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Black Swift Waterfalls Inventories, 2004: Request for Assistance

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  • Ron LeValley
    Hi all, If any of you will be around Black Swift waterfalls this summer, this a great opportunity to help out! Please contact Bob at his address below if your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2004
      Hi all,

      If any of you will be around Black Swift waterfalls this summer, this a
      great opportunity to help out! Please contact Bob at his address below if
      your are interested.

      As ususal, sorry for any cross-posting.

      Ron LeValley, Senior Biologist



      Fax 839-0867

      www.madriverbio.com <http://www.madriverbio.com/>

      Mad River Biologists

      1497 Central Avenue

      McKinleyville, CA 95519


      From: Alt8bird@... [mailto:Alt8bird@...]
      Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 9:33 AM
      Subject: Black Swift Waterfalls Inventories, 2004: Request for Assistance

      Buyoed by great participation and successes in 2003 in locating waterfalls
      where Black Swifts are likely nesting, I am again coordinating a regional
      effort to continue this project in the summer of 2004. So please consider
      participating again, or join the 103 people who participated last year. All
      it takes is your time for a couple of warm summer evenings during July and
      August at some of most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest. How can
      you resist!

      If you are interested please visit the web page
      http://home.pacifier.com/~neawanna/BLSW/BLSW.html and click on Waterfalls to
      read about the protocol etc. and peruse a list of sites that I am suggesting
      to visit. You can also read a summary of last years efforts under Reports.
      A special thanks to Mike Patterson for his time to develop and maintain the
      web page.

      Speaking of web pages....I am working with Wolftree Inc. to develop a
      companion web page that will have a clickable map that shows you where the
      falls are located and takes you to a database with all the information on
      the surveys that have been conducted there. Funding from the USFWS
      Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act and the Oregon Field
      Ornithologists is helping develop this web page. I will let you know when
      it will be "open for business."

      The geographic emphasis of the Black Swift waterfall inventories is from the
      Cascade Mountains west, but I am open to receiving data from waterfalls east
      of this area if you know of some places to survey. I would like to
      encourage people to visit some sites not visited last year (although we need
      to go back to some of the same places also), so if interested in visiting a
      site not surveyed last year, let me know and I will see if I can direct you
      to a place near you. Once you have selected a site(s) from the web page,
      please inform me via email or phone (see info at bottom of this note) so
      that I can keep track to avoid redundancy among sites.

      A few comments based on our results from last year:
      1. The birds are most often coming into the falls right at dusk, so staying
      as late as possible is best....however, safety and your comfort-level of
      walking out in the dark are the highest priority.
      2. Getting near the base of the falls and looking up into the sky is
      usually the best vantage point for seeing the birds at the falls.....but
      again safety is numero uno and in many cases this is impossible, so just get
      the best location you can.
      3. If you have the luxury within your agency or organization to have some
      night vision goggles available, try them. They can be a great aid in seeing
      birds at the falls at dusk.
      4. On the data sheets....please make sure to note beginning and ending time
      and all observors so we can track volunteer hours. Additionally, please
      note the times of all Black Swift sightings and where the sighting was
      relative to the falls (e.g., in sky above falls, at falls, along river
      corridor below falls, etc.).

      Please forward this message on within your email networks as appropriate.
      Black Swift inventories at waterfalls are being done throughout western
      North America this summer, so in time and with your assistance, we may be
      moving this species from one of the least-known to one that is relatively
      well-monitored. Thanks in advance for all your help.

      Bob Altman
      American Bird Conservancy
      Northern Pacific Rainforest BCR Coordinator
      311 NE Mistletoe
      Corvallis, OR 97330
      phone/fax - 541 745-5339

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