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48Thanks for coming out!

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  • snowdropper2005
    Aug 8, 2005
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      I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out the other day and
      supporting the competing BBQ. I think everyone had a great time(I
      know you did B-dawg haha)I truly didn't expect the large turnout we
      had but Kyle came through on bringing some hot undergrads over. Good
      job Kyle. I'd also like to thank some of the hot ADpi girls who made
      the late night as outstanding as it was. If anyone knows a blonde
      adpi from Monticello, GA(I forgot her name), tell her she left her
      earings in my room and she can come by at anytime to pick them up.

      Anyways, we def have to throw another party before school starts on
      the 15th. I made friends with the owner of a local package store and
      I think we can get a great deal on some kegs. I would like to ask if
      anyone could supply a funnel. Mine was damaged at the BBQ and we all
      know how much a funnel contributes to a party. If anyone wants to
      help me organize this, shoot me a line. later