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47July 4, 2008 - New Message from Matthew

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    Jul 5, 2008
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      July 4, 2008

      1. This is Matthew, greeting you with love and observations from all
      of us at this station.

      2. It has been with sadness that enlightened souls in spirit realms
      and those in physical civilizations have long watched the people of
      the United States annually celebrate Independence Day. The truth is
      that the bloodshed and destruction in the war for independence was
      for naught, the "victory" was a sham and so is the sovereignty
      bestowed by the Constitution. Indeed "the home of the brave," but
      never "the land of the free." The people of that country never have
      been free of control. Never have their voices been heeded nor has
      meeting the needs of the nation been the foremost objective. In
      statehood just as in the colonies, the nation has been inextricably
      connected to England because one of the most deeply entrenched
      strongholds of covert control is there and the other is in the
      Vatican; the former is political, legal and economic, and the latter
      is religious, but these forces have worked in tandem to instill the
      beliefs and govern the scope of activities of the citizenry.

      3. From the onset of declaring "independence," every war in which
      this country has been involved, including the sorrow of the civil
      war that divided families and national allegiance; every economic
      upturn and downturn; every acquisition of land; every presidential
      election and piece of legislation; every facet of the judicial
      system's operation and taxation policies and corporate growth have
      been manipulated by the succession of those controllers who
      systematically destroyed the vision and purpose of the states'
      founding fathers.

      4. I comment on the effects of that influence in the United States
      because of the fireworks spectacles and stirring rhetoric attendant
      to today's celebration of independence. However, the combined
      forces of which I speak—in current times often referred to as the
      Illuminati, the Secret Government, the New World Order, the Elitists
      or the Neocons—have been ruling lives of peoples worldwide for many

      5. But this year we are rejoicing because TRUE INDEPENDENCE—freedom
      for ALL life on Earth—is on your near horizon! The long era of the
      controllers is seeing its end as their crimes against humankind and
      Nature are being exposed in both trickle-up and trickle-down
      fashion. This is becoming more and more evident even in major media
      despite the controllers' attempts to stifle emerging truths. The
      higher energies engulfing the planet cannot be weakened much less
      halted, and these energies are awakening minds to search for truth
      and opening hearts to actively work for peace for all humankind and
      respect for all life.

      6. In this regard, let me speak about my mother's experience while
      attending her grandson's recent graduation exercise at a Jesuit
      university known for academic excellence and its graduates' eventual
      influential positions. She was anticipating religious overtones, but
      in listening to the president, whom the church has called to a
      Vatican position, she kept thinking "God could be saying this."
      Finally, with some feelings of embarrassment at her delay, my mother
      realized that indeed it was God speaking through that god-self
      president who urged the students to turn off TV, computers and hand-
      held instruments, and in the silence listen to their souls; to live
      from their hearts; to use their learning to make the world a better
      place for all people, where differences are respected instead of
      divisive; to work for a peaceful world. The young woman goddess-self
      who gave the valedictory speech was equally inspirational in her
      address. I was there and feeling the combined energy, so I can tell
      you that my mother's sensations were shared by the thousands of
      others who also felt immensely uplifted by the light generated by
      both speeches and reassured in knowing that the aspiring and
      inspiring young graduates will become leaders in their respective

      7. That occasion exemplifies what is happening throughout your world
      at every age level, every ethnic, cultural, social, educational,
      professional, religious, business, artistic and economic level. We
      can see clearly what you cannot—the ever-growing light emanating
      from more and more individuals and brilliant clusters of light
      radiating from larger and larger groups as kindred spirits are
      connecting. Individually and collectively you are responding to the
      higher frequencies and the energy of your intuitive awareness is a
      global energetic demand for truth to be revealed and peaceful,
      harmonious living to replace violence. It is true that helping to
      create Earth's Golden Age is why you chose and were selected to be
      where you are, doing what you're doing; but isn't it wondrous to
      know that because you are succeeding in your respective light-work
      missions—and you ARE!—beloved Earth is moving apace toward her
      magnificent goal!

