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March 23, 2008 - New message from Matthew

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    March 23, 2008 This is Matthew with loving greetings and joyous Easter tidings to all. Some zones of Earth are welcoming the first signs of spring, the season
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      March 23, 2008

      This is Matthew with loving greetings and joyous Easter tidings to

      Some zones of Earth are welcoming the first signs of spring, the
      season of rebirth and rejuvenation, and I feel it is an especially
      appropriate time to describe our beloved Earth as we see her from
      this station—how we wish that everyone on the planet could witness
      this magnificence! Please imagine a brilliantly blue sphere with
      myriad sparkling pinpoints of light as it recedes into an ever
      lightening space and joins other celestial bodies. All of these
      vibrant, glittering orbs are rotating among evanescent pastel
      ribbons wafting through space in rhythm with the angelic music of
      the spheres. This is your world in balance and harmony with its

      Bringing your view of Earth back from her universal placement, you
      see countless sparkling lights blinking upwards toward the filaments
      of a golden grid above vast verdant areas and expanses of pristine
      azure waters. Now narrow your view—feel the serenity of the rolling
      countryside; hover above towns and cities and feel the exhilaration
      of the residents that permeates the atmosphere. Closing in further
      still, see imaginatively designed buildings of many sizes and
      shapes, flower gardens brightly dotting the landscape among the
      trees, animals of all species roaming freely in parks as adults
      watch children gleefully playing with them. Feel the energy of joy
      and peacefulness emanating from Earth herself.

      This is your Golden Age world that already exists in the reality of
      the continuum, the world that you are co-creating in this moment of
      illusory linear time.

      Hold firm these blissful visions and sensations in your minds and
      hearts as you deal with the situations confronting you. In stark
      contrast to the idyllic scenes and emotions of the Golden Age on
      your horizon, Earth's energy field of potential is teeming with
      combative activity. It is conclusive that the light is victorious,
      but the tenacious energy streamers of darkness still are struggling
      to survive. As the power of the ones influenced by the darkness
      keeps waning, their desperate foundering grows and so does their
      perniciousness. For a while longer you will see this in a number of
      ways, including an assortment of grave pronouncements and "leaked"
      plans, all intended to fill you with fear. Oh yes, dark plans do
      indeed exist, but they will not reach fruition! So recognize them
      for what they are—the flailing of souls intensely fear-filled
      themselves because they know their long era of keeping Earth's
      people locked in violence, deception and ignorance is over. The
      dark ones are panicking as they see their numbers dwindling, the
      futility of their attempts to keep hidden their history of
      manipulating all life on the planet, and their efforts to retain
      control thwarted again and again by the ever-increasing light of the
      higher frequencies Earth has reached in her steady ascension

      The frequencies now prevailing are raising consciousness on a global
      scale. The rebelling against oppressive forces and the rallying for
      peace are mounting. So are efforts to end starvation and genocide,
      impoverishment and inhumane laws; actions are intensifying to stop
      environmental destruction and to protect the animal and plant
      kingdoms. In short, you are following your pre-birth chosen
      missions to help Earth's peoples rise above third density mentality,
      activities and consequences, and by your steadfastness within the
      light forces, you are succeeding!

      Those same frequencies also are presenting physical anomalies and
      emotional peaks and valleys. Understanding this can lessen anxious
      moments about unusual symptoms, and there are helpful steps to
      relieve stress, frustrations and restlessness. Take time from your
      busy days to reach the sacred space within—whether you think of it
      as meditation, soul searching, prayer or even escape from the world,
      the resulting tranquility is balm for mind, body and spirit. To
      uplift yourselves on a more active basis, spend time with kindred
      spirits—if you are not already including animals and trees among
      these, start now. Turn your thoughts of anxiety about adversity to
      gratitude for blessings; breathe deeply and let go of uncomfortable
      feelings you have held in check; listen to melodic music; write to
      the distant friend or family member you have been meaning to; watch
      a comical film; read or write poetry; take long walks; volunteer
      time to worthy community efforts; support charitable organizations;
      paint a room or a picture, whichever you feel more inclined to do.
      Smile! Those may sound trivial in the face of world events, but each
      moment spent in meaningful ways soothes the mind and leads to
      balance within.

      This is especially important in your adjustment physically and
      emotionally to the higher frequencies because you also are
      encountering the effects of the low frequency emissions from HAARP
      and other surveillance systems, the radioactive fallout of weaponry,
      the cell phones and their satellites, and electric power stations in
      addition to the proliferation of pollutants in your air, soil and
      water. If we can say "that's the bad news," we hasten to give you
      the "good news": Your benevolent space family is using their
      technology to ameliorate to the greatest possible extent the
      damaging effects of those toxic ingredients.

