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Mental Calculation World Cup 2014 registration period ends in 68 day Hello, This is just a reminder that the registration for MCWC 2014 is open. You will help with the organization if you do not wait until the very last moment
Ralf Laue
Mar 25
Re: New training files Hi George, first of all, I'd like to congratulate you for your effort and dedication. I've been looking for some material or any methodology that may support
Mar 24
Re: Mental Calculation World Cup 2014 Announcement Hello, The short answer is: Everyone can request a special format for each task, including task 5. The request should be sent by e-mail until 1 July. Ralf
Mar 6
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Re: Mental Calculation World Cup 2014 Announcement Dear Ralf and everyone, Thanks a lot for letting us know about the MCWC-2014 (city, venue and the new task) . I have a question. In the update Rules
Mar 6
Mental Calculation World Cup 2014 Announcement - Please help to circulate this call for registrations - Mental calculators from all over the world are invited to the 6th Mental Calculation World Cup 2014!
Ralf Laue
Mar 5
Re: New training files Hi George, That's a great feat! It will be splendid if you can send us a copy of your great work! Thanks in advance. Warmest regards, Edwin & kids
Edwin Tapang
Mar 1
Re: New training files Hi George, I would love to have the workbook! Indeed, If Willem uses his dropbox account, I would love to have a link. Cheers, Kinma.
Feb 23
Re: New training files Hi George, Fortunately I have a dropbox account, so if you mail me the code I need, I can open your file and save it. Did you already book your flight: if you
A.W.A.P. Bouman
Feb 22
Re: New training files Hi George I would like to have a copy by mail Thanks about your great work and effort From: MentalCalculation@yahoogroups.com
Adi Tamir
Feb 22
Re: New training files Hi George, Could I get a copy please? Thanks a lot! Chris To: mentalcalculation@yahoogroups.com From: george972453@... Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 16:49:17
Simba .
Feb 21
New training files Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone;   A few days ago, I completed the testing of the latest version of my Pegasus mental calculations training
George Lane
Feb 21
Re: square root Ty very much Ron From: MentalCalculation@yahoogroups.com [mailto:MentalCalculation@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of doerfpub@... Sent: Sunday,
Adi Tamir
Feb 16
Re: square root Hi Adi, As you probably already know, a better square root r' of a number N can be found from an initial root r by averaging r and N/r^2: r' = (r + N/r^2) /
Feb 15
square root . suppose I know that the square root of 458789 for example begins in : 677.3 what is the fastest way to calculate mentally the next digit? I will
Adi Tamir
Feb 15
Re: Decimal numbers to Decimal powers, via Logs I love to do these calculations! They are easy to do using logs as Nodas showed. However, to keep my mind sharp, I like to do them also using different ways.
Feb 15
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Re: Decimal numbers to Decimal powers, via Logs Hi All, Perhaps my two papers, "The Practical Use of the Bemer Method for Exponentials" "Fast Approximation of the Tangent, Hyperbolic Tangent, Exponential and
Feb 6
Re: Decimal numbers to Decimal powers, via Logs Hi Steven and everyone, For mentally doing 2.2 ^ 8.3, I would take the logarithm of it. Then, simplify to a single number of 5-digit accuracy and finally seek
Feb 6
Decimal numbers to Decimal powers, via Logs Hi all, Has anyone here been able to mentally raise decimal numbers to decimal powers? I have mentally done 2.2^8.3 = 695, using a table of Prememorized Common
Feb 3
Re: 531, 7531 and so on are not primes, why?? If we turn the numbers around: 13 135791113151719 125791113151719212325272931 125791113151719212325272931333537394143454749515355575961636567
Dec 18, 2013
Re: 531, 7531 and so on are not primes, why?? Next we have 12312111911711511311110910710510310199979593918987858381797775737169676563615957555351494745434139373533312927252321191715131197531 Compared with
Dec 14, 2013
Re: 531, 7531 and so on are not primes, why?? Hello Chris Awesome, thanks!- It`s a very funny sequence. A juggler`s Mersenne? :-))
Dec 12, 2013
Re: 531, 7531 and so on are not primes, why?? Hi Reto, 737169676563615957555351494745434139373533312927252321191715131197531 is the next prime of this format. Hope this helps, Chris To:
Simba .
Dec 11, 2013
531, 7531 and so on are not primes, why?? For our juggling club christmas show I`m preparing some numbers and ways to "juggle" them. This way I stumbled on siteswap notation and started to look out for
Dec 11, 2013
anyone ever read le calcul rapide (French) Hello dear calulators and numbers friends :-) Has anyone ever read this book? Henri Wargée Le calcul rapide en vingt-cing leçons If you did, can you
Dec 4, 2013
Re: Accidently found factoring record Dear Reto, The questions I lose are 100% without any expedient. A friend of mine, promoted mathematician and assistant professor, gave me an impression of what
A.W.A.P. Bouman
Nov 20, 2013
Math Encounters: Secrets of Mental Math Prepare to be mesmerized as award- winning Harvey Mudd Professor of Mathematics Arthur Benjamin demonstrates (and explains!) how to do rapid mental
Nov 19, 2013
Re: Accidently found factoring record Dear Willem I agree that this lists are very helpful. But still, puzzling out a 120 digit number is impressive. I`ll present you an easier number here to show
Nov 19, 2013
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Re: Accidently found factoring record Dear all, What Mittring has done is fining prime numbers out of a list which contents them. In German it is presented as “einziges Hilfsmittel”. In fact it
A.W.A.P. Bouman
Nov 18, 2013
Accidently found factoring record Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK5uFP28TWY Gert Mittring is factoring very large numbers, at least he finds out how to combine them correctly .:-o.
Nov 17, 2013
New Arthur Benjamin videos Dr. Arthur Benjamin of Harvey Mudd College has 2 new videos out that my fellow mental calculators might enjoy. The first is a 78-minute lecture in Washington,
Nov 17, 2013
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