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Hull Mountain

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    I m Hank Roberts, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I ve been doing some restoration on a 40 acre inholding in the Mendocino N.F., on Boardman Ridge, south of the peak of Hull
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2004
      I'm Hank Roberts, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      I've been doing some restoration on a 40 acre inholding in the Mendocino
      N.F., on Boardman Ridge, south of the peak of Hull Mtn. at 4600-5000' --
      have got some grasp now of the botany and am starting to educate myself a
      bit better on the birds.

      I'd like to ask any advice about what I might be doing better to keep the
      site friendly for birds, and invite any birders to visit or camp there.
      It's behind a locked gate, dead-end access road; not fenced, but
      relatively quiet. There's a spring on the site, a mix of pine and oak and
      open space, and way more living up there than I'll ever get to know, but
      I'm looking to document what I can, leave a good record and make some
      longterm provision for keeping the place in wildlife habitat, with hopes
      someone will come back and study it in 50 years and see if we did anything
      to help.

      I live in Berkeley; got to know the area as a hang glider pilot, bought the
      parcel shortly after the 1987 Mendenhall fire and then found I"d begun a
      200 year project (grin) once I talked to the forest service experts about
      what the place had been and had lost (a foot of topsoil gone in the past
      century, maybe 2/3 of an inch left).

      About half the area burned in Sept. 2003 -- very gracefully, about as well
      as I had hoped and tried to prepare. So it should be very interesting the
      next spring to see what comes back -- the flickers were moving in last

      Of course there's not much left big enough for cavity nesters on the
      mountain. One question I have, if it's not already too late this spring,
      is whether I should be trying to make some nest boxes. I'd had five bird
      boxes up there til the last fire, courtesy of a friend who makes them,
      that got some use, but I think only one (screech owl sized) survived, and
      I need a better idea of how to make a bird box that won't also become a
      torch and do undue damage to a tree -- maybe a few layers of waterproof
      gypsum board backing don't know.

      The road up Hull may be open by now or may be snowed in for months yet, I
      am not sure
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