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July 27, 2008 - New message from Matthew

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    July 27, 2008 Reformation of US, world economy; Barack Obama; evolved souls apolitical; overview of Illuminati history, current status; red flag in channeled
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      July 27, 2008

      Reformation of US, world economy; Barack Obama; evolved souls
      apolitical; overview of Illuminati history, current status; "red
      flag" in channeled messages; mainstream media control cracking;
      leadership changes worldwide; 2012, Mayan calendar; ET landings

      1. Loving greetings to all! This is Matthew to tell you our
      observations and address the issues we see being pondered around the
      world. The outcome of the United States presidential election
      remains of major interest in all countries with relative internal
      stability, but understandably, now it is sharing the spotlight with
      that nation's economic picture because the outcome of both
      situations will resound around the world.

      2. Although censorship still exists to some extent in mainstream
      media, with newscasts and the press reporting a bank closure, others
      with losses in the $billions, and the bankrupt status of major
      mortgage-makers and many smaller lenders, truth is beginning to
      emerge about what has led to this state of fiscal affairs. The
      extraordinary measures being taken to prop up the mortgage titans
      commonly called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will prove to be a finger
      in the dike—how long can that prevent the logical result? Those and
      all other financial institutions in deep trouble or already kaput
      may appear to be the tip of an iceberg just now being exposed by
      the light, but the meltdown of the entire iceberg started at the
      bottom and at this point, the tip is coming into public view because
      it no longer could be hidden.

      3. The word from the White House, that the economy is basically
      sound, rings hollow when economists in the States and other
      countries are being quoted with conflicting assessments. Published
      statistics alone—although rosier than the actual figures of
      unemployment, inflation, home foreclosures, losses in the retail
      sector and small businesses going under—are clear evidence of a
      national economy in dire straits. This is having a worldwide
      boomerang effect as other nations are seriously impacted by the US
      debt and the shrinking value of the dollar. When that boomerang
      returns to US shores, the Federal Reserve will become known for what
      it is, a privately owned banking consortium that is one of the main
      causes of the national debt; and, like the entire world economy,
      which long has been rotten to the core, "the Fed" is collapsing
      under the untenable weight of avarice, deceit and corruption.

      4. You have the great advantage of knowing that what is occurring is
      reformation—the current global system is imploding and a new system
      based in honesty and established on a sound foundation will replace
      it. In a change of such magnitude, it is natural that people who
      don't know what is transpiring are deeply concerned, and while
      leaders-at-the-ready will take every step to minimize confusion and
      expedite implementing changeover procedures, there will be hardships
      during the process. To tell you that everything will go perfectly
      smoothly would be both dishonest and a great disservice because the
      months ahead will present difficulties to many. You knew this when
      you so eagerly asked to participate in this unprecedented time in
      the universe, when myriad members of many civilizations are working
      jointly with Earth's residents to lift the planet out of low third
      density energies and into fourth and fifth densities. Furthermore,
      at the time you made your pre-birth agreement selections, you also
      knew that extensive cleansing measures would be required to rid the
      planet of the massive negativity that had accumulated over
      millennia, and you were prepared to experience those extreme
      conditions; however, the unflagging efforts of evolved beings off-
      planet produced such an abundance of light that the cleansing needs
      were substantially decreased.

      5. Which is to say, you have the spiritual, emotional and
      intellectual strength to weather the current economic situation
      wherever you are living! When jobs become scarcer and food costs
      keep rising, even necessary travel is curtailed because of gas
      prices, homes are cold because there is no money for heating and
      children are hungry, good people become desperate and resort to
      whatever means they must to obtain basic necessities. There will be
      large losses of investments and anger, robberies, fear and
      rebellious crowds. Just as you would prepare for any potential
      emergency situation, it is sensible to have on hand some money,
      food, water, flashlights and other useful equipment. And especially,
      remain calm in knowing there is light at the end of this tunnel!

