices,
      are the responsibilities of the individuals.
      13. What NESARA will do is eliminate the unconscionable disparity
      between the billionaires and the impoverished billions of people.
      This will be a process of examination, calculation and reallocation
      of funds derived through exploitation of entire nations' resources.
      You need to understand this so your thoughts and feelings about the
      resolution to the current economic status can be made in the
      fullness of NESARA's profound reforms that extend to every hamlet
      and city in every country where God-given human rights and the
      rights of Earth herself have been trampled by the darkness that
      destroyed the conscience in some souls.
      14. Let me speak now about the many aspects of what has been
      transpiring in Gaza. Even though your media have reported the
      grossly disproportionate Israeli retaliation for the missiles
      directed by Hamas into areas of Israel, Palestinian casualties are
      much higher than announced. As in any conflict, there are outspoken
      proponents and opponents of both sides: Israel's right to defend its
      borders from the declared aim of Hamas to destroy its neighbor, and
      the Palestinians' right to end the oppression that began with the
      formation of Israel.
      15. It is not publicized that behind this conflict are the
      Zionists, one of many groups and organizations operating within the
      Illuminati forces, and their intention is to keep bloodshed, fear,
      hatred, retaliation, destruction and oppression active in that part
      of the Middle East. Zionists, who may be of Jewish or any other
      ethnicity, hold powerful government, military, banking, corporate,
      religious, media and educational positions around the world; and
      through coercion, bribery or blackmail get underlings to carry out
      their despicable schemes. The Zionist movement does not represent
      the Israeli peoples or Jews anywhere in the world, nevertheless it
      hides behind the façade of anti-Semitism. The same kinds of dark
      minds that initiated World War II and funded both the Allies and the
      Axis also formed the plan to create a new homeland for Jews
      liberated from Nazi concentration camps by displacing the
      established Palestinian population. And for the past sixty years,
      those kinds of minds have created foment through well-placed
      agitators and strategic incidents to create radical elements on both
      sides that are more willing to fight to the death than to seek the
      peace and harmony deeply desired by both peoples.
      16. Not all who have been killed or wounded in the savage assault
      in Gaza agreed to experience everything that has been transpiring
      throughout the past years. For many, the trauma far exceeded their
      contracts, and in those cases, by divine grace they transitioned
      from physical to spirit life much sooner than their contracts'
      longevity clauses, yet with credits for contract mission
      fulfillment. In this unique era on Earth, divine grace is working
      two ways—it is ending unchosen suffering of individuals and
      transmuting the negativity of their pain and torment into light
      instead of what happened for eons, adding more negativity for Earth
      to absorb.
      17. Still another facet of the carnage in Gaza is the effect of the
      higher frequencies that magnifies all human characteristics, and the
      capacity for hatred, belligerence and desire for revenge has reached
      its peak. The balance to that intensity is the surge in light-filled
      characteristics such as empathy, compassion and determined efforts
      toward peace.
      18. Underlying all of the death, destruction and tyranny in the
      Middle East is the extremely heavy karma being played out. Long
      before your recorded history, the inhabitants of those lands battled
      savagely for supremacy, and ancient blood permeated the earth. The
      resultant negativity had to be released in massive degree so Earth
      could move out of deep third density, and souls who lived in those
      early civilizations have returned time and again with the chosen
      mission to reduce the accumulated negativity. The inhabitants of
      those lands today came in for the same purpose, but this time, they
      are here to complete the release and achieve karmic balance as
      individuals and for Earth.
      19. We know that overview seems dispassionate in light of the
      extensive pain in Gaza, just as in Iraq and Darfur and all other
      places on Earth where darkness still has a toehold. Even though we
      know that the individual and area-wide karmic balancing taking place
      is essential and we know that the souls who participated in
      accordance with original or amended contracts have achieved leaps in
      spiritual growth, we weep for those who are living in the midst of
      trauma because they are not aware of their loved ones' magnificent
      accomplishments or their very own. The balance to our deep sadness
      for them is our joy in the assurance that one day they will know
      what we do, whether they are in spirit lifetimes or in Earth's
      Golden Age that they helped to manifest.
      20. This is an appropriate place to answer the reader who
      asked, "When will nations' full karmic debt be repaid?" Only souls
      incur karma. Souls often choose to incarnate in areas where they
      spent other lifetimes and made choices that were destructive to
      themselves and others, and due to the eons of influence by the dark
      forces, souls may have embodied in the same general area hundreds or
      more times to balance previous experiencing, but instead only
      repeated it. So in that respect, it can be considered that
      the "nation" incurs karma even though today's national boundaries
      are so very different from the empires in ancient times, when souls'
      choices began piling up "negative" karma. Nations in the area now
      called the Middle East and in Africa are areas heavily affected by
      souls' repetition, thus it takes longer to release the negativity
      from those lands and transmute it into light. Earth's karma is
      comprised of the countless souls that have inhabited the planet
      since the first civilizations in antiquity, and her balance is being
      restored by increasing numbers of souls becoming enlightened
      throughout your world.
      21. Another reader asked if the same two souls always work out
      their karmic connections as long as it takes to attain balance.
      While souls may choose to do that, it is not necessary, especially
      not during this period where every aspect of life in your world is
      in acceleration; and because unconditional love is the basis of all
      pre-birth agreements, souls are eagerly helping the souls who most
      need a lift to evolve. My family is an example. My mother and father
      had experienced many very satisfying lifetimes in a number of
      relationship roles that strengthened them spiritually, and in an
      agreement with many other souls, they took on the heavier karmic
      experiences needed by the weaker ones in a soul cluster. Thus my
      parents' union was marked by unresolved conflict and trauma that
      they could handle but the weaker souls could not; that enabled the
      weaker ones to choose less difficult emotional karmic connections
      that they could bring into balance and strengthen the soul cluster.
