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49August 29, 2008 - New Message from Matthew

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    Aug 29, 2008
      August 29, 2008
      1. This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this

      2. As an exception to the usual message wherein we first address
      issues of most widespread interest, we have chosen to begin by
      answering a reader's questions that we do not see stirring in very
      many minds, but the reply from here perhaps will give you a clearer
      understanding of souls in evolved spirit worlds. Do you tire of
      seeing brutality and pain and feel angry that the people who cause
      it are still allowed to do that? Do you get discouraged when people
      read your messages but don't seem to remember what's important
      because they ask measly little questions or ones you answered

      3. Yes, it could be expressed as our "tiring emotionally" at seeing
      the masses suffering at the hands of a few, and we long for the day
      when this exists only as a very sad part of Earth's history. But no,
      we do not feel anger toward the people who are causing the
      widespread suffering. It is one thing to abhor atrocious behavior,
      feel deep compassion for the people in pain that behavior causes,
      and give whatever comfort we can to ease their pain. It is quite
      another thing to feel anger toward those benighted individuals who
      are responsible. In part this is because we do not judge, but more
      so, we know that their actions are due to the absence of light in
      their souls, the absence of conscience, the absence of a capacity to
      feel love. Those voids result in fear and a sense of abandonment
      along with inability to feel empathy or to comprehend the measure of
      pain their actions cause. And they have no idea that their next
      lifetime will be one of experiencing the collective agony and terror
      their free will choices caused.

      4. It is because light beings in spirit do understand those
      conditions that our messengers have urged you to send love-light to
      the persons who commit despicable acts. Because the energy of
      unconditional love, the most powerful force in the cosmos, is the
      only means whereby those souls can be healed and enlightened and
      thus stop their madness. Because at soul level the darkly-motivated
      ones and the light workers throughout this universe are inseparably
      connected with each other and with God. Because the aim of all
      souls, whether consciously realized or not, is reintegration with
      God through evolving spiritually and intellectually, and this
      journey is best made in cooperation and conscious unity, not
      perceived separation.

      5. This is a good place to answer readers' questions about the best
      way to send love to dark individuals. We understand that in your
      usual concept of love—a deep personal caring and abiding commitment
      to the beloved ones—those feelings are not possible for persons you
      don't know except by their heinous acts. But you can feel love for
      Mother Earth and care deeply about her restoration to health and
      beauty, so envision her in golden light that touches all her life
      forms—the energy in those sensations and visualizations flows where
      it is most needed. Also I shall give you the suggestion I gave my
      mother years ago when she was struggling with this situation.
      Imagine holding a flashlight in pitch darkness so lost souls can
      find their way back to the safety of the path; feel their gratitude
      for this help and feel joy that you can serve in this way. That
      visualization and accompanying sensations also will go wherever
      healing light and love are most needed.

      6. Another aspect of the dark ones' unconscionable activities is
      karmic—the duality in humankind and universe's continual balancing
      motion. Where tyranny and corruption and deception abound, the other
      end of the duality spectrum is the awakening of peoples and their
      united focus on peaceful coexistence; the availability of food,
      homes, health care and education for all; the desire for all lives
      to be free from terror, horror and terrible deprivation; and the
      determination to bequeath to future generations a world far better
      than it is today. The karma incurred during millennia of third
      density lifetimes within the duality that causes divisiveness and
      disharmony had to be experienced until it could be completed, and
      darkness has served its purpose in this regard. Now it is being
      transmuted into light, wherein there is the balance that each soul
      strives to attain.

      7. As for our feelings about some responses to our words, yes, in
      moments there is discouragement that the most important parts of our
      messages—the information to enlighten, guide and empower you to be
      the gods and goddess souls you are—often is forgotten rather than
      put into use as you go about your daily activities. We know your
      strong spirit is tested mightily by the energies generated by
      conflicts between or within nations, and on a personal level, in
      relationships and within Self; and we continue to hope that you will
      cease feeling that you must deal with troubling issues alone and
      instead, remember that you have an abundance of unseen helpers
      awaiting your invitation for their assistance. We feel disheartened
      that each time there is a prediction of some disastrous happening or
      talk of new oppressive government policies, you allow fear to enter
      your psyche, and you look to external sources to quell that fear
      instead of going within and letting your soul reassure you. And we
      cannot help but wish that trivial matters would receive less of your
      time and energy, and developing discernment and spiritual clarity
      would receive more. However, we assure you, our dear sisters and
      brothers, we have those fleeting feelings only because of our great
      love for each of you—you could say that we are in a state of
      constant prayer and unconditional love for you. We want for you what
      you want for yourselves and your world, and when we see you
      recognizing and taking advantage of all the relevant opportunities
      being presented, there is great rejoicing in the lighted souls all
      over this universe!