      But be aware that even though health disorders are exacerbated by
      bodies adjusting to the higher frequencies and by those many sources
      of contaminants, the root cause may be different, and it is wise to
      consult a trusted health care provider. Chemicals in pharmaceutical
      drugs and those you call "illegal" diminish or destroy your body's
      self-healing mechanisms, thus they are counterproductive to healing
      and well being. While I do not endorse any products, I do recommend
      that you explore combinations of natural ingredients that may be
      very effective in reinforcing immune systems and strengthening
      energy levels. It is helpful to search the Internet and discuss the
      various natural remedies with a health care provider and friends;
      however, each body is unique, so trust your intuition about which
      products will best serve you. It is important that you drink a great
      deal of pure water to help balance the body's electromagnetic system
      and flush out toxins, and I repeat what I mentioned in prior
      messages about the great benefits of monatomic gold for enhancing
      brain functioning and spiritual clarity.

      Now then, to speak about the most profound reforms underway. The
      disastrous state of the United States' economy and its consequences
      that are rebounding around the world is in the public domain.
      Although still largely in the grip of Illuminati censorship,
      mainstream media are truthfully reporting the tip of this fast-
      melting iceberg. To establish a new system of banking and commerce
      based in integrity, it is essential that Illuminati control be
      eliminated, and they are doing this themselves—their centuries of
      greed, deceit and monetary manipulation on an international scale
      have resulted in a system that is collapsing under its own weight.
      For a bit longer there will be scurrying about to apply band aids to
      a dying economic entity, but its inevitable death is essential to
      transforming today's world into the world you are there to help

      Of equal importance in the transformation process, the changes in
      government officials will continue at its accelerated pace as hidden
      agendas and corruption become public knowledge and the angered
      citizenry demands full disclosure. Continuance in all leadership
      positions is dependent upon those individuals' acceptance or
      rejection of the light that is being generated by lightworkers and
      your space family and being beamed with full intensity to all
      persons holding influential positions. Those who reject the light
      will either be voted out of office, overthrown by the people they
      have betrayed and oppressed, or their bodies will die as Earth moves
      into still higher frequencies, where physical survival is impossible
      without the cellular changes that light enables. Eventually the
      fact will come forth that some publicly seen leaders are clones.

      The US military troops in Iraq will be withdrawn in increments after
      the US presidential election, and within a very few years, all
      occupation troops worldwide will be back in their native countries.
      The cessation of wars will not happen overnight, but worldwide peace
      is on its way. Nations that have been devastated by civil or
      international wars will be given reconstruction assistance, and so
      will communities that have been severely damaged by the negativity-
      ridding earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and violent storms, whether
      of natural or manmade origin. These facets of the transition into
      the Golden Age will be aided by new sources of energy that are known
      but have been suppressed to keep oil as king and the oil company
      executives living like kings.

      We know that you would like to have names and dates and other
      specifics related to all the changes underway, and we cannot provide
      those. We can see the tapestry, if you will, but not the individual
      threads that produce its elaborate design. All we messengers who
      speak through our receivers can do is report the activity we observe
      in Earth's energy field of potential, where possibilities may become
      probabilities and those may or may not develop into actualities. It
      is the same on a global scale as it is with each person's life—the
      big picture can be viewed, more clearly if there is a steady rather
      than an erratic pathway, but not each step along that pathway. It
      depends on the person's use of free will and the amount of energy
      put forth to achieve his or her goal. With God's permission, I am
      giving you an example. Recently my mother asked God if my sister
      would take a specific step in a relationship. "I don't know because
      she doesn't know. When she knows, so will I."

      My objective from the very beginning has been to offer spiritual
      enlightenment and guidance during this unprecedented time not only
      on Earth, but in the universe, and as a microcosm of the universe,
      every soul is part of this. My mother and I have been complying with
      a foreign publisher's request that we add updated material wherever
      appropriate to the information I transmitted to her 1994 to 1997.
      Readers of Revelations for a New Era may recognize that in the
      following explanation that I believe will enhance your understanding
      of the god and goddess souls you are.


      S: I know the soul is our eternal connection with God and Creator,
      but I don't know exactly what the soul is, or does.

      MATTHEW: The soul is the very essence of life as it first sprang
      from Creator. It is an indestructible living entity of light energy
      that may have a physical body, etheric body or astral body, or it
      may exist in free spirit only. Our souls, manifested by God through
      His co-creating powers with Creator, are expressions of the love-
      light of God and contain in microcosm every essence of God. In any
      of its forms, the soul is an inviolate independent being at the same
      time it exists inseparably with God and Creator and all other souls.