      6. I hasten to say, there is a bright side right now—people who are
      experiencing less adversity are helping the ones who are more
      severely affected. This isn't based in "give and you shall receive"—
      however, do remember that the universal law of attraction is always
      in motion!—but rather, hearts keep opening with a compassionate and
      generous spirit, and the wish to help others becomes the will and
      the way to do so. With joy we are seeing the increase in sharing of
      resources with those who are most needy! The light this is
      generating is accomplishing much more than uplifting spirits; it is
      helping to speed the transition from the broken corrupt system to an
      honorable and equitable system. Another heartwarming development is
      the growing exchange of goods and services as a practical way to
      manage, and you will see that bartering as part of the new basis for
      commerce will be very satisfying indeed.

      7. New readers may be wondering how, or even doubting the
      possibility that this can happen when warring, crime, hatred and
      oppression are still rampant, and you who are familiar with my
      messages may welcome hearing this again: The spiritual renewal
      within humankind is transforming Earth into a world of pristine
      beauty where all peoples will live in peace, abundance, health and
      harmony with all of Nature. Persons who choose to stick with their
      deceitful, controlling, greedy, violent ways will not be in that
      world. Their energy levels are too dense to absorb the light that
      bodies require to survive in those lighter frequencies, and the
      souls will automatically be drawn to dense areas that are compatible
      with their lifetime energy registration and where remedial lessons
      will be offered along with light continuously beamed to them.

      8. Regarding the other issue in the spotlight, the November election
      in the United States, my mother has received an unusual quantity of
      emails about this. True, most express appreciation for the content
      of my messages, but there are many comments from writers whose
      bottom lines are: Why have I never spoken about Ron Paul or how can
      I say Barack Obama is a light being? So first I repeat what I
      thought was understood because it has been stated in several
      messages: The messages' purpose always has been to provide spiritual
      enlightenment and guidance in this unique era on Earth and in the
      universe; to tell you about the ongoing assistance from souls nearby
      and in far distant worlds; to explain the importance of light energy
      to each of you and to Earth and encourage you to remain steadfast in
      the light. Never have the messages been intended as a political
      forum! For your understanding of what is happening in your world, I
      report what we know of politically-related activities because the
      horrendous mess there is due to centuries of governments being run
      or heavily influenced by the dark minds and hearts of the
      Illuminati. How could we explain factual history and current events
      without mentioning that the foremost cause of suffering is political
      policies on a global scale? How could we tell you about the reforms
      underway if we didn't tell you the truth about what has been and
      still is going on behind the public political scenarios? How could
      we encourage you to stay the light course and out of fear if we
      didn't tell you that souls experienced in wise and just leadership
      will replace political incumbents whose essence is of dark

      9. Not only are we at this station apolitical like all other
      spiritually evolved souls, like them we feel unconditional love for
      all life everywhere, and we report what is happening without
      assessing individuals' "merits" or "demerits" as informed voters do.
      Also, in addition to our observations of activity in Earth's energy
      field of potential, the sources of information in my messages are
      Earth's monitors in Nirvana, evolved souls in spirit worlds, and the
      physical civilizations who have been assisting beloved Earth for
      many decades. When all perspectives are essentially the same, we
      feel confident in what we relate to you.

      10. Now then, why have I never spoken about Ron Paul? For the same
      reason I haven't spoken about most of the other contenders in either
      major party or in alternative parties. It has nothing whatsoever to
      do with qualifications or integrity or vision or the lack thereof;
      simply, Paul and the others never had sufficient energy momentum to
      propel them farther than they went.

