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Re: Hi

Hi David, Splitting it into single (non-zero) digit multiplications is my method, e.g.: 74 * 57 = 70 * 50 + 70 * 7 + 50 * 4 + 4 * 7 = 3500 + 490 + 200 + 28 =
Simba .
Aug 8


What are some of your methods for 2 digit by 2 digit mental multiplication. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
David Keen
Aug 8

Chinese TV show

Hi folks, I have been asked by Dai Griffiths, who I believe is a member of this group, if there are any high-level mental calculators who might b interested in
George Lane
Aug 4

Re: Few Problems With 2013 World Championship Exam

Hi folks, Although my own 'Pegasus' training system contains bracketed equations with multiple/mixed operations, they have not as yet been included in the
George Lane
Jul 15

Re: Few Problems With 2013 World Championship Exam

Hi all, Yeah, last year's paper was overall very good I thought. Re: algebraic expressions, I don't actually mind either way when it comes to this personally;
Simba .
Jul 14

Re: Few Problems With 2013 World Championship Exam

Hi Chris (and everyone else, of course). Many thanks for pointing out the errors in the past test papers. At the MSO, we do strive to create as professional a
George Lane
Jul 14

Few Problems With 2013 World Championship Exam

Hi all, I did the 2013 world championship paper from the Yahoo group as a mock earlier tonight and noticed a few problems with the questions/answers; nothing
Simba .
Jul 14

Re: Greetings.

The link is now www.mentathletes.net/forum/ [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Jul 9


Hello, This is my first time posting here. The reason I'm posting is that I have a proposition, I've recently set up a mental calculation forum (really
Jun 30

Re: Currency Calculations

Hi George, Great, thanks for chasing this up with the relevant people. Fingers crossed they won't be present, if you get a definitive answer do let us know.
Simba .
Jun 30

Re: Currency Calculations

Hi folks, I have contacted the setter of last year's paper, as well as the head of the MSO, regarding the matter of currency calculations. I have not yet
George Lane
Jun 30

Currency Calculations

Hi all, To whoever the paper setter is this year for the mental calculation world championship, could I please confirm that once again there will be no
Simba .
Jun 25

Re: Hectoc: Arithmetic game

Dear human calendar Thank you best regards jean jacques bruyant From: mailto:MentalCalculation@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, May 18, 2015 4:20 PM To:
jean-jacques bruyant
May 18

Hectoc: Arithmetic game

Dear calculators, You are cordially invited to play our arithmetic game at www.hectoc.com. It is absolutely free and fun to play. The target of the game is
Yusnier Viera
May 18

Junior Mental Calculation World Championship 2015

This year's Junior Mental Calculation World Championship will take place in Münster, Germany, from Wednesday, 2 September to Sunday, 6 September 2015.
May 11
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