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RE: [Mendobirds] Top Ten

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  • Ron LeValley
    Almost CERTAINLY!, Check Steve Howell s sighting in the following post from Kimball that I received yesterday. The Humboldt Skimmers are both banded on the
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 18, 2004
      Almost CERTAINLY!, Check Steve Howell's sighting in the following post from
      Kimball that I received yesterday.

      The Humboldt Skimmers are both banded on the left leg.

      At 05:06 PM 8/17/2004 -0700, Ron LeValley wrote:
      >Black skimmers have finally arrived on the north coast. Matt Wachs
      >found two birds (a pair of adults, one male and one female based on
      >size) both banded, at the mouth of the Elk River in Humboldt County.
      >Obviously we were wondering where the birds had come from. Does anyone
      >know offhand who is banding skimmers in California?


      Nice to see skimmers have made it to Humboldt!

      Literally thousands of Black Skimmers have been banded in southern
      California over the past 10-15+ years, including many hundreds by Charlie
      Collins and others at coastal colonies (mainly Bolsa Chica ORA and San Diego
      Bay SD) and over 3000 at the Salton Sea by Kathy Molina. A handful of
      others have been banded in south San Francisco Bay. So simply observing
      USFWS bands, unfortunately, will not reveal much about the birds' origins.

      Interestingly, Steve Howell reported seeing two banded Black Skimmers (a
      male and female) at Bolinas Lagoon, Marin Co., on 31 July; it seems
      possible, if not probable, that these same birds ended up in Humboldt.
      Steve's birds were banded on their left legs -- what about your Elk River
      birds? Charlie Collins' Orange County birds normally have the USFWS band
      applied to the right leg, so perhaps it is more likely that Steve's birds
      (and yours, if banded on the left) came from San Diego or the Salton Sea.

      It is possible to read USFWS bands on Black Skimmers with patience and a
      good scope; even an incomplete reading of the band might help us pin down
      the origin of the birds. A great many skimmers have been fitted with
      additional color or alphanumeric bands that can be read at a great distance.
      If Matt, you, or others refind these birds, see if you can't read the bands.

      I cannot post to the Mendocino or NW California listserves, so feel free to
      forward this if you wish.

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      From: Jerry White [mailto:grwhite@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 8:22 PM
      To: Mendobirds@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Mendobirds] Top Ten

      Already we have a near miss on a top ten listed bird. The Black Skimmer's
      (only on George Chaniot's list) almost certainly snuck through Mendocino
      County undetected. Jerry

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