      11. How can I say Barack Obama is a light being? Because he is. For
      the benefit of new readers, I shall paraphrase what I said about him
      in prior messages, starting with his unstoppable momentum toward the
      presidency. At this point, he is only following a strong sense of
      urgency to lead his country out of its downward spiral and his
      conviction that he can do this, but in time he will be consciously
      aware that he is a soul from an intellectually and spiritually
      advanced civilization and embodied on Earth specifically to fulfill
      this mission. What he has been very clear about all along is that he
      must appear to be aligned with the Illuminati goals; otherwise, he
      never could have become the Democratic party nominee. This accounts
      for his veering on some issues that have disappointed some of his
      supporters, who have no idea that what he is doing is in accordance
      with Illuminati "guidance." Time will show that his essence,
      intentions and actions are aligned with the light.

      12. I shall add an update, but first I must go backwards to put it
      within the larger context. The Illuminati was once a cohesive body
      made up of numerous groups and individuals, and combined they
      controlled the most important facets of life on Earth. In time,
      egos, greed, lies and ruthlessness split the group into two
      factions, each pursuing the same goal of killing most of the world's
      population and enslaving the rest for self-serving purposes.
      Although one faction's operations were primarily in the United
      States and the other's primarily in Europe, eventually the power
      base of each spanned the globe due to strategic marriages and later
      the merging of banks and corporations into multinational behemoths.
      The enormously profitable illegal drug industry funds both
      factions' "black ops," including terrorist activities blamed on
      innocents and vast underground areas where their scientists conduct
      unconscionable experiments on humankind and develop spacecraft,
      weaponry, surveillance and weather control systems using technology
      introduced by the "Little Grays." In recent years the intense
      competition between the two factions, which eroded the power of
      each, extended to infighting within each faction, thus further
      weakening all areas of control. With growing distrust of each other
      within and between the factions, numerous futile attempts to stage
      another "9/11," the loosening stranglehold on world economy, and
      defection of lower ranking members, the once solidly entrenched
      global foundation of the Illuminati now can be likened to scattered
      piles of rubble.

      13. Yet some members are not giving up their dream of world
      domination, and that brings us to the update I mentioned. That very
      brief overview is relevant because the Clintons, the Bush family and
      their closest cronies within and out of the current administration
      are powerful in the Illuminati faction that influences US politics,
      and Hillary is the choice of that clique to continue their control.
      However, other faction members wanted to end it, and voila! Senator
      Barack Obama suddenly was thrust into national prominence. Of course
      the faction members are unaware of his soul-level mission, but they
      saw him as sharp-minded, ambitious and charismatic, with strong
      appeal to voters who are clamoring for a new direction in
      government; so even before the beginning of the campaign, the fierce
      in-faction competition was underway. Obama has had to play the game
      of allegiance to the intentions of the whole faction—to rule Iran by
      installing puppet leaders and gain ownership of the country's oil;
      continue conquest of the Mideast; promote poppy growth in
      Afghanistan to increase opium sales and promote more addiction
      worldwide; and do whatever else they deem necessary to become more
      powerful than their rival faction. As Obama's popularity kept
      growing, Hillary and her core group remained determined to have her
      in the Oval Office, and elections were rigged to give her victories
      in key states. When she had no choice but to concede that Obama was
      the party's nominee, her clique attempted to eliminate him in
      an "accident." It wasn't successful, and any other attempts to kill
      him won't be either—a powerful shield of Christed light is keeping
      him one of the most securely protected persons on the planet.
      However, both the assassination attempt and failure caused even
      greater dissension between this faction's two elements, further
      decreasing the possibility that any of the Illuminati's insidious
      plans will ever reach fruition.

      14. You may be wondering where John McCain fits into this. He is not
      free of Illuminati favors or pressure—most politicians with an iota
      of influence are not—but he isn't considered a viable presidential
      contender because the Republican party is held in such national
      disfavor due to the nation's steep decline under the current

      15. Now, two more notes related to this election topic. A few of the
      writers who were quite at odds with what I reported about Obama
      suggested that it was my mother's way of putting forth her own
      preference. Not only would she not even think of ever distorting
      what I say, but if she has knowledge of the topic I am speaking
      about, her clarity in receiving prevents it from bleeding into the
      transmission and overlaying my words. Nevertheless, to inject a bit
      of humor here, let us suppose that she had lapsed into an aberrant
      moment and expressed her presidential choice—her long-time loyalty
      to Dennis Kucinich would have given him "unstoppable momentum" into
      the White House. Since that message came well after he had dropped
      out of the race to run for reelection to Congress as a
      Representative from Ohio, it surely would have brought "my" comment
      about him into serious question!

