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California Festivals - Godwit Days - Arcata

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Dear Birders, There are three if not four festivals lined up from Godwit Days, Yuma AZ, Heron Days Apr 24th , Lake County and Kern Biofest May 1st, actually
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2004
      Dear Birders,

      There are three if not four festivals lined up from Godwit Days, Yuma AZ,
      Heron Days Apr 24th , Lake County and Kern Biofest May 1st, actually there
      are five, because there is the newest festival planned in Yosemite April
      24th. Support one-support them all.

      I wanted to let everybody know the specific status of our event (Godwit
      Days) coming next weekend. In fact it starts early on Thursday. To date we
      almost have 250 pre-registrants. This surpasses all but our best year ever
      in 2003 and that will be exceeded shortly. Of all trips we have sold more
      than 50% of our capacity so I have outlined some areas for our local birders
      to encourage some early sign-ups to avoid disappointment on Friday night
      during registration.

      Owl Scouting is Sold Out
      Picnic at the Marsh has 12 spots left, but I'm sure more can join Tracy and
      Gretchen in the lunch hour to get the social aspects of the event rolling.
      These two leaders will also help host on the Madaket Sunset Cruise around
      Humboldt Bay. We got the wine and cheese today and that event has 11 slots
      left. The real surprise is the Mystery Tour - as of today there are 8 spots
      left, but as we have confirmed Stan as our mystery leader for the morning
      portion I'm sure these won't last.

      Dawn Chorus with Tristan, Scouting with Rob, Eel River Bottoms, and the
      nighttime owls are all Sold Out.
      There is just one slot left on the Eureka Waterfront trip, and three left
      for the Night Hike around the Arcata Marsh. The evening presentation and
      reception are open to all, we will have a "Look back on Humboldt Birding
      1980-85" Several of the greats will be on hand to recall past times and a
      short slide show will remind us of the birds and the special "hot"

      High Elevation, Simpson Spotted Owls and the Pelagic trip are Sold Out.
      There is one space left on the Birding Locations trip with Dave Fix and Jude
      Power, only three left on the South Fork Trinity with John Hunter, and one
      slot left on the Trinidad and Mad River County Park event. The Big Day Bus
      still has a good amount of room. At $35 it does provide transportation, a
      packed lunch and the chance to see up to 125 different species. Special
      news is that long time Humboldt birder John Sterling hopes to join recent
      Humboldt phenom Rob Fowler with Mary Severdia as the third trip
      leader....highly recommended if you want to see birds, birds, birds.

      Fern Canyon and the Del Norte trips are both Sold Out.
      The Grouse trip I has two spaces left with Mark Higley, the Grouse overnight
      with Rob has 8 spots left. This is a good shot for the elusive ruffed
      grouse and best chance you will have all weekend. Northern Specialties with
      Sean McAllister has a final slot left.

      For owls that are always popular we have already sold out most of the trips.
      There is one slot left on the Sunday Simpson Spotted owls. Now, there are a
      few other trips that encounter owls. We've been up at Prairie Creek State
      Park with the murrelets all last week and we usually heard Northern Pygmy
      Owl at dawn, a Barred Owl is also reported form the nearby Cal Barrel Road.
      So, try this Marbled;ed Murrelet "Old Growth" experience if you can get up
      that early, for a chance at some other owls. The Arcata Community Forest
      trip (if it visits the Jacoby Creek property) will also have a chance for a
      daytime encounter with Spotted Owls, and if you want to see Great Horned
      owls nesting come on the NE California Trip Monday and Tuesday, we saw three
      last month and there are still 8 spots left on that trip.

      Usually very popular our adventuresome boat trips are a little undersigned.
      They do cost a little more due to the equipment and firms that we have
      provide this for us, but still this is a less expensive way to enjoy these
      activities than usual. They also have a specific bird emphasis by
      association with the festival. Stone Lagoon Paddle with Center Activities
      has 10 spots left, Kayak trips have 11, 16, and 10 spots left on Sat, Sun
      and Mon. The Rafting trips (new last year have 18 and 17 spots left for the
      Trinity River (Sun) and the Klamath River (Mon). The Bike and Bird the
      bottoms event could also use some birding outdoors folk. The Sunday Pelagic
      trip has 9 spots left. Ron LeValley will lead, and this remains one of a
      very few chances for the public to get off-shore in Humboldt waters.

      Other nature activities, apart from birding have been requested to provide
      variety and the EthnoBotany of the Redwoods has 15 and 7 spots left, while
      the Lanphere dunes trip has lots of space both days. These trips will
      certainly be focused on plants and we hope this aspect of the festival can
      continue to grow.

      So, as I've said in the past, come one, come all ----- this next weekend
      will be a blast, and do your bit to support these events or spread the
      "bird" word. Just visit the Arcata Community Center Saturday or Sunday to
      see what its all about.

      All the best,


      Robert W. Hewitt
      Director, LBJ Enterprises www.birdjobs.com
      1707 E Street #5, Eureka, CA 95501

      (707) 442-0339, fax (707) 260-0632, cell (707) 845-3189

      Godwit Days Steering Committee www.godwitdays.com
      April 16-19, 2004 9th Annual, 232 species cumulative
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