      8. Now then, along this line, you as a unique being are in a
      profound change mode; Earth is too, and so is your solar system. The
      universe itself is undergoing this same change, and synchronous
      steps are happening much faster than ever before. You need to
      understand how synchronicity works so you can recognize the windows
      of opportunity and then choose wisely whether to open them or leave
      them closed.

      9. Mother, please copy the part in a book that explains this.


      [Excerpt from the chapter "The Importance of Synchronicity" in
      Voices of the Universe]

      Your dictionary definition of synchronicity is sadly lacking.
      Synchronicity is nothing less than the universe in operation! What
      you perceive as random events, chance meetings, good or bad luck,
      isolated incidents, and especially what you call "coincidences"
      actually are energy in motion in perfectly defined and aligned
      directions to achieve specific results.

      The synchronous process is like a stretch of dominoes on end—
      when the first falls against the second, a chain reaction flows
      until the last domino has fallen. While that is the simplest way to
      explain the workings of synchronicity insofar as one situation
      affecting the next and the next and so on, it is not an accurate
      explanation because the domino line had a first and last object.
      Synchronicity has no beginning and no ending—like the universe, it
      always is in motion—and synchronous happenings are not as obvious as
      a straight line. True, certain happenings in a lifetime stand out
      from the myriad others because of their greater importance, and
      direct tie-ins to those may be held in significance as well, but
      those, too, are surrounded by the "before" and the "after."

      Synchronicity is the series of situations required to manifest
      the intended result of all the players. Please don't take offense at
      my term "players." If you could know the profound importance to your
      soul of your consciousness acting upon your variety of inspirations,
      motivations and intuitions, yet the simple reason for ALL the
      happenings, you would understand that Earth is a stage for all of
      you to play out the karmic roles you chose. The "importance" is the
      soul's chosen mission that is being relayed to your consciousness
      via those nudgings; the "simple reason" for all happenings is that
      you manifested them by your free will choices.

      There is no limit to the number of players, no limit to the
      events in the proper sequence, and no limit to the distance that may
      separate the people involved. Usually the players have no awareness
      of their indispensable link in the chain reaction, and most often it
      is only in retrospect that someone may realize that a series of
      seemingly unrelated people and events had led him to exactly where
      he is. But other times, at least in a small pocket of a lifetime,
      the players do recognize how others' meaningful entry into their
      lives had a profound effect.

      You do of course participate in synchronous happenings, but you
      are not responsible for creating the circumstances or contacting the
      people who will be the links. Countless sources of energy come into
      play for each life, arranging the opportunities for connecting the
      links. But as always, free will is honored, so at each "open door"—
      or, new acquaintance or event—everyone may respond as he or she

      The value of recognizing that nothing happens by coincidence
      cannot be emphasized too strongly. It invites—compels!—you to look
      at your life in a new light by understanding the significance of the
      synchronous threads that have woven its design. When you realize
      that happenings are purposeful, that they are guidelines and open
      doorways to karmic completion, you can proceed with more confidence,
      more excitement, more fulfillment and joy as you live this life in
      preparation for the next.


      10. Thank you, Mother. I hasten to add that, while the way you live
      now is indeed preparation for the "next" lifetime, it is for a
      different reason that you must see the importance of this one and
      the significance of synchronicity. As linear time is disappearing
      and the reality of the continuum is approaching, the pace of change
      is accelerating the appearance of synchronous links the universe is
      supplying to each of you and collectively, to your world. I must
      tell you, we can anticipate your reactions to this reality: "Then
      why isn't the war ending faster and the truth about everything
      coming out?" "Where are all those new leaders you talk about and
      when is the economy going to get better?" "When will we see proof
      that ETs are helping us?" We can anticipate those kinds of reactions
      because, our dear ones, we are mind- and heart-readers—those deeply
      felt sentiments are in your hearts, and your minds are aswirl with
      questions, especially "when...?!" And this is understandable. With
      everything in existence being accelerated, naturally this includes
      the fervor of your hopes, expectations and desire to know your space
      family and live in the long-awaited Golden Age. The synchronous
      threads of opportunity that the universe is providing are there
      right now, needing only to be recognized, embraced and then woven
      tightly into the grand design of your life and your world's.

      11. This acceleration means that there is very little time left for
      choosing to live in the light, which is necessary for the spiritual
      clarity and cellular restructuring that enables physical survival in
      the higher frequencies along Earth's ascension course, or choosing
      to keep on slumbering unawares. As much as you want family and
      friends to make the journey with Earth, none can persuade another to
      choose that. The slumberers will have another opportunity to awaken,
      so let your heart be at peace in this respect. And the light you
      radiate touches others in ways that words cannot, so let that be
      your light worker or weaver or warrior gift to those whom you love.

