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33Re: Date established & Location Caveats

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  • hookedonfsw
    Jul 15, 2005
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      Count me in!! What a great way for us all to get acquainted with each
      other. By the way, make sure all of you get the word out to any
      fellow 1L's outside our yahoo group.


      --- In MercerLaw2008@yahoogroups.com, "quent4321" <quent4321@y...> wrote:
      > Ok it is offical, August 6th. Now lets get the location and time
      > squared away. I'm still offering my home as the locale. I think most
      > were in agreement with that. Let me know? If we do have it at my home
      > we'll need to plan it for early afternoon around 12:30 or 1:00 and
      > we'll run until dusk when the really nasty mosquitos come out. I live
      > in a fairly quite neithborhood so we would have to keep the music to
      > a minimal bump level. Lastly, I am not forbiding alcohol but after
      > speaking with Marylin Sutton (Dean of Admissions) and Dean Donovan
      > there could be liablity issues with druken pre-1Ls at my home. Not to
      > mention the life and career altering situations that could arise from
      > abuse (See hypo sent by the Ethics Chair for orientation, poor Matt).
      > None of us are children so, I am asking that we drink resposibly and
      > at a minimum. This will truly be a time to kick back and get to know
      > our class.
      > Moving forward, we'll need to come up with a list of suggested items
      > for us to bring. We can handle the provisions pseudo-potluck style I
      > suppose, you bring it we Q it.
      > Our time is drawing near.
      > Holla Back,

      > Que.
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