      16. My second note is more serious. Mother, please copy the excerpt
      of a channeled message sent to you in an email a few days ago.
      Readers, it came without the name of the receiver, or the channel,
      and although the name of the "source" is given, it will be omitted

      Your "beloved Obama", is busy right now in the Middle
      Eastern countries
      carrying out his orders from his Zionist controllers. He is riling
      up in Afghanistan against Pakistan. Your black ops folks have been
      very busy again lately, creating instability there and Obama has
      told you many times you must get the soldiers out of Iraq and send
      them right on to Afghanistan again, because the plan is to carry war
      into Pakistan, from Afghanistan. You have in the "new age"
      community, one Matthew Ward through Suzy his mother, and who has
      said Obama is a gifted star seed. In that, you know not to trust
      Suzy or Matthew for your spiritual growth. Dear ones, stop following
      all of this, and look at the evidence if you are accepting Matthew's
      version. Obama, by his fruits, is not a lighted man.

      17. Thank you. I know the soul to whom that information was
      attributed. The moment he was in my thoughts, he connected with me
      and an instant later, our soul energy was beside my mother. He
      didn't need to tell me that he did not transmit that message, nor
      did I need him to—we felt the low vibrations being emitted from the
      computer monitor. At this juncture, most individuals would not be
      able to immediately detect those and recognize that the information
      came from a dark source claiming to be a well-known light being. Low
      frequencies do affect a body's energy system, but a receiver who
      can't distinguish that difference unwittingly distributes the
      transmission with its fraudulent attribution, and undiscerning
      readers may accept both the information and its claimed source as
      valid. A clear "red flag" is this: A spiritually evolved soul may
      identify DISinformation and correct it, but never does that soul
      disclose the identity of the receiver or the name the dark source
      falsely gives. However, the soul whose name is falsely used may
      request another receiver to pass on that soul's message to the
      receiver of the original material alerting him or her to what
      happened. I now see that in my several messages about discernment, I
      was remiss by not thinking to mention that "red flag" when I stated
      that dark entities always are on the lookout for individuals to
      contact telepathically; that's why we have urged you to ask for
      protection of the Christed light and have given guidance for
      identifying sources.

      18. Before moving on to the next topic, to the thoughtful soul who
      wrote that a group of meditators will be praying for Obama's safety
      although they know he is protected by the Christed light, I say by
      all means pray for his safety—the love energy of the pray-ers adds
      to that powerful protection! Never underestimate the power of prayer
      for one's own or another's highest good!

      19. Let me return for a moment to mainstream media. Although largely
      because a plethora of material is readily available on the Internet,
      the other huge dispersers of information around the world are
      reporting some truths in greatly diverse areas. For examples: the
      friction within the ranks of national governments due to citizens'
      demands for reform; warnings about vaccines, including their
      possible relationship to the alarming increase in autistic children;
      celebrities bringing the world's attention to the desperate
      situation of people in Darfur, displaced Iraqis, preservation of
      animal life and other environmental issues; international disdain
      for the Bush administration's dictatorial and bellicose approach to
      foreign affairs; UFO activity; the importance of proper diet and
      exercise; health risks in prescription medications and withdrawal
      from the market of several popular drugs; doubts about the official
      version of "9/11"; theologians questioning the authenticity of the
      biblical Jesus; global concern about gas prices; individuals and
      groups making a significant difference in local or faraway
      communities; growing demands to handle conflicts through negotiation
      instead of military might; developments in wind and solar power; and
      very recently, the dangers inherent in using cell phones. No, I'm
      not telling you anything new—I am asking you to put those and
      similar positive kinds of coverage by mainstream media into the
      context that the Illuminati do NOT want you to think about these
      matters! The more you think, the more you question and seek the
      truth; and their intention to control all peoples through ignorance
      and deceit unravels more and more. That their former media control
      has become badly cracked is a devastating blow to the Illuminati and
      more evidence that the light is being victorious!