      12. Every soul's first responsibility is to Self, and in these
      tumultuous times of wild energy fluctuations, that is a handful.
      Patience may be more difficult to muster; increasing instances of
      forgetfulness frustrating; irregularities in vision and hearing
      annoying; and mood swings and bouts of depression may occur. There
      are many types of physical and emotional challenges to deal with as
      bodies' electrical systems keep adjusting to the progressively
      higher frequencies. Fretting about these natural changes, or worse,
      feeling anxious about them, adds stress and exacerbates the
      conditions. Changing your thoughts to optimism and trusting that
      what seems abnormal actually now is normal will ease anxiety and
      allow the energy to flow more smoothly through your body. However,
      not all emotional and physical discomfort is rooted in energetic
      adjustment, so if symptoms of disease appear or depression deepens,
      please consult a trusted health care professional. Avoid
      prescription medications as the chemicals in those drugs will
      interfere with the body's self-healing mechanisms; natural
      substances can reinforce those mechanisms that have become sluggish
      and need a good jolt back into proper functioning.

      13. A question of prominence among those who have heard that a
      spacecraft of such size as to be undeniably from another
      civilization will appear in your skies October 14 is: "Will this
      really happen?" Since my present service is not in your solar system
      or even in your galaxy, where details of such an event would be
      known, I can say only "Yes," so I have asked my good friend Hatonn,
      who is an intergalactic fleet commander, to reply.

      14. HATONN: Thank you, Matthew, and good evening, Suzy and readers.
      I'm here at Matthew's request to comment on the veracity of what
      some consider a "prediction" instead of the announcement it is. Yes,
      plans are in place for a ship of much greater size than any previous
      sightings to appear on that date and be evident in your skies for a
      few days. The crew is in readiness and excited about making our
      presence indisputable.

      Now I add this caveat: Nothing is set in stone. If there are cogent
      reasons to delay the ship's appearance, then it will show itself
      when safety is assured for you on the ground and your aircraft in
      the skies. Bellicose forces on the planet don't want you to have
      proof that we are this close by, or even exist, and they will try to
      keep this from you by whatever means they think necessary. So the
      decisive factor of timing is safety all the way around.

      Do not doubt that we are close by, millions and millions of us, but
      of course not all of us will land on your planet when the time comes
      for that. Most of us work out of your visual range and must remain
      that way to continue the service we've been providing beloved Earth
      so she can keep steadily climbing toward her plane of planetary
      origination in fifth density. We all come in peace, and we
      anticipate that most of you will welcome us and our technological

      That should dispel any doubts as to the October 14 plan being
      truthful information, but I add to what Matthew and other messengers
      tell you through their receivers—go within for answers and trust
      your intuition! Thank you, Suzy, and good night.

      SUZY: Thank you, Hatonn! Matthew, shall we continue?

      14. MATTHEW: Indeed, Mother, and this is a good place to reply to
      the reader who asked how to initiate dialog with interplanetary
      beings. "Multidimensional" is a more inclusive term, but that
      doesn't change the fact that you can't initiate a dialog unless your
      telepathic communication connection has opened, and this happens
      when the need arises in accordance with each one's soul contract.
      However, the energy of being intensely eager can block the opening
      event, so our recommendation is to feel relaxed in the assurance
      that this will happen at the appropriate time for you. I repeat my
      warning that dark entities as well as light want to make contact,
      and once the telepathy channel has opened, it is essential that you
      know how to identify dark energy and how to protect your psyche from
      being vulnerable to its intrusion. Detailed information about this
      is in other messages—please read it so you will be a knowledgeable
      telepathic communicator with light beings. Please understand
      that "audible" conversations with beings in spirit or physical
      worlds is one thing, and "hearing" the messages from your soul is
      quite another—this communication always is available to you!

