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  • Matt Brady
    I think the first post may be of interest to local birders. This was posted on County Birders. Good birding, Matt Brady, Ukiah ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2003
      I think the first post may be of interest to local birders. This was posted
      on County Birders.
      Good birding,

      Matt Brady, Ukiah

      >There are 2 messages in this issue.
      >Topics in this digest:
      > 1. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in Mendocino
      > From: erpfromca@...
      > 2. Nevada, Madera, and Placer Counties
      > From: "Jim Lomax" <oriolemesa@...>
      >Message: 1
      > Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 13:11:23 EDT
      > From: erpfromca@...
      >Subject: Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in Mendocino
      >This morning at 8AM I saw an adult male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in north
      >Mendocino. The bird was in a small drainage west of Verde Drive. It was
      >behind the
      >last two houses on your left near the end of Verde Drive. This area is
      >difficult to see from the road so the bird may be hard to find. There is
      >another more
      >substantial and more visible drainage along Mar Vista Drive that may be
      >checking out for this bird as well.
      >This area is reached by taking Point Cabrillo Drive from Hwy 1 north of
      >Mendocino, turning west on Mar Vista and right on Verde.
      >Also, two days ago there was a Common Nighthawk at dusk flying and calling
      >along Palette Drive in Mendocino.
      >Ed Pandolfino
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      >Message: 2
      > Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 17:42:56 -0700
      > From: "Jim Lomax" <oriolemesa@...>
      >Subject: Nevada, Madera, and Placer Counties
      >'s up, Birderdudes?
      >Nevada County looks easier on paper than it really is. I added it to my TDH
      >list (Too Darn Hard) right under Trinity and Kings. I went up for a couple
      >of days and since I was up there, I decided to take a quick look in eastern
      >Madera County as well.
      >Nevada County June 30th
      >I went up I-80 to Truckee and took the first exit by the Donner Memorial
      >State Park. There was a report of YH Blackbird and Black-backed Woodpecker
      >in the area. The YHBB was supposed to be at the Gravel Pit ponds which I
      >finally found right behind the Chevron Station at the exit. You could walk
      >from there although I drove in through the Donner Memorial State Park
      >campground (fee). The pit ponds are hard to see until you walk up to them
      >and I found the Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the south eastern most pond.
      >Other birds were Ruddy Duck, Spotted Sandpiper, AW Pelican, Osprey, etc. I
      >then walked back to an area south of the campground and found another
      >little lake. The BB Woodpeckers were supposed to be south of the lake but
      >not for me. Only Western Tanager, White-headed Woodpecker, WW Pewee,
      >Warbling Vireo, and so on.
      >I went over to Martis Creek Lake to look for reported Sandhill Cranes. I
      >drove in by the lake and the Sandhill Cranes (new) were south of the south
      >end of the lake in Placer County. If you go, don't look for gray. These two
      >birds were in high alternate, a nice orange rust color and blended
      >surprisingly well. While I was there, the cranes suddenly flew north into
      >Nevada County (oh happy days) to a point about in the middle of the
      >north-south axis of the lake and began feeding at the shoreline on the east
      >Next, I went to Glenshire to look for the reported Gray Flycatcher that was
      >described as "a mile from my house". This didn't narrow it down well and
      >after walking around the area and searching likely habitats, I gave up.
      >Birds around the area were Lewis's Woodpecker, Western Bluebird, Pygmy
      >Nuthatch, Chipping Sparrow, WB Nuthatch, and Willy Sap among others.
      >So I went over to Boca Reservoir to look for Common Nighthawk reported
      >between Boca and Prosser Creek Reservoirs. I went west over the Boca Dam
      >and took the dirt road towards Prosser. At 2.5 miles, noting that the area
      >was Jeffrey Pines and Sagebrush, I stopped, and looked around. There were
      >two Gray Flycatchers (new) on the south side of the road and one on the
      >north side. Beautiful. I continued on and watched a coyote cross the road
      >in a large meadow about a mile from the Prosser Creek Reservoir. He seemed
      >totally unconcerned about the approaching hominid. There were no birds at
      >Prosser Creek Reservoir so I went back to the meadow and parked. After a
      >while, I noticed another Gray Flycatcher across the road from where I was
      >parked. Waiting a little over an hour, gnashing my teeth now and then at
      >passing dirt bikes roaring by, I heard a "bEEErz", and looked up for the
      >three Common Nighthawks (new) flying overhead. It was about 8:25 P.M., and
      >I figured I had time, so I raced over to Martis Peak to look for Nighthawks
      >for Placer County since I missed them last week. I hike to the summit by 9
      >but no Nighthawks. I drove back to Martis Creek Valley. Just after turning
      >off Hwy 267 onto the Martis Creek Campground Road, a Common Nighthawk (new)
      >flew across the road. Spent the night in Reno at Motel 6.
      >Madera County July 1st
      >The quick look in Madera started out by taking three and a half hours just
      >to get there. I obviously wasn't thinking right. When I finally got to
      >Mammoth Lakes 13 miles from the Madera County line, there, in town was a
      >Motel 6. Less than thrilled, I drove up to Minaret Summit (9175 feet) on
      >Hwy 203. Finally at the border, mouth salivating, I watched the female
      >Ranger walk over to my car for the fee. Except, she told me I had to go
      >back downhill and take a shuttle. What? She said that after 7:30 in the
      >morning, you have to ride a shuttle down into the Devil's Postpile National
      >Monument. I asked and she said, yes, before 7:30, I could have driven in.
      >She also said I could walk the trail down to a lake where the shuttle could
      >move me around the park since the shuttles run every 30 minutes. I opted to
      >hike down, paid $7 entrance fee, and parked my rental truck in the little
      >dirt parking lot next to the kiosk. The hike drops about a thousand feet
      >and is two and a half miles long. Along the way were the usual birds, Mt.
      >Chickadee, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Juncos, Steller's Jay, RB Nuthatches,
      >Creepers, Cassin's Finch (new), Mac Warbler, Calliope Hummer (new), RB Sap,
      >Hairy Woodpecker, Dusky Flycatcher, and so on. I arrived at noon at the
      >lake and I