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346"Curse" Premiere Success!

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  • Andrew
    Feb 4, 2004
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      The premiere night for "Curse Of The Del Garria" was a complete
      success! The action all started at 7.15pm with a special cast/crew
      photo session, which was soon joined by our celebrity guests, MP
      Michael Crutchfield and TV personalities Nikki Buckley and her
      husband Murray.

      By 7.30pm the 114-seat cinema quickly became close to housing an
      audience of almost 200 – don't ask me how! LoL

      MP Michael Crutchfield opened the night with a special introduction
      speech with a 59sec clip from our 2002 audio drama leading into the
      film itself.

      Overall, "Curse Of The Del Garria" was REALLY well received by
      critics and the general public alike, receiving a very big round of
      applause and verbal praise/appreciation.

      After a 2minute intermission the previously undisclosed 1999 fan
      film "Time Waits For No Man" followed, getting it's first official
      Australian premiere. This also went down well and received applause
      from the audience.

      The night was not short of praise and I must honestly confess – it
      couldn't have gone any better!

      Kind Regards,
      Andrew Merkelbach
      Merkelbach Films