      15. Now I shall address the variety of questions about how best to
      prepare for ascension. Live in godly ways—there's no need for me to
      spell those out, they come naturally to people who have light in
      their souls. There's no need either for esoteric studies, trips to
      the Himalayas, belonging to spiritual groups, attending
      instructional seminars or workshops, or establishing prayer rituals;
      however, if you feel strongly attracted to any of those and you have
      the time and resources to engage in them, by all means follow your
      heart in those matters. Know that there is no separation between you
      and God or with all other souls in this universe. Trust your
      intuition, the messages from your soul to your consciousness. Let
      the love in your soul radiate out to the universe. Love, the most
      powerful force in the cosmos, can be expressed in limitless ways,
      but it must start with self-love that comprises self-respect, self-
      worth and self-confidence. Live in harmony with Nature. Quiet times
      in solitude—meditation, if you will—is food for the soul. So is
      music that inspires or soothes, and the light in a genuine smile has
      incalculable ripple effects for Self and those whose lives you
      touch. Forgive Self and others, see a situation from others'
      perspectives, cherish beautiful memories and let go of the those
      that are hurtful. The people who are working for peace; preservation
      of the environment; humane treatment of animals; assistance to
      homeless, hungry and sick; or any other avenue of assistance are
      examples of light and love in action. Those motivations come from
      soul level, and the advocates and activists are responding to their
      souls' messages. Know that you are god- and goddess-selves with the
      power to manifest whatever you strongly intend!

      16. Nothing I said is new to many of you as we have spoken before
      about these and other like measures, but since ones still are asking
      about this essential aspect of enlightenment and spiritual growth,
      reiteration is necessary. And if it is a reminder to you who have
      this awareness, that too can be beneficial.

      17. After that exceedingly important facet of living in the light,
      it may seem rather insignificant to speak about how diet may affect
      one's ascension course, but it is a worthy consideration. Density
      applies to food, not only to energy planes, and meat is the lowest
      density in the food chain because of the inhumane way food animals
      are forced to live and die. The energy of trauma remains in their
      flesh, and since energy can't be extinguished, the bodies of meat
      eaters absorb the animals' anguish. Light equally applies to food—
      fruits, vegetables and grains have the most light and the nutrients
      that bodies most need. That kind of diet prevails in higher
      densities, where animal life is respected and bodies also are
      treated more respectfully, and it would be helpful for you to start
      adapting now.

      18. Can addicts ascend with Earth? Persons who are dealing
      positively with their addictive nature to substances or behaviors
      can benefit from the higher frequencies that are magnifying
      strengths, and just as other types of physical and emotional
      infirmities and debilitations cannot exist in the higher density of
      Earth's destination, neither can third density addictions. In light
      receptive people, healing happens along Earth's ascension pathway.

      19. We cannot say how many souls will accompany Earth all the way to
      her destination because there are many unknown variables: provisions
      of original soul contracts, uncompleted contracts, amended
      contracts, free will choices that affect only Self, and choices that
      profoundly affect many others.

      20. To the dear soul who feels confident that she will live past 100
      so she can live in heaven on Earth, I don't know your soul contract,
      but this I can say: Your intention to live in the Golden Age is the
      best way to do so. However, if in your contract you chose otherwise,
      then you can look forward to visits on the planet. One of the
      glories of the Golden Age is the return of the once commonplace
      travel back and forth between Nirvana and Earth as well as
      telepathic communication between residents of both worlds.

      21. To those who are looking for a "signal" that can rid all doubts
      about which persons and what sources of information are trustworthy
      and how to know when all corruption and deception has ended, go
      within! All the answers you need are in your soul—learn to trust the
      messages it sends to your consciousness.

      22. We know your interest in specific happenings in this critical
      and unique time in your world, but there is really no "new news" to
      add to the logical progression of developments that we and other
      lighted souls have been relaying to you. The reformation process in
      governments and economies continues apace, still mostly behind the
      public scene, to end the old, broken ways and usher in the new to
      far better serve all peoples and Earth herself. The powerful
      momentum behind Barack Obama zig-zagged a tad with smear campaigns
      and voters' confusion about what to believe, but that momentum has
      not lost any of its energy. Armed skirmishes and fatalities will
      continue, but none will lead to all-out war. More and more souls
      are "seeing the light" and making U-turns from their dark
      tendencies, including deserters from the ranks of the Illuminati.
      Earth's ascension course, like everything else, is being
      accelerated, and storms, flooding, fires and earthquakes will
      continue to relieve negativity's pressure on the planet. You will
      see more honest reporting as media controllers' hold becomes
      increasingly tenuous; the lid that has been kept on the truth
      about "9/11" cannot remain securely in place a lot longer.

      23. However, a process the magnitude of world transformation takes
      time to evolve so that order rather than chaos emerges from the
      unprecedented changes underway. Although all efforts of the topmost
      dark ones, who include the unenlightened reptilians living among
      you, to hold their ground will be futile, they will resist until
      their last breath, so to say. Let your light be reinforced by the
      knowledge that in the continuum, Earth's Golden Age that you are co-
      creating this moment in linear time, already IS! Light beings
      throughout this universe are with you in love and assistance every
      step of the way.


      LOVE and PEACE

      Suzanne Ward

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