      The body is only a very fleeting vehicle for use by the soul, which
      is far stronger and more tenacious than any third density body such
      as those of Earth humankind. And, the body does not hold the soul,
      the soul creates the body from its image that will fit the specific
      experiencing it chooses in each incarnate lifetime. When the soul
      is released from the physical body, its etheric body is released at
      that same instant, and in that etheric body, the soul makes its
      lightning-fast transition from Earth to Nirvana.

      The soul is the power behind everything that exists on Earth. It is
      the life force of all its parts that it creates for ever-greater
      experiencing. At every level of evolvement, each soul part is an
      independent self with intelligence, characteristics, choices, goals
      and all the other life elements that make each person a unique

      Each individual lifetime of a soul is its personage. The sum of a
      soul's personages is the cumulative soul, and all knowledge gained
      by each is available to all. Thus, as each one melds into the
      cumulative soul, bringing the wisdom of that lifetime's experiences,
      every personage evolves just as the cumulative soul does.

      S: Matthew, excuse me please—where does ego fit into the individual
      soul that you call the personage?

      MATTHEW: Ego is the part of the personage that is self-identity and
      self-worth in accordance with efforts and achievements. But just as
      honoring those is not the same as vanity, honoring ego as a
      reflection of one's self-identity is not the same as being
      egotistical. The sense of self is essential to the personage, yet
      often "ego" in that context is overshadowed by its
      derivations "egotistical," "egocentric" and "egotism" that define an
      individual as being focused solely on himself, relating everything
      to his needs or desires, and having a "puffed-up" impression of his
      characteristics and achievements. That kind of person is considered
      pompous and conceited, without a shred of humility, and unpleasant
      to be around.

      However, much more serious than having an unpleasing personality is
      that without any sense of the humility that is a natural and
      automatic aspect of spiritual growth, that person is stagnating in
      soul evolution. Spiritual growth is the molding of one's ego in ways
      that are aligned with the soul contract. This is a time for ending
      third density experiencing, a time when soul contract choices are
      designed to overcome traits that are counterproductive to spiritual
      growth and to strengthen qualities that foster that growth.

      S: How can we know if we're "honoring" our accomplishments or being
      vane about them?

      MATTHEW: You know by the fulfilling feelings like self-confidence
      that you are making your best effort in whatever you are undertaking
      and the self-respect that comes with knowing that; self-
      determination to live in godly ways; self-assurance that you are
      being or becoming the "who" your soul signed up to be; self-
      awareness that you are a part of God and inseparable from the
      Oneness of Creation.

      S: But what if the ego "tells" people they're right in what they
      believe about themselves, but actually they're being negatively
      influenced by the darkness?

      MATTHEW: Attaching itself to the ego is precisely how the darkness
      operates, and the ramifications go far beyond "Is it vanity or
      humility?" The darkness shrouds self-identity with the delusion that
      the person's convictions are absolutely correct about what is true
      and what is false, and it firmly resists thoughts that threaten
      those assertions or could lessen the ego's stubbornness in holding
      fast to them. This produces the closed mind, or, in your common
      expression, "the box." Just as it applies to all other forms of
      dark influence, love is the key to opening that boxed-up mind and
      letting the light come in.

      S: Thank you, dear. Am I right in thinking that the soul's
      consciousness is infinitely greater than the ego's consciousness?

      MATTHEW: You are indeed, Mother! The consciousness of the soul has
      the capability to reach all knowledge that exists throughout
      creation. The universal mind—the entire spectrum of human and godly
      powers and all experiencing throughout this universe's existence—is
      within each soul. When the soul taps into this, it reports what
      it "sees" to the brain, which is a personal computer that processes
      data for the mind to assimilate and contemplate. The key to
      achieving this is to quiet your thoughts so you can receive the
      messages from your soul that may come as images or words or strong
      sensations or a combination.

      S: Matthew, I can't even begin to imagine what all is in the
      universal mind!

      MATTHEW: Mother dear, no third density brain has that kind of
      comprehension. It is at soul level that this kind of communication
      occurs, your soul tapping into everything your cumulative soul

      S: Where do cumulative souls reside?

      MATTHEW: There is no specific place of residence because a
      cumulative soul is not an individual entity, but rather the
      indivisible sum of all its personages wherever they are living, and
      it grows as each one adds its experiencing to the ever-changing
      composite. Possibly the best description of a cumulative soul is a
      force field that derives its essence from all its personages
      wherever they are throughout the universe.

      S: Do you personally know the other personages in your cumulative
      soul or do you only have access to their knowledge?

