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December 21, 2008 - New Message from Matthew

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    December 21, 2008 1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew, here to tell you that this season of holy days is unlike all that
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      December 21, 2008

      1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is
      Matthew, here to tell you that this season of holy days is unlike
      all that have preceded it. In these last days of one of the most
      dynamic years in your recorded history, people around the world are
      welcoming the uplifting sensations and tangible evidence of change.
      The light within renewed hopes, even convictions that a better world
      is coming, adds to the abundance Earth is able to provide to all her
      life forms.

      2. The next year holds forth exciting developments in every sector
      of your world with both "trickle up" and "trickle down" efforts to
      make meaningful, lasting changes. Please keep in mind that what is
      happening is no less than the birthing of a new world, and time is
      needed for the reform processes to be implemented and work smoothly.
      Staying steadfast in the light will keep you in balance as one day's
      news will sound like progress and the next day's seems like a
      backward step; with balance, you can be an informed observer without
      being emotionally drawn into media land's peaks-and-valleys

      3. As in the past, a great deal will be going on behind the scenes.
      However, for long ages all of the activity was nefarious, designed
      to keep you captive of the darkness. Now, efforts are being directed
      into the various transitional stages designed for the betterment of
      your world. For a short while, widely publicized information will be
      tip-of-the-iceberg due to insufficient discovery or progress, and
      other information will be intentionally skewed until control of
      mainstream media is totally eliminated. And although for some time
      the Internet will continue to be a more reliable source than most
      others, it is equally useful to those who still are trying to keep
      the truth hidden or distorted, so be very discerning in evaluating
      whether information is credible.

      4. And please give no energy whatsoever to dire-sounding
      predictions! If you feel even a moment of wavering in that respect,
      breathe deeply and calmly, close your eyes and envision Earth bathed
      in golden light. The high vibrations of that vision will lift and
      steady your energy system. The same principle applies when you
      change a negative thought to one of positive nature.

      5. As the long era of darkness is ending through the ever-growing
      thoughts and desires for a world of love, peace and harmony, not
      everyone can feel like joyfully celebrating these days at hand. We
      see the grief that wars and other violence, disease, hunger, and
      loss of homes and employment are causing many families around the
      world, and we feel the heaviness of their hearts. By no means am
      I "throwing cold water" on the merriment of those living in kinder
      circumstances—merriment is good for the soul! Please do not deny
      yourselves that upliftment, but rather feel thankful and
      lighthearted—the high vibrations of those sensations not only let
      your heart sing, but they radiate outward to happily affect all
      lives you touch. What I do mean to convey is, that of all times of
      the year, this season is when feelings all along the emotional
      spectrum are heightened. We rejoice with all who are rejoicing, and
      to all who are feeling sad or anxious, we say: Take comfort in
      knowing that as these days pass into the new calendar year, if you
      allow the ever-increasing light to lift your spirits, it also can
      strengthen your resolve to deal with your personal situations.

      6. Of primary concern is the global economic crisis, which will
      deepen as a domino effect from the worsening conditions in the
      United States. It would be a great injustice to give you false hope
      that this matter can be quickly remedied—a situation of such
      pervasiveness cannot be turned around with haste, and it will
      continue to present hardships to many people. Financial havoc was
      the intent of the Illuminati, but the outcome will not be what they
      planned: They expected to add to their vast fortunes by further
      tightening their control of all banking and commerce, investment
      avenues and taxation. Instead, they are witnessing the total
      destruction of their corrupt system that through the centuries
      spread like a web of barbed wire around the globe. Out of the
      current whirlwind will emerge an economic system with honest
      leadership and fair allocation of all the world's resources.

      7. During the transitional phase from the old to the new, some
      assistance may come through governments at city up through national
      levels, but it is the cooperative efforts within families,
      neighborhoods and small communities that will be the most
      dependable, sustaining and satisfying. We urge you who have the
      means to do so, share money and space with those who need shelter,
      fuel, utilities and transportation; and yes, by all means, where
      weather and topography permit, plant gardens and encourage others to
      participate in food production cooperative retail outlets as well as
      trading food for services.

      8. The crucial thing is, stay out of fear! Again, we remind you that
      when you chose to participate in this momentous time at hand, you
      welcomed economic collapse as the prerequisite to reform, and you
      came well prepared emotionally, spiritually and intellectually to
      successfully manage this interim period. Although you may not
      realize that your soul level preparation is serving you well, we are
      seeing it! We are seeing a brighter spirit of sharing and sense of
      unity than ever before. The economic turmoil has resulted in deeper
      awareness of blessings and feelings of gratitude; compassion in
      greater measure for peoples who are deprived of bare necessities and
      freedoms; sharing with the needy instead of with family and friends
      who have sufficient; and growing numbers of folks with heartfelt
      commitments to work toward the well being of all. Every single
      thought, feeling and deed related to these kinds of activities adds
      light to the collective consciousness, which in turn benefits all
      souls on Earth.