      Although my three siblings and I were not part of that agreement,
      the dissension between our parents provided the ideal environment
      each of us needed to flourish in ways we required for balance.
      22. A large scale example of souls helping souls is what you
      call "walk-ins," which are far more prevalent than at any other
      period on the planet. The original souls that inhabit the bodies
      fulfill their contracts that call for turmoil or illness or severe
      deprivation, and the souls who agree to enter the bodies infuse them
      with light and the will to overcome the difficult conditions and
      proceed to accomplish their reasons for wanting to embody. The
      advantage to the latter souls is that in many cases, they enter
      adult bodies with academic and experiential learning, a running
      start so to say for succeeding in their chosen ways to help manifest
      the Golden Age.
      23. "What is the risk of being a `Wanderer/Star Seed' incarnating
      here at this time? What is the worst that can happen if the Wanderer
      from higher density fails to `wake up' before 2012? Will such a
      being be trapped in 3rd density because of this?" First, there does
      not appear to be a consensus on Earth as to what constitutes
      a "starseed." From our perspective, every soul in this universe is
      a "starseed," but I shall reply to the questions as if these are
      exceptional beings who came from advanced civilizations to take on a
      more complex or more arduous mission than the majority of the
      populace. Because the planet has greatly more light than say, ten
      years ago or even five, there is much less risk now than previously
      of such beings becoming trapped in third density. The worst that can
      happen is that "trapped" individuals succumb to the frailties of
      unfamiliarly dense bodies; they may retain inklings of some special
      purpose for the lifetime, resonate with truthful information and
      feel attuned to universal laws, but due to dense bodies' limited
      brain functioning, the rest is forgotten or distorted and the
      lifetime may be a series of frustrations instead of achievements
      that lighten hearts and minds. There is no penalty—that is, no
      incurrence of karma to balance—but at soul level there is
      disappointment along with understanding and compassion for the
      personage whose experience on Earth does not happen as intended.
      24. The question, "Does each planet have its own station?" prompts
      me to be more mindful about terms that may need to be more clearly
      defined. "Station" as we use it is not related to any
      specific "place" or civilization, but rather is the level of
      spiritual growth a soul has attained regardless of its universal
      origin and number of experiencing lifetimes. When I speak of "souls
      at this station," I refer to a peer group whose spiritual clarity
      has evolved into attunement with the unconditional love and
      awareness of the Oneness of All. This could be called "group mind"
      or "collective souls" because of the shared enlightenment, but in a
      larger sense, it is a melding of innumerable personage soul-selves
      into one "higher soul." I hope that gives a clearer understanding
      of "station," but I need to say as well that there is no way to
      accurately describe a state of being that only life in form or in
      spirit in higher densities has the capacity for comprehension.
      25. Moving on to diverse topics of interest, the plane that made a
      forced landing in New York's Hudson River was much more than the
      capability of the captain—with all due respect for his capability,
      he had a host of heavenly helpers because no person in that plane
      had a contract that "was up." The plane was sabotaged, and those
      responsible cannot understand why their diabolical plan failed just
      as it did when the intent was to assassinate Obama in a plane crash.
      They cannot even imagine his protection within the impermeable grid
      of the light of Christ consciousness just as they cannot accept that
      the long reign of darkness is over.
      26. This time the sabotage was multi-purposed: kill the passengers
      they wanted to eliminate; cause many deaths and great property
      destruction when the plane crashed as anticipated on terra firma in
      the same city where two planes destroyed the twin towers; create a
      logical atmosphere for refreshing the fear after "9/11"; claim a
      terrorist caused the crash and cast doubts on Obama's ability to
      protect the United States from terrorism and thereby turn optimism
      to negativity. What the Illuminati lack in conscience, they make up
      for in intelligence, however lacking in prudence and wisdom; and it
      is now strikingly clear to those who thought it was their efforts
      that took your new president from a junior senator to the White
      House, that he has a vision for the nation and world that is
      diametrically opposed to their own.
      27. We cannot give a specific time when the truth about "9/11" will
      come forth publicly, but we assure you, it will. Part of Earth's
      cleansing is truth replacing lies in every nook and cranny of the
      former strongholds of the darkness.
      28. We understand that it is difficult to reconcile unusually low
      temperatures, heavy snowfalls, flooding, melting glaciers and wind
      storms with what we have told you, that eventually there will be a
      moderate climate globally and all lands will be habitable. The harsh
      conditions are part of Earth's balancing through planetary cleansing
      and the restoration of her health as a body, a return to her
      original Eden self; and almost all who are dealing with weather-
      related destruction and other hardships chose these kinds of
      experiences to bring balance to other lifetimes.
      29. The increasing sightings of spacecraft are a preface to the
      appearance of such a large fleet that their presence no longer can
      be denied by those governments that have long ignored, ridiculed
      via "entertainment" or concocted foolish stories to prove that UFOs
      and ETs don't exist. The little grays living underground will not
      emerge en masse—the time has long since passed when the Illuminati
      could have managed that, and the same is so regarding a holographic
      representation of an invading force descending from the skies.
      30. Now, in the same spirit of exultation and brilliant light of
      hope that is pervasive in your world, we bid you farewell even as we
      lovingly accompany you every moment along your pathway.
      LOVE and PEACE
      Suzanne Ward
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