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40Re: [MercerLaw2008] Aug. 6th Mercer Law '08 BBQ Social

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  • Daniel Mills
    Jul 23, 2005
      Hey everyone

      I too am looking forward to getting down to Macon and meeting everyone.
      Unfortunately it looks as though I'll be moving in the day after the BBQ. I
      think that it would be a good idea if we all tried to meet up one night
      during orientation week downtown for drinks. This would provide another
      opportunity for people to meet. See ya'll in a few weeks.


      Danny Mills
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      Subject: [MercerLaw2008] Aug. 6th Mercer Law '08 BBQ Social

      > Hey fellow classmates,
      > Eric Trivett and I took the liberty of getting together over the
      > weekend to come up with a list of items well need to make this BBQ a
      > grand event for all of us. Below you will find a list of what we came
      > up with. We've also set up a database on this site where you can sign
      > up to bring any of the items below, indicating item and quantity.
      > Simply click the "Database" link under the main menu and look for the
      > Aug. 6th Mercer Law BBQ/Social table. Then click "Add Record". We ask
      > that you carefully review the list and be sure not to duplicate items
      > that are being provided by other attendees. We also ask that each of
      > you have your item/s listed in the database by no later than July
      > 25th so we can fairly asses the state of the provisions with time to
      > spare.
      > The BBQ will be Aug. 6th at my home: 988 North Ave. Macon,GA
      > (directions forthcoming). We will begin at 1:30 and probably go till
      > around 5:30-6:00. Please tell as many classmates as you can about
      > this event and encourage them to join the site if they are not
      > already members. We'd love to have a stellar turnout. The list below
      > also takes into account that each of us may bring 1 guest. Girl/boy
      > friends and spouses are welcomed and encouraged.
      > With Eager Anticipation,
      > Quentin B. Lynch
      > Mercer Law
      > C/O '08
      > 1) Chicken enough for 20-25 people.
      > 2) 5 whole pacific Salmon
      > 3) Charcoal (nice size bag)
      > 4) Potato salad (3 med sized containers)
      > 5) 3-4 Coolers
      > 6) Baked Beans enough for 20
      > 7) Disposable Plates
      > 8) Disposable Cups
      > 9) Coleslaw (3 med sized containers)
      > 10)Burgers for 20-25 people.
      > 11)Hotdogs for 20-25 people.
      > 12)Burger and Hotdog Buns (25 of each)
      > 13)Drinks in cans preferably (Coke products, etc.)
      > 14)Ice (3-5 bags)
      > 15)Condiments (BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, etc.)
      > 16)Card Tables and Chairs
      > 17)Lawn Chairs
      > 18)Blankets
      > 19)Citronella Candles
      > 20)Plastic Forks, Spoons, Knives
      > 21)3 desserts (optional)*
      > 22)Additional Grill
      > 23)Cards, Boardgames
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