      8. So please do not allow anything to dim your light even
      momentarily. Much of what still is happening is sad indeed, and we
      weep with you at the on-going destruction of life and land. The dark
      energy streamers set in motion long ago must run their course, but
      now they are barely a flicker of their once flaming strength.
      Evolution, not revolution, is underway, and it is a process whereby
      your desires for benevolent changes are being honored within your
      own laws that were established in honesty and justness but subverted
      by dark minds to serve their purposes. You have seen some evidence
      of progress during the first half of your year 2008, and we can
      promise that you will be seeing much more during the second half as
      the power of the light continues its "clean sweep" of your world.

      9. Now I shall comment on some topics readers have requested, but I
      ask that you keep in mind that in situations where the heavy hand of
      darkness still is at work, its lingering influence is weakening as
      each moment passes and the light is steadily growing in intensity.
      Plans based in darkness will not come to fruition, and all cruel and
      unjust laws, policies and traditions will be struck down and in
      their stead, love and fairness will reign.

      10. We see presidential nominee Barak Obama's supporters' uneasiness
      about his recent statements and decisions that are disappointing and
      seem to contradict his previous stance. Because the next US
      president issue is of international interest and his momentum toward
      office is unstoppable, we hasten to assure that he is doing only
      what he must to ostensibly align himself with the expectations of
      the Illuminati. Although their power base is in tatters, they still
      have enough punch to sway election results by fraudulent vote count,
      bribery and life threats to families of anyone who opposes them. So
      do be at peace if the "public" Obama has become worrisome to you—it
      is like many other situations that are not what they appear to be
      and time will so tell. We can say this without jeopardizing his and
      his family's physical safety—not only are they surrounded by light
      warrior protectors, but who among potential assassins would give
      credence to what the "voice in her head" says?

      11. Shortages of corn, rice, grains, seafood and other foodstuffs
      being caused by any means, including the attempt to force on farmers
      genetically altered seeds that produce crops without viable seeds
      for the next planting, are part of the dark plot to reduce the
      world's population; and the recent emphasis on ethanol as an
      alternative to gas for transportation fuel is but another part of
      that insidious plan.

      12. In a closely related situation, most of Earth's weather and
      geophysical events are caused by technology used with malicious
      intent. The flooding and earthquakes that resulted in massive death
      tolls, ruined vast croplands, killed food animals, and left millions
      injured or homeless were intended to create the negativity that is
      generated by such devastation. Please remember that in previous
      messages I have told you that divine grace honors the soul level
      petitions for amended contracts of the people who perish en masse so
      they can leave their physical lives of unduly harsh deprivations
      and/or tyrannical oppression and continue their evolvement in spirit

      13. With the few exceptions of carelessness or a sick-minded
      arsonist, the uncommon prevalence of wildfires also is due to
      abusive use of technology, and even though fire has a cleansing
      effect energetically, the intent of the perpetrators is rooted in
      darkness. Now, in a rare departure from conveying only our
      observations and awareness, I want to share with you a recent
      message received by one who is well known and respected by us and
      many other souls, because its great importance goes beyond the topic
      of fire. I thank you, Dianne Robbins, for your permission to include
      the Tree People's poignant words and also for your vital
      communications with Earth's cetaceans and souls living within the
      hollow Earth. Mother, please copy the Tree People's message here.


      Fires Set off in California is Ecoterrorism

      Greetings our brothers and sisters dwelling under the shade of our
      leaves and boughs of our branches. We are the Tree People, standing
      on your land-forms in all our majesty and grace. We sing to you
      through our branches and leaves, hoping the tune will 'catch you'
      and you will feel our essences and rejoice in our contact. We will
      talk to you now about the fires in the state of California, and the
      smoke shrouding your Mountain in Mt. Shasta, and covering you with
      soot and ashes and particles unhealthy to breathe.

      These fires were targeted and set off by your secret government who
      are using Nature to burn our lives and pollute the air with our
      smoke to make you sick so that they can reduce the population
      through sickness and better control your lives through fear. It is
      the most 'smart' weapon they now have available, with the technology
      back-engineered from fallen space craft and given to them by the
      unholy negative extraterrestrials.

