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513Inside The Tardis

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  • Andrew
    Jul 18, 2005
      Last night Andrew Merkelbach attended the "Inside the Tardis" event at
      the Ford Theatre in Geelong. A great night was had by all. A special
      photo montage of Andrew with Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Katy
      Manning and Tim Ferguson has been added to the photo section of the
      group. Larger images will appear at a later date.

      Andrew's 2003 film, Curse of the Del Garria was actually considered by
      McPherson Touring for the Inside the Tardis stage show in early July.
      The reason it was dropped was because the Director did not feel that
      cutting the film up into stills or showing brief clips would do it

      Jo Mackintosh the Associate Producer of the show said `We all
      thoroughly enjoyed Curse of the Del Garria and wish Andrew the best
      with his filmmaking. He is clearly a very talented filmmaker.'

      Merkelbach Films Team