      MATTHEW: I know those who are in this realm and some of us have
      become friends. Some are spending a lifetime on Earth, and I know
      very well who they are! Some have moved so far toward the light
      that our energy densities are incompatible, so a meeting isn't
      possible, and others have regressed far from the light into lower
      densities, and I'm surely not interested in going there! Some have
      chosen lifetimes out of this galaxy, where I don't travel often, so
      I'm barely acquainted with them.

      Each has its own soul growth to accomplish, Mother. Wherever the
      other personages are experiencing for their individual growth, we're
      always within the familial bonding of our cumulative soul. But it
      isn't necessary that we meet or share lifetime interests or know all
      the details of each other's lives. What we do share is the
      essential knowledge of our collective awareness, otherwise all the
      individual souls' learning would be wasted.

      The cumulative soul can advance from its station toward the light
      only by the advancement of its personages. Therefore, each one not
      only has the benefit of the cumulative soul's composite knowledge,
      but it is continuously given encouragement at soul level to master
      its chosen lessons so the cumulative soul can evolve. However, that
      is not self-serving—with that soul's advancement, all of its
      personages also have the opportunity to evolve. But, depending
      upon the free will choices of each, the personage can either grow
      toward the light or regress so far as to become trapped in base

      S: If a personage becomes trapped, how does that affect the
      cumulative soul's full energy?

      MATTHEW: The lifetime energy that consigns a personage to the base
      energy placement does not affect its cumulative soul because that
      personage's unique energy stream made its own way entirely by its
      free will choices. The cumulative soul may encourage its
      personages, but it can't ever interfere with their free will.
      However, out of its love for all its personages, the cumulative soul
      may request divine grace to assist any that become trapped in base

      S: Are the individual souls always aware of everything their
      cumulative soul knows?

      MATTHEW: Let me compare this with your memory, Mother. Nothing you
      have ever learned or experienced is ever lost in your memory system,
      but you can't remember everything simultaneously–it would be
      overwhelming! Furthermore, many of your experiences were so
      insignificant that they were irrelevant to subsequent experiencing
      and never returned to your conscious mind, yet all are in your
      memory bank. It's the same with the personages of the cumulative
      soul and their lifetime learning.

      S: That makes sense. Matthew, with all these parts of your
      cumulative soul, I just want to be absolutely sure that you are ONLY
      my Matthew and nobody else.

      MATTHEW: Oh, Mother, absolutely I am Matthew and no one else!
      Every personage is its own soul and no one else! The cumulative
      soul is the synthesis of all its personages.

      S: But it sounds as if every soul that divides itself becomes a
      cumulative soul, so you could do the same and become one, too.

      MATTHEW: Mother, I realize that in my eagerness to answer your
      questions, sometimes my efforts result in confusion rather than
      clarification. The terms I've given you for the various aspects of
      soul expression—cumulative soul, personages, soul fragments or
      sparks and such—are meant only to show the soul's long journey
      striving through multiple lifetimes to return to its beginning in
      the perfect love and light of Creator.

      In this realm we don't need differentiation of terms, as the soul's
      energy registration in the universe is evidence of its evolutionary
      station. Since each soul is its own inviolate self regardless of
      its station or the number of its progeny, we think of each simply
      as "soul." And that is how we speak of each one to you unless we
      are trying to explain the soul growth stages through its
      independently functioning aspects, or the inseparable and eternal
      connection of each soul with God and all other souls in the universe.

      A most relevant point here is that all experiencing of all souls is
      within the continuum. There is no linear time basis for the
      dividing and subdividing into independent entities. What you may
      call "past lives" are in process simultaneously with the "present"
      and "future" lives of the cumulative soul. All are merely in
      different life forms in different stages of development in different
      placements in the universe. However, since you can't comprehend the
      continuum, we can only explain in accordance with your past, present
      and future time structure, call the various
      lifetimes "reincarnation," and place it all within a spiritual
      hierarchical structure that can fit into your capacity to

      I still may not have clarified this enough, Mother, but the good
      news is that you will understand this seemingly unfathomable mystery
      when your soul returns to Nirvana.

      S: I'll count on that for later, but I'd like to know now if you and
      I have the same cumulative soul.

      MATTHEW: We certainly do, Mother! I was hoping you would ask, but
      if you hadn't, I would have told you. We go back together almost to
      our cumulative soul's beginning, probably half a million or so years
      ago in your counting of time. That's why you and I have such
      similar energy and special bonding. Some of our family and dearest
      other people came into it later on, but many were introduced down
      the line from other cumulative souls when we needed them or vice


      Thank you, Mother. In my next message we will include the other
      information about the soul. Now I take my leave by sending the
      power of love to all and assuring you once again that your soul
      family in spirit and in physical realms are with you every moment.


      Suzanne Ward


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