      9. It is true that this outpouring of spirit could be attributed to
      this season of traditional giving, but its radiance is extending
      beyond yuletides of former years, when there was a return to
      individual interests after family visits and festivities. We are
      seeing the strong momentum of the light reaching more and more
      people, inspiring them to join in the sharing and caretaking. This
      true spirituality in action—living from the heart—is closing the
      perceived separation of individuals from each other and from God.

      10. With patience and faith, you will see the glorious changes that
      in this moment are plans and intentions to create what will become
      known as Earth's Golden Age. Our vantage point lets us see that
      world in its full magnificence, and if we could somehow bring all of
      you here so you could see it too, that would be joyous for us beyond
      words. The best we can do is use words to describe some of the
      changes you can look forward to, such as are mentioned in a writing
      about your year 2012 ["Essay on 2012," December 31, 2007, Matthew's
      Messages, www.matthewbooks.com].

      11. Moving along to other questions and comments, the combination of
      misinformation, political preferences and assassination threats have
      given rise to speculation about the physical safety, motives
      and "antichrist" character of US president-elect Obama. I can only
      reiterate what is in previous messages, that he is a highly
      spiritually evolved soul and an integral part of Earth's Golden Age
      plan [November 21, 2008 message] and as such, is one of the most
      protected individuals by the Christed light on your planet. To those
      who are asking how to feel calm enough to hold your light steady in
      this tumultuous time in many nations' governments, our best guidance
      is to simply observe and reserve judgment while developments unfold.
      Holding fast to your vision of the world you want can ease concerns
      about "what if…." Not only is the light reaching more individuals
      each moment and inspiring moves into positive directions, but some
      officials who appear to be working to nations' detriment are
      initiating changes that time will show are beneficial.

      12. To those who want proof that extraterrestrial sources are
      assisting you in the creation of a better world, first I shall put
      this into a context of what Earth's peoples are doing: demanding
      truth, not lies; peace not war; health care and higher education for
      all, not only the rich; expanding efforts to end impoverishment, end
      exploitation of planetary resources and destruction of the
      environment and disrespect for human rights. Without decades of
      intense light-beaming from powerful celestial sources, none of that
      would be happening. Instead, the dark forces would have continued to
      control the planet through their puppets whose oppression, lies and
      violence resulted in fear, ignorance, apathy and spiritual dimness
      within the masses; and the relentless barrage of negativity would
      have destroyed Earth. It is not that your universal family's help
      can be proven only after they alight from their crafts, roll up
      their sleeves and get to work. Their light and advanced technology
      started helping you well over sixty years ago when Earth was in
      death throes—that her planetary body is alive and you are living on
      it is proof!

      13. Others among you feel that off-planet help is unnecessary, that
      the populace can muster all the power required to clean up the mess
      the world's in. We applaud that strong stance to the extent that it
      is indeed your responsibility to be actively involved! In other
      lifetimes most of you contributed to the negativity that nearly
      killed the planet, and you asked to return specifically to help
      rectify the damage. However, lifting Earth out of the clutches of
      darkness and ending millennia of bloodshed and greed requires far
      more power than is available in a world mired in deep third density.
      Welcome the willing and loving assistance of the civilizations who
      have that power in light and technology!

      14. About the "harmonic wave" radiating from the universe starting
      now and continuing, many terms are given to the various construction
      stages of the light grid and reactivation of energy vortices around
      Earth. But simply speaking, by whatever designation given these
      progressive accomplishments, they are the effects of planetary
      alignment and energy being directed by your thought forms and those
      of benevolent star nations whose help you invited by your desire for
      a better world. Because it is your world, it can be no other way
      than what you wish it to be—but do give credit and thanks to the
      unseen souls who are helping you create the world of your vision!

      15. I need to backtrack for a moment—Earth's desire to be the world
      she wants preceded yours. She asked for the assistance of other
      civilizations so she could leave the darkness of third density, and
      their immediate and continuous help has assured her ascension into
      fifth density, where the low frequencies of darkness cannot exist.
      Now, even though all of you are there because your request to
      participate in this unprecedented time in the universe was honored;
      and even if the longevity clause in your soul contract would permit
      you to physically go along with Earth, you need a "travel ticket."
      Getting it is as easy as choosing to live in godly ways and opening
      your minds to the universal truths as they emerge.

