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  • Andrew
    May 21, 2005
      Maintenance News:

      Some files/folders have been revised and updated. It is recommended
      that members download new copies of the filmography, production list
      and order form documents.

      Merkelbach Films goes Google!

      A Merkelbach Films Google group is now available to view/join. It is
      worth mentioning that the Google group is not up to the standards of
      our Yahoo group and should only be used as an alternative news

      Link: http://groups.google.com.au/group/Merkelbach-Films

      Deadly Postponed!

      Merkelbach Films has postponed production of the previously
      announced independent film "Deadly Whispers". It is understood that
      Merkelbach Films frontrunner Andrew Merkelbach has decided to pursue
      his acting career and thus does not wish to be tied down to such an
      ambitious project.

      It is important to stress that this project has not been shelved
      indefinitely and may yet be rescheduled for next year.

      Merkelbach Impersonates Who!

      Andrew Merkelbach has recently recorded a voice role for UK
      production company, Altered Vistas, forthcoming adaptation of the
      popular Doctor Who Magazine strip "Children of the Revolution".
      Andrew Merkelbach will be impersonating Paul McGann's 8th Doctor for
      the computer animated film. Altered Vistas, Stuart Palmer had the
      following to say about Andrew `s performance, "Andrew gives an
      eerily accurate impersonation of the Eighth Doctor and his
      participation will make a huge difference to the quality of Children
      of the Revolution."