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125December 14, 2013 - Note from Suzy

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  • indexangel4suzy
    Dec 16, 2013

      (This message does NOT affect those who receive the messages from the Yahoo group.  It only affects those who were on a manually maintained list.)

      When the computer I bought last July crashed two weeks ago, the motherboard erased itself clean - 20+ years of data lost. Also, my back-up system didn't record anything after it was hooked up to the new computer and I can't open its old files, so both sources of my message distribution lists are kaput. In searching through this old computer, I found two obsolete lists, but the six updated lists of 99 email addresses each are gone.


      This is my only means of letting you know that if you used to receive the messages from suzy@... and didn't get this one, that's the reason. I hope you'll see this on my site or posted on another, or maybe you're on the list of someone who forwards Matthew's messages. But instead of writing to me, please join the Yahoo group (the link is at the top of Matthew’s Messages page on www.matthewbooks.com) - it's the only sure way to get the messages directly and change your email address when necessary. It's not an interactive group - your Yahoo address will be used exclusively by the group administrator to send out the messages.


      Merry Christmas and a wonderfully bright New Year! Suzy