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  • Andrew
    Oct 14, 2004
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      We can now reveal that over the past few months Merkelbach Films
      have been trying to acquire the rights to use a famous Doctor Who
      monster in an Australian-made independent film.

      Although I have spoken personally with various people from the spin-
      off world, official contact has not been made with the firm handling
      the creator's estate. A reply is now doubtful.

      A very reliable "inside" source told me that nobody can get the
      rights to any who-related characters, because of the new series.
      However I am sure this does not affect already established
      productions companies such as Big Finish and Reeltime…

      Instead of the proposed spin-off, Merkelbach Films will make another
      installment of the acclaimed sci-fi film series, The Traveller.
      Filming will commence on the new film (Whispers) in 2005. More
      details expected soon…

      A big thanks to David J. Howe for his help and support.