      20. Readers living outside the United States want to know how their
      own countries will fare. They decry their leaders' actions that are
      against their countries' constitutions; or despair at prevailing
      conditions of poverty, disease and starvation; or express grave
      concern about the plight of the masses of refugees; or ask when
      their despotic rulers will be replaced. To these dear souls I say,
      benevolent changes are coming throughout the world. We do not judge
      those who are causing the suffering and terrible deprivation, but we
      weep with those who are enduring it, even as we know that many chose
      their harsh life circumstances to complete third density karmic
      experiencing so they can move forward in soul evolvement. As for how
      you can help, envision your land and countrymen in brilliant light;
      hold in your hearts hope, compassion and well being for all; give
      practical help wherever you can; know that the light you are
      radiating is flowing out to sustain others; know too that countless
      lighted souls are moving unseen among your peoples to comfort and
      aid as they can; and be fearless. You may not see progress in your
      countries as quickly as in others, but know that the undercurrents
      of change for your peoples are in motion—let this raise your spirits
      and hold your light steady.

      21. A number of you are asking when or where other civilizations
      will make landings. My friend Hatonn, commander of an intergalactic
      fleet and my usual source for definitive answers to those kinds of
      questions, says all coordination is ready and waiting for the "GO"
      signal. When I asked if a ship will land on the White House lawn, a
      question posed by one reader, he laughed and said: "Not this week."
      Small craft crews have been landing for thousands of years in
      secluded areas of high spiritual energy in the Far East, but none
      will touch down in heavily populated areas until their safety and
      yours is assured.

      22. Members of your space family have been looking forward for
      centuries, some even for millennia, to greeting their relatives
      residing on Gaia, but previously the peoples remained unawares as
      universal windows of opportunity opened and closed. This time is
      different—your planet has ascended out of that morass of
      unawareness, her residents are seeking ever greater enlightenment,
      and the harmonious mingling with space family finally is on the
      horizon. We know you are eager to meet these souls who live far
      beyond, on or within your homeland planet, and we know also your
      mixed feelings: a tad of trepidation about how to approach them,
      gratitude for their assistance, curiosity about their appearance,
      interest in the identities of those who are living among you. You
      wonder where they will live after they arrive, what kinds of
      technology they will bring, and how long they will stay to help you
      rejuvenate Earth. Think of going to a large family reunion for the
      first time in two decades. You don't know what to expect except that
      many in-laws and young people will be strangers because they came
      into the family during the years you couldn't attend, and others
      will have changed considerably with aging—will you even recognize
      them? So, even though you are glad you came, you feel somewhat
      uneasy; but very soon you get caught up in the joy of the occasion
      and the love flowing throughout the family group. See yourselves and
      your space brotherhood in both "sides" of that picture and know with
      certainty that this unique reunion, not all that far off, will have
      even greater excitement and ecstasy than you can imagine.

