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Traveller Updates 01/04/06

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  • Andrew
    Current Traveller films Curse of the Del Garria and the forthcoming Red will be edited in to 15-18minute episodes, with both stories each comprising of two
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2006
      Current Traveller films "Curse of the Del Garria" and the forthcoming
      "Red" will be edited in to 15-18minute episodes, with both stories
      each comprising of two parts. The decision was made for the benefit of
      possible television/cable broadcasts. "It seems a lot more attractive
      to have a complete series of five episodes of roughly the same length
      rather then a handful of independent films with varied running times,"
      replied Andrew when asked about the change "For marketing and
      distribution purposes it certainly makes it a lot easier for all of us."

      The episodic version of "Curse of the Del Garria" will be available to
      view/download online in the near future. This is currently the only
      story planned for internet release. Watch this space.

      The stories in the first season of Traveller adventures are:

      1. "Curse of the Del Garria" (2003) *Pilot story
      Written by Mark Robert Ritchie, x2 parts

      2. "Red" (2005)
      Written by Dale Smith, x2 parts

      3. "Man Out Of Time" (2006)
      Written by Kaye Redhead, x1 part
      *This replaces "Deadly Whispers" – due to budgetary constraints
      we've had to push this one back again!

      In other news Merkelbach Films is happy to announce a new member to
      the Merkelbach Films team…Introducing Clifford Hoeft!

      Clifford Hoeft has a keen interest in the art of filmmaking, and while
      he has not produced any films of his own he has endeavored to promote
      and encourage the work of independent filmmakers. Thanks to the
      technology of the internet Clifford has been able to contribute to
      several film productions around the world, to companies based in
      England, Germany, Canada and the U.S.A. It is with great pleasure that
      Clifford is now able to help out with a local production based in

      Clifford will be handling web hosting, publicity and a few other odds
      and ends.

      Merkelbach Films Team.
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