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36Aug. 6th Mercer Law '08 BBQ Social

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  • quent4321
    Jul 18, 2005
      Hey fellow classmates,

      Eric Trivett and I took the liberty of getting together over the
      weekend to come up with a list of items well need to make this BBQ a
      grand event for all of us. Below you will find a list of what we came
      up with. We've also set up a database on this site where you can sign
      up to bring any of the items below, indicating item and quantity.
      Simply click the "Database" link under the main menu and look for the
      Aug. 6th Mercer Law BBQ/Social table. Then click "Add Record". We ask
      that you carefully review the list and be sure not to duplicate items
      that are being provided by other attendees. We also ask that each of
      you have your item/s listed in the database by no later than July
      25th so we can fairly asses the state of the provisions with time to

      The BBQ will be Aug. 6th at my home: 988 North Ave. Macon,GA
      (directions forthcoming). We will begin at 1:30 and probably go till
      around 5:30-6:00. Please tell as many classmates as you can about
      this event and encourage them to join the site if they are not
      already members. We'd love to have a stellar turnout. The list below
      also takes into account that each of us may bring 1 guest. Girl/boy
      friends and spouses are welcomed and encouraged.

      With Eager Anticipation,

      Quentin B. Lynch
      Mercer Law
      C/O '08

      1) Chicken enough for 20-25 people.
      2) 5 whole pacific Salmon
      3) Charcoal (nice size bag)
      4) Potato salad (3 med sized containers)
      5) 3-4 Coolers
      6) Baked Beans enough for 20
      7) Disposable Plates
      8) Disposable Cups
      9) Coleslaw (3 med sized containers)
      10)Burgers for 20-25 people.
      11)Hotdogs for 20-25 people.
      12)Burger and Hotdog Buns (25 of each)
      13)Drinks in cans preferably (Coke products, etc.)
      14)Ice (3-5 bags)
      15)Condiments (BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, etc.)
      16)Card Tables and Chairs
      17)Lawn Chairs
      19)Citronella Candles
      20)Plastic Forks, Spoons, Knives
      21)3 desserts (optional)*
      22)Additional Grill
      23)Cards, Boardgames
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