      They knew exactly where the lightning strikes would hit, because
      they themselves precisely targeted the locations and then detonated
      the lightning charges. It is quite simple, and they have excelled in
      this kind of warfare, using all the forces of Nature and making it
      appear as if it is Nature herself who is responsible for this. (The
      new name for this kind of warfare is 'Weather Warfare' and it is the
      military's plan to Draft Mother Nature. This name is from the
      book "Weather Warfare by Jerry E. Smith")

      Yes, Nature herself is creating some disasters in response to the
      disequilibrium in her body caused by humanity's total disregard for
      her life. But, we must say this, that most of these earthquakes,
      tsunamis, floodings, droughts, volcano eruptions, winds, hurricanes,
      tornadoes, fires – you name it – are now being deliberately caused
      by your governments to solve their problem of having too many of you
      on the surface, because too many people are too hard to control. The
      less people they have to control, the more they can put you into
      servitude to themselves – and this is their ultimate goal: to own
      you and to own the Earth.

      We Trees stand here and watch it all unfold. We try to make contact
      with you, but you turn a deaf ear and blind eye to us, and ignore us
      as we stand silently right by your very side. We are here as your
      bastions of strength, your warriors in disguise, who when aligned
      with us can overthrow the tyranny of these dark ones by our combined
      strength and wisdom.

      All the Forces of Nature are on your side, if you will but align
      with our consciousness and stand solidly with us to disarm them. We
      do this through our combined consciousnesses – for when we combine
      our consciousness, our Light exponentially magnifies and accelerates
      at speeds beyond your current imaginations – and the Light when
      exponentially magnified increases its Light Quotient which can
      disarm and neutralize and quell all negativity on Earth, leaving not
      only humanity, but all life-forms free to evolve as we were always
      meant to.

      Do you see why it is so important to connect with us? You have
      heard of the term 'divide and conquer"? Well, this tactic is
      obvious here in the Nature realm, and the darkness knows this tactic
      so well. They have divided us, by separating us because of our
      different forms. Well, now you are onto their game, and it is not so
      difficult to figure it out, is it? Just unite with us, and we can
      be a force so great that even their best strategists would not know
      what to do, and would give up in alarm and flee their posts. You
      know this phrase well: 'united we stand, divided we fall.'

      So stand with us in our strength, and we will carry you to Freedom.
      All other life forms are connected with us, as we are connected with
      all, except you humans…who up until now have wanted no part of the
      rest of God's Creation. But since you are also part of God's
      Creation, why not join forces with all of us, not just our Tree
      People, but all of Nature's Creations, all of Nature's Life Forms,
      and lend your consciousness to all of ours, and we will be able to
      surmount and overcome all tyranny everywhere on Earth.

      We invite you, our human brothers and sisters, to be part of the
      solution, not part of the problem. Separation is part of the
      problem – actually, separation is the whole problem, and none of
      this would have occurred had you not separated yourselves from each
      other and from us. Then you could not have been fooled and deceived,
      because you would have had access through our combined group
      consciousnesses to know the truth of what is happening before it got
      so out of control. Now your life is controlled, rather than your
      controlling your life.

      We are the Tree People, but we speak on behalf all other life forms
      stationed on your surface.

      We wish you a good day.

      Received through Dianne Robbins


      14. Thank you, Mother. I wish to add a comment to their
      statement "Now your life is controlled, rather than your controlling
      your life": Please hold foremost in your thoughts that your
      embracing, anchoring and radiating the power of the light is rapidly
      changing this situation!

      15. Now I move on to other topics readers have questioned. The
      greatly respected journalist Tim Russet was investigating too deeply
      into areas where dark minds were operating, and like many others who
      also ventured into those pits of deception and corruption and could
      expose the facts, his life was abruptly ended. In this case,
      technology that can kill a body instantly without contact was used;
      in other situations fast-growing cancer has been technologically
      caused. In neither type of death is foul play normally suspected,
      unlike the suspicions aroused by claims of "suicide" or the
      unlikely "accidents" that befall people who uncover what the
      Illuminati and those they influence want to keep hidden.

      16. The truth about religion will be proven by ancient records and
      more recent documents pertaining to religious dogma. You could say
      that some factual groundwork has been laid by the sexual molestation
      of children by Catholic priests coming to light, and the connection
      between science and spirituality becoming a topic of discussion is a
      chink in the armor of religious dogmas. However, the "shocking"
      revelations about religions' origins and purpose are still to emerge
      incrementally, and they will be disputed and even battled by the
      most fervent followers of any religion.