      23. Most questions about the year 2012 are answered in "Essay on
      2012" [posted in "Matthew's Messages" as And Then God Said...Then I
      Said...Then He Said... after the December 23, 2007 message,
      www.matthewbooks.com], but I want to mention a few points that we
      see are not clear in your minds. It seems that time is passing
      faster and faster, but it has nothing to do with clocks and
      calendars. That sensation is due to the higher vibrations Earth has
      reached in her ascension pathway, and linear time that existed half
      a century ago has been condensed into less than half of the 24 hours-
      per-day measurement back then. Those third density devices you use
      to keep appointments and plan ahead won't be needed in the universal
      continuum, where everything is a series of events happening
      simultaneously. Later on you will have clarity about the continuum,
      but for now, please accept our word that even though according to
      your calendar 2012 is 3½ years in the future, that period will
      be "crunched" like the hours of the day that increasingly will feel
      as if they are zooming by. Everything is occurring more swiftly than
      ever before in your recorded history; however, just as world
      transformation is a process, leaving linear time and entering the
      continuum is too—there won't be an abrupt ending of everything
      familiar and sudden entry into the unknown.

      24. Well, if calendars are to become meaningless, why is so much
      importance given the Mayan calendar that ends December 31, 2012?
      With the ability to see the planet's energy field in the continuum
      and assess the various potentialities, plus knowing the influence of
      universal bodies on each other and having charted their movement in
      the heavens, those souls in their ancient wisdom recorded a firm
      date that you can relate to as "the end" rather than a
      nebulous "time" that could have many interpretations. That date on
      the Mayan calendar signifies the end of the world as it has long
      been, held fast in third density by the darkness that flourishes in
      that low energy level. What will happen during the transitional
      period besides the ever-intensifying light continuing to expose and
      rid the world of darkness in all its insidious forms? You will see
      free energy systems that have been suppressed put into production
      and the development of new methods when your ET family's
      technologies are introduced, and all manner of pollution will be
      eliminated. But those advances and a great deal more is covered
      comprehensively in "Essay on 2012," so I shall wind up this topic by
      answering questions that may not be clearly spelled out.

      25. I can't answer What percentage of the current population will be
      alive in 2012? However, I can say that fewer souls will be living
      then than now. Many, many millions will make transition to spirit
      life before that year arrives, but please do not think of this as
      ominous or sorrowful! The majority will have fulfilled original or
      amended soul contracts and will be happily moving forward in
      spiritual and intellectual evolvement. Persons who cannot accept the
      truths that are forthcoming, especially the origin of religions and
      their various dogmas, will choose to leave; in Nirvana they will
      prepare once more for another third density lifetime, another
      opportunity to become enlightened about the universal laws and
      spiritual truths that this time around eluded them because their
      beliefs, however erroneous, were too deeply ingrained in their
      consciousness to change. And I already spoke about the souls who
      stay stuck in their dark ways.

      26. Now I shall respond to a combination of readers' questions that
      I summarized: Will everything in the Golden Age be completed by the
      end of 2012 and from then on, life on Earth will continue without
      significant changes? My goodness NO, Earth's entry into the Golden
      Age does not mean that life from then on will be unchanging! The
      only thing in the universe that is permanent is change, and you
      wouldn't want it any other way! Always the goal of each soul is
      reintegration with God, by whatever name you call the supreme being
      of this universe; and then reintegration with Creator, the ultimate
      ruler of the cosmos and from whose light-love essence everything in
      the cosmos was created—and souls cannot evolve in stasis. You will
      welcome the ever-expanding knowledge and advances in all aspects of
      life in the Golden Age! Envision an Eden paradise and know that the
      world you are co-creating, which already exists in the continuum,
      surpasses even your most glorious visions—and it will keep getting
      better and better!

      27. On that note, now I say farewell on behalf of all souls at this
      station. We are embracing you in love every moment!


      LOVE and PEACE
      Suzanne Ward

      [Note from Suzy: Profuse apologies for all the email addresses on my
      eight lists of subscribers! My new computer came back with new
      software shortly before I received that message, and I entered
      addresses in the TO: bottom space like always. I didn't notice that
      it isn't a Bcc space—what software developer would do such a thing
      to us?! A thoughtful reader whose software also has that deficiency
      wrote how she worked around it, and I adapted her method so that
      your addresses won't show up again. The Yahoo group receives the
      messages by a different means and weren't subjected to that

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