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Re: [Mental Calculation] Practice sheets

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  • George Lane
    Greetings, my friend Willem Thank you for your kind words, but I create these files not only for the good of others; I also use them myself and I very much
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 22, 2008
      Greetings, my friend Willem

      Thank you for your kind words, but I create these files not only for the good of others; I also use them myself and I very much enjoy assembling them. I agree that setting one's own problems is not the best way to go about things, but since the numbers are generated at random (according to fixed but wide-ranging templates) their practice value is still quite sound.

      You are quite correct that a stretch of seven hours is too great for most people to be able to concentrate effectively, but it is still my intention to make the 7-hour sheet a part of the Pegasus training file. My reasoning is this: We all make our own training programs out of the available material; no two people are going to train in the same way. Consequently, only those people who are supremely confident/brave/arrogant enough to do so will attempt the seven hours file; there is also no penalty for starting a test on one day & finishing it with a second 'shift' on another day. In short, it will be there for anyone who wishes to try it, but it is not a compulsory element of anybody's training. I believe the kind of people who would most likely be put off by this part of the file would be those who wouldn't even want to try it. And since they don't have to do so, there shouldn't be any real problem. Incidentally, it is possible to concentrate for seven hours at a single
      stretch - I have done so on more than fifty tests so far. The only time I have failed to complete the entire test was one occasion when I was already too tired to compete effectively when I started. And therein lies another point; as competitors, we have to take the contest when it is available. We may already be practically exhausted when we start (as indeed I was myself at the 2007 event) and so stamina training can, in this respect, actually assist in boosting one's potential performance.

      But I have no option but to agree with your final & most valuable point; there is indeed much more to life than mental calculations. That's just one of many reasons why the selection of one's own training schedule is entirely optional.

      All the best,


      Willem Bouman <awapbouman@...> wrote:
      Dear George,

      Let I begin with making you compliments for your efforts for the good sake: Mental Calculation. Adn making training sheets is very good: one should not make his own problems. ( My question: who makes problems for you?).

      I have a specail problem, or a question. When I read that you want to make a training file for stamina 7 hours MC I think this is much too much. In no kind of labour one can do in full concentration 7 hours of intensive work without a break. Another question is if it will generarte enthousiasm when one has to do so long MC. So please do not make such a file and I say this with all kinds of sympathy for your person and work.

      When I start with your files I take of every kind of question 4 or 5 and hop through it. And after that I do other kinds of questions. Not more than 1½-2 hours a day,, threre is more than only MC in the world.

      In all friendship,

      Willem Bouman

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      From: George Lane <george972453@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, 17 January, 2008 2:29:15 PM
      Subject: Re: [Mental Calculation] Practice sheets

      Hi there 'Gnosis'

      Yes, there are practice sheets available - in fact I have been putting together a whole host of them over the past few weeks. I have created four files so far, each with a different format of number problems to work on, and these have been delivered to the files section of this group's site. Ralf, many thanks for loading the first three for me; it seems I now have loading capacity back at my end of the line.

      The files are called:

      MC Trainer Integers
      MC Trainer Decimals
      MC Trainer Fractions and
      MC Trainer Miscellaneous.

      They are set up as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, therefore they can be re-used just by re-calculating (via F9). You can print any sheet from a file, then convert all text to black & print again; this will print the same sheet complete with answers for manual verification.

      Within the next few days, I intend to post a further file with a few sheets of problems in MC World Cup format (those which I have so far posted are in World Championship format), and I hope that by the end of the month I will be able to post the entire "Pegasus" (as I am calling it) training file to the group also. This will carry all of the sheets of problems in the other five files along with a complete mimic of a World Championship problem set and a double-strength mimic designed as a stamina test with a 7 hour time limit.

      Please don't get me wrong though; I'm not trying to say your practice papers would be any less valuable. Every different format gives us a better chance of adjusting to any changes or surprises which the problem-setters may see fit to throw at us. Keep up the good work!

      Best regards,

      George Lane

      "gnosis.panya" <gnosis.panya@ yahoo.com. au> wrote:
      Hi all MCs
      I am wondering if there are any practice sheets out there that are
      beyond the 'normal level'.

      It is quite easy to find a heap of single or two digit problems.

      I will make up a heap of additions this week
      10 1 digits
      10 2 digits
      10 3 " "
      etc down to 10 10 digits

      I am only a beginner and i feel the need for just a whole heap of
      practice to get comfortable with the methods (whichever they may be).

      I will make it into text files in notepad that just get printed off -
      ckeck results through calculator on the computer.

      Anybody like the sound of this kind of thing?

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