      17. Keeping Iran on media center stage for the past two or so years
      and adding Israel's "national security" and the "risks" Pakistan
      presents along with the ominous picture of what's happening in
      Afghanistan is to keep the "war on terror" mentality alive and fear
      flowing about the prospect of a nuclear war. Saner minds know there
      is no troop power, no war machine equipment, and most important, no
      will among nations for a conquest that could escalate to
      incalculable loss of life or even planetary destruction.
      Furthermore, even if such a conquest is the intent of a few
      desperate dark minds, you who have read my messages and those from
      other knowledgeable off-planet sources know that the technology of
      our space family will once again successfully prevent such action if
      it is attempted.

      18. Along this same line, their technology will prevent disastrous
      consequences from experiments in underground colliders or other
      types of research that could go terribly awry. Earth did not endure
      millennia of abuse to the point of death throes only have her
      planetary body be exploded by a few inquisitive scientists!

      19. As for the presidential "election" in Zimbabwe, because of its
      tyrannical dictator, that country is a prime example of the areas I
      mentioned in a prior message that will more slowly emerge from third
      density's suppression of spiritual awareness. The last steps in the
      world transformation process that began over sixty years ago will be
      the reforms in countries where the peoples have long been oppressed.
      By and large, those souls chose their current life conditions to
      achieve the balance that winds up their third density experiencing;
      when conditions exceed pre-birth agreement choices, divine grace
      permits the ending of physical lifetimes and the completion in
      Nirvana of the souls' selected but unfinished karmic lessons and
      evolvement into fourth density.

      20. A reader who has experienced heightened illumination by using
      peyote, marijuana and psychodelic drugs asked if those also are
      hindrances to spiritual growth like regular usage of pharmaceuticals
      or "heavy" drugs such as cocaine. I have to say that hallucinogenic
      natural substances don't deter spiritual awareness as do the
      chemicals in legally or illegally manufactured drugs—and these
      include psychodelic drugs—which destroy brain cells, muffle bodies'
      self-healing mechanisms, and form a barrier between the soul and the
      consciousness. With the power of will and prayer, addiction to those
      kinds of drugs can be ended and the damage repaired. But as for the
      comparatively harmless natural substances, they produce only
      fleeting illumination, and that may be distortion rather than an
      illuminating experience, whereas spiritual growth comes only from
      absorbing the power of light energy and is everlasting—now that is
      the ultimate "high"!

      21. From one reader: Is Jesus back, living in England and soon will
      identify himself? And a combination of two others' questions: Is it
      true that Mother Mary's soul returned to Earth and lives in several
      different bodies? What needs to be understood is that there is NO
      separation of soul energy throughout not only this universe, but the
      cosmos; and it is the Christed energy of those souls who embodied in
      one lifetime as Jesus and his mother Mary and who originated in the
      realm closest to Creator, the ultimate Being in the cosmos, that "is
      back." Actually, it never left, but after being hidden from
      consciousness due to the denseness of the energy in which your world
      revolved for millennia, the peoples weren't aware of it. The persons
      you know about as Jesus and his mother are not on Earth in their
      original bodies or even new ones that look the same, but their soul
      essence—the all-powerful Christed energy of love and God-ness—is on
      Earth in massive abundance. It is what you are feeling yourselves
      and sensing in others; it's what is motivating soul-searching and
      sustaining light workers; it is the force that is propelling Earth's
      ascension into the higher densities and manifesting the Golden Age!

      22. And last: Yes, the year 2012 is "a shift into a new dimension"
      and "the Age of Aquarius," but the fullness of what that calendar
      year encompasses is immeasurably more profound than those words or
      that label name can convey. No, there will be no crime in fourth
      density, and no, I cannot give an exact number between 1 and 1000 to
      indicate Earth's ascension progress. I hope those inquirers and any
      others who may be pondering what 2012 holds will read "2012 Essay"
      [www.matthewbooks.com, Matthew's Messages, December 23, 2007]. I
      say this because it is the envisioning of your world as it will be
      that is creating it!

      23. Never are you alone in your quest for understanding, your
      journey of self-discovery as part of God. Never are you alone in
      serving the light, nor in the "daily grind" as you deal with
      respective responsibilities. Constantly myriad souls are showering
      you with light from afar and special guides and angels are at your
      side. With the love and blessings of the universe, now I say

      Suzanne Ward


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      or me—we're fine! The delay in my receiving his message isn't from
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      malfunctioning old computer or a series of problems stemming from
      faulty downloading of files into a new one and its several absences
      for remedies.

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