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  • quent4321
    Jun 29, 2005
      Hello fellow Class'08! I want to make sure we all can get together
      for some socializing before we enter the fray as 1Ls. When this group
      was started several members suggested that we have a BBQ sometime in
      early August. Since classes will begin officially on the 15th and
      orientation begins on the 10th we essentially have the first week of
      August to work with. I'm thinking either Friday Aug. 5th or Saturday
      Aug. 6th. Perhaps we can even do July 30th. I've set up a poll to see
      what date works best for us collectively. The poll is active and will
      close automatically on July 13th giving us plenty of time to prepare
      for the BBQ.

      Additionally, I would like to offer up my home as the location for
      this BBQ to take place. I am convieniently located about 3 min. from
      the Law School off North Ave. I have a large backyard and a suitable
      deck for Cueing. Initially, I had sugested a local park but I figured
      it would be more convienent for all with a fridge, stove, and oven
      available as well as clean bathrooms. Let me know your thoughts.
      I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.


      Quentin B. Lynch
      Mercer Law 1L
      Class of 2008
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