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472Goodbye Traveller

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  • Andrew
    Nov 24, 2004
      Merkelbach Films have decided to "rest" the Traveller for the time
      being, in favour of some exciting new projects. This decision was
      prompted by Andrew's own desire to do something different. He
      explains in this mini interview.

      "After 3yrs of Traveller-related ephemera I'm starting to feel
      rather bored with it all now." Andrew confesses. "Don't get me wrong
      the Traveller has been a wonderful part to play and it certainly
      proved that I could be a rather good candidate for the title role in
      a certain BBC TV series currently being revived, but all good things
      must come to an end…eventually."

      Merkelbach had more to say on "that" BBC TV series and his own
      film "Curse of the Del Garria"...

      "I've showed people that not only could I make a film vaguely
      inspired by Doctor Who, but also that I could convincingly play the
      lead character as well. I proved, I could make a high quality
      professional-looking film on a REALLY low budget and proved I could
      act – what more is there to say on the matter? Doing more Traveller
      films at this stage would seem pointless really."

      Merkelbach Films will release the Traveller short story "The
      Mission" online in December. The Traveller back catalogue will
      remain available through Merkelbach Films.

      Need I remind you that the "Curse of the Del Garria" DVD would make
      an absolutely smashing Christmas gift for your sci-fi/horror
      obsessed loved one! Download the Merkelbach Films store (word)
      document in the files section of this group for ordering details.