      16. "What happened to the fourth dimension?" The more correct word
      is density, but still there is no mystery here. Usually we speak of
      Earth ascending into fifth density because that is her destination,
      but she will travel through fourth on her journey. Because density
      has two applications, I believe an explanation about this will be
      helpful. First, density differentiates the energy makeup of the
      universe, with progressively higher frequencies prevailing in the
      higher numbered densities—your calculations of distance, like linear
      time, have nothing whatsoever to do with the reality of the
      universal continuum. The other application of density refers to the
      spiritual growth souls have attained. In this moment, the spiritual
      status of Earth's residents and some who transitioned to the spirit
      world in the past decade or so, ranges from first density to
      seventh, according to the conscious choices each is making in this
      lifetime or made in the immediate past lifetime. First and second
      densities indicate de-evolution and seventh is the attainment of
      some souls who came from other star nations to assist you in the
      spiritual renewal and world transformation underway.

      17. Yes, in fifth density you will have bodies, you won't be "light
      beings without form." This is an excellent question as it begs
      clarification of how your current bodies can function along Earth's
      ascension pathway. Souls that absorb the light, which is constantly
      available to all, are changing at cellular level from carbon-based
      third density bodies to crystalline-based bodies that can survive in
      the higher frequencies. Eons back in your time, darkly-inclined
      souls altered human DNA to reduce the amount of light in bodies.
      That allowed them to install patterning for physical weakness,
      illness, aging, death, and severely decreased capacity for
      intelligence and spiritual clarity. Those limitations are being
      reversed by the ever-increasing intensity of light in bodies that
      are absorbing it. Actually, your "travel ticket" is the absorption
      of light that comes automatically with living in godly ways.

      18. Please understand that this clarification pertains only to
      bodies, not to souls. Each infant, whether perfect in form and brain
      power or with flawed physical make-up or what you call "mental
      retardation," is born with a lighted soul, or the Christ
      consciousness, and full awareness of pre-birth choices. That soul
      level awareness remains in the most severely "mentally retarded";
      and in people with healthier brains, the awareness recedes with
      adaptation to functioning in a dense body and external influences
      such as parental training, peer pressure, academic and religious
      teachings and societal philosophies. Spiritual growth is extricating
      self from external influences and "going within" so messages from
      the soul can reach consciousness.

      19. This is a good place to address the plaint from an educator,
      which I have summarized: "Why don't students think, reason and use
      common sense?" The self-serving unenlightened ones who nevertheless
      chose the name "Illuminati" control the educational systems and
      produce textbooks and other teaching materials. They want schools
      and society to produce automatons who don't ask questions but rather
      think and perform as taught. Their control extends to providing
      diversion such as TV programming, advertising, emphasis on sports
      and elimination of the arts, violent games and raucous "music"
      contained within handheld instruments, gaming arcades, pornography
      on the Internet. In combination, these darkly-contrived methods have
      been successful in "dumbing down" many young people, but along with
      positive developments in other aspects of your world, this situation
      is changing too.

      20. Many teachers are "seeing the light" and inspiring students to
      develop their minds and talents and skills. Souls are being born in
      bodies with the enhanced DNA of crystalline cellular structure and
      are rightfully referred to as Crystal Children. Others with
      increased intellectual capacity, spiritual clarity and aspirations
      came in the two generations before the Crystals and are known as
      Indigos. Sadly, in many cases these youngsters were considered
      abnormal, treated harshly and drugged into submission—once again,
      through the manipulation of dark ones who convinced unsuspecting
      counselors and parents that these exceptional children must conform
      to the "norm." As knowledge about Crystal and Indigo individuals is
      spreading, some of the older ones are becoming aware of their
      greater potential and making life changes accordingly; parents are
      recognizing their young children as gifted and wisely treating them
      as such; the use of drugs to keep children with extraordinarily
      active minds in a stupor is lessening; and, indicating awareness of
      the beneficial influence of fine music, the numbers of youth choirs
      and orchestras are growing.

      21. Along with our honoring the Crystal and Indigo souls, I want to
      say as well that labels can keep feelings of separation alive and
      kicking. Of course names are necessary for identification, but
      labeling social orders, governing styles, political parties,
      religions, races, cultures, professional positions and philosophies
      with the intent to emphasize differences vs. similarities,
      separateness vs. unity, superiority vs. equality, or competition vs.
      cooperation is another dark ploy to create divisiveness among you
      and keep far from your minds that Oneness of All is the universal

      22. Now then, I have been asked to speak about Mother God. Although
      by your definitions, "mother" is female and "god" is male, the issue
      isn't about definitions, it's about universal reality. The supreme
      being of this universe is a god and in some of the other universes
      is a goddess, but in all cases these beings are androgynous, the
      balance of feminine and masculine energies. The rulers were
      selected by Creator/Creation, the source of all energy and thus the
      life force of everything throughout the cosmos, which contains all
      the universes. Using the essence of Creator, which is pure light and
      love, the universal rulers create, and therefore are a composite of,
      all that is within their respective domains. This includes celestial
      bodies, civilizations, and everything within the plant, animal and
      mineral kingdoms, each with a level of consciousness in accordance
      with the vibrations of its individual elements and the environment.
      Thus, everything in existence has a level of consciousness, and as
      the total environment rises into a higher vibratory plane, the
      consciousness capacity of everything within that environment
      increases accordingly.

      23. Let me bring this down to Earth. You don't think of rocks or
      vehicles or any other manufactured items as having a consciousness
      factor, but when you consider that atoms are the basis of every
      thing in form, you can see that some level of intelligence, or
      consciousness, must exist for any change to take place. An acorn
      growing into an oak tree, crystal formation, erosion, rust, decay,
      fire, tides—all are conscious processes. Spoon-bending comes from a
      person's thought that he or she can modify the shape of the spoon.
      The energy of that directed thought changes the spoon's molecular
      structure and creates flexibility in its composition as long as the
      thought remains focused on that intent. The spoon instantly becomes
      rigid in whatever shape it was when that focus ends. No, no one
      asked about that, but it is a good example not only of the
      consciousness of metal, but also the power of thought.

      24. Yes, Mother, I know I digressed considerably from Mother God.
      Although I was saying that the ruler of this universe is ALL within
      it, therefore much more than a mother or father, God honors whatever
      loving concept one holds and answers to whatever name one wishes to

      25. Changes in the appearance of the moon are due to the higher
      vibrations in the energy around Earth and within the individuals who
      notice the difference.

      26. The deaths, injuries and property destruction in Mumbai, India,
      were the work of the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA. Known
      as "black ops," that event and others similar to it, as well as
      lesser destructive efforts by zealous individuals, come under
      Creator's "free will" cosmic law that the rulers of all universes
      are bound to obey. However, by honoring Earth's free will to never
      again experience any terrorist activity like "9/11," God has
      authorized extraterrestrial intervention to prevent all such
      attempts, and they have successfully done so more than a dozen times
      since September 11, 2001, including the neutralizing of manmade
      viruses that were intended to create pandemics.

      27. The evenly distributed energy of the pyramids permits the flow
      of energy from inner Earth out into the atmosphere and its return to
      the planet, like the cycle of expansion and contraction of breathing
      keeps your bodies alive. These structures are a province of third
      density worlds because they help maintain planetary life, whereas
      the vibrations in higher planes keep the energy flowing without
      external assistance. However, as part of energy's "building blocks,"
      pyramidal shapes in solid or ephemeral usage are aspects of what you
      call sacred geometry, and people who are sensitive to energy
      fluctuations are especially drawn to pyramids and objects in that

      28. I welcome being asked what artists' role is during this time of
      transition. Recording it for posterity! True artists—painters,
      sculptors, poets, composers, musicians—express what is in the soul.
      Their creations flow from within rather than coming as a projection
      of calculated studies, and as such, their productions are
      expressions from the heart rather than the mind. Persons who have"
      tin ears" or are "all thumbs" yet are profoundly emotionally moved
      by art are responding to cellular memory of lifetimes as an artist.
      Civilizations more advanced than yours would not consider that
      everything your "experts" call "art" deserves that distinction. A
      unique idea or perhaps even a successful spoof, but surely without
      the beauty that comes with the exuberance of the heart. In time,
      when admiration of art will be with finer discrimination in
      consonance with the higher vibrations, ugliness in forms and sounds
      will be seen as examples of the diverse moods and attitudes of their

      29. The importance of music's effects on your energy systems and
      psyches cannot be stated too strongly. The vibrations of music
      traditionally associated with Christmas time—especially orchestral
      arrangements and choruses, the "Nutcracker Suite" and carols—touch
      the "strings of the heart." Music of more recent origin that also is
      popular in this season lacks those high vibrations, but nevertheless
      can let people feel happy. And a great deal of current music genres,
      most particularly the jarring effects of "heavy metal," prevents the
      smooth flow of energy that is required for balance.

      30. We have chosen to conclude this message by speaking about other
      aspects of Christmas. While you may perceive the reduced commercial
      emphasis as further hurting the economy, actually it is a great gift
      to humankind. It has gifted you with the golden opportunity to
      share from the heart, to reach untapped inner strength, to see
      blessings that formerly were taken for granted. Yet, in these days
      of Christians honoring the birth of Jesus the Christ, an even
      greater gift to all humankind and Earth herself is the blossoming
      spirituality that is transcending religious differences. Nothing
      more so than religious beliefs have denied the Christ consciousness
      within every soul and prevented your knowing the truth: You are gods
      and goddesses, inseparable parts of the ruler of this universe and
      every other soul within it. Let these gifts and the power of love
      light up your life.

      31. Now, with the blessings of the universe and our unconditional
      love, we join you in bidding farewell to 2008 and greeting 2009 with
      hope and optimism.


      LOVE and PEACE

      Suzanne Ward

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