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  • Sat, 31 Oct 2015 -- A Short-eared Owl was observed by Jim Havlena somewhere in the preserve at least a couple of miles north of Ward Ave. He noticed the bird on a low perch. After a short time, the owl took off and flew up in a spiral higher and higher until it was just a speck. For Jim Havlena North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California
    K A Havlena Oct 31
  • Monday, 19 Oct 2015 -- Jerry White phoned to say that he and Nikki White saw a Chestnut-sided Warbler at the SE end of the boardwalk at Lake Cleone today. The bird was alone, not associating with a flock. This area is most easily accessed by parking near the main kiosk and whale skeleton at MacKerricher SP. This is on Hwy 1 a few miles north of Fort Bragg. The trail head goes...
    K A Havlena Oct 19
  • Monday, 13 August 2015 -- Jim Havlena saw an AMERICAN AVOCET this morning at Seaside beach, at the north end of the beach west of the small parking area. It has been nine days since the avocet, found by Becky Bowen, was at Ten Mile river, so it is difficult to determine whether this is the same bird or not. "Both" birds were in basic plumage. Seaside beach is along Hwy 1, just...
    K A Havlena Aug 31
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  • Sat, 22 August 2015 -- Becky Bowen called to tell me about an AMERICAN AVOCET in basic plumage near the Ten Mile R. bridge. I also saw the avocet on the east side on the mud flats. Becky and Win had seen it on the west side. The bridge is ten miles north of the Noyo bridge on Hwy 1. Becky & Win Bowen Karen Havlena North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California
    K A Havlena Aug 22
  • Sat, 8 August 2015 -- The adult Snow Goose, that assimilated itself into a small flock of Canada Geese, was seen again this morning by Jim Havlena and two of his nieces, Sara Havlena and Kaitlyn Havlena. They also were able to study several Purple Martins, including a young bird perched on the bridge railing. The Ten Mile River bridge is on Hwy 1 in NW Mendocino County, mm 70.00...
    K A Havlena Aug 8
  • Sun, 28 December 2014 -- Dorothy Tobkin called to say that the 2 ROCK SANDPIPERS were still at the north end of Ward Ave, Cleone. The parking area is located .9 tenths mile off Hwy 1, just north of the Cleone Grocery. Check off the bluff with a spotting scope. For Dorothy Tobkin North of Fort Bragg, MEN, California K. Havlena
    K A Havlena Dec 28, 2014
  • Sunday, 21 December 2014 -- This morning, Bob and Ryan Keiffer saw 2 ROCK SANDPIPERS just NW of the Ward Ave parking area. The tide is quite high this morning, and the birds were on a rock just west of the rocky out-cropping, close to shore. From the concrete barriers, walk out to the edge of the bluff just to the north of the small "cove" off the parking area. A scope is necessary...
    K A Havlena Dec 21, 2014
  • Wed, 5 Nov 2014 -- An adult male Eurasian Wigeon was found today by Dorothy Tobkin at Caspar Pond. Caspar Pond is about 4-miles south of Fort Bragg along Hwy 1 at Fern Creek Rd. For Dorothy Tobkin Fort Bragg, MEN, Ca
    K A Havlena Nov 5, 2014
  • Thu, 30 October 2014 -- Late this morning Richard Hubacek found a lone AMERICAN AVOCET at the shoreline on the main beach north of Virgin Creek. The bird is in basic plumage. I had come down to the beach, and while there with Richard, the bird called several times, a high-pitched chirpy "Kleet." Neither of us recalled hearing the call previously. For Richard Hubacek (K Havlena...
    K A Havlena Oct 30, 2014
  • Fri, 24 Oct 2014 -- Two Ferruginous Hawks were in the pastures on Bald Hill Rd, north of Pudding Creek Rd, Fort Bragg today, found by Dorothy Tobkin. There were also 6 White-fronted Geese with large numbers of Canada Geese. (The hawks were not there yesterday when I was there looking for some raptor activity). For Dorothy Tobkin (K Havlena) Fort Bragg, MEN, Ca
    K A Havlena Oct 24, 2014