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Hello, This is my first time posting here. The reason I'm posting is that I have a proposition, I've recently set up a mental calculation forum (really
Jun 30

Re: Currency Calculations

Hi George, Great, thanks for chasing this up with the relevant people. Fingers crossed they won't be present, if you get a definitive answer do let us know.
Simba .
Jun 30

Re: Currency Calculations

Hi folks, I have contacted the setter of last year's paper, as well as the head of the MSO, regarding the matter of currency calculations. I have not yet
George Lane
Jun 30

Currency Calculations

Hi all, To whoever the paper setter is this year for the mental calculation world championship, could I please confirm that once again there will be no
Simba .
Jun 25

Re: Hectoc: Arithmetic game

Dear human calendar Thank you best regards jean jacques bruyant From: mailto:MentalCalculation@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, May 18, 2015 4:20 PM To:
jean-jacques bruyant
May 18

Hectoc: Arithmetic game

Dear calculators, You are cordially invited to play our arithmetic game at www.hectoc.com. It is absolutely free and fun to play. The target of the game is
Yusnier Viera
May 18

Junior Mental Calculation World Championship 2015

This year's Junior Mental Calculation World Championship will take place in Münster, Germany, from Wednesday, 2 September to Sunday, 6 September 2015.
May 11

MSO 2015 is open for registration

Greetings to my fellow mental calculators, This year's Mental Calculations World Championship will be held on Wednesday August 26th, in its usual position as
George Lane
May 11

Re: Peagsus v5.1 - and Chandra S Muduli

Yes George I am interested I want to share the workbook folder Plz mail me at this mail ID rahultrendzeducation@... Sent from Samsung Mobile ... From:
Apr 27

Re: Peagsus v5.1 - and Chandra S Muduli

Hi George I am interested ≡∙∞τ εΣ-iPhone ∙∞Θ On 23 ßα⌠° 2015, at 21:47, "George Lane
Adi Tamir
Apr 24

Re: Peagsus v5.1 - and Chandra S Muduli

Yes, thanks, I would like to get your email. Best – Steve Foley From: MentalCalculation@yahoogroups.com [mailto:MentalCalculation@yahoogroups.com] Sent:
Foley, Stephen
Apr 24

Peagsus v5.1 - and Chandra S Muduli

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, Some of you will already know that I have made an offer to my fellow mental calculators via one of the 'Mental
George Lane
Apr 23

How simple MC tricks can help for tasks at a university level

Hello everyone, For all those who say that basic principles of mental calculation (such as checking a possible result by modulo calculation) are meaningless
Ralf Laue
Mar 29

Re: [Mental Calculation] Approximate Multiplication

Hi Chris, As a rule thumb, I would follow the same method, but work to 2sf more than the requisite answer, so as to avoid rounding errors. So in this instance
Andy Robertshaw
Mar 25

Approximate Multiplication

Hi all, Is the best way of doing an approximate multiplication such as 82.759 * 101.34 * 479.12 to 5 s.f. simply to do the whole thing then truncate the
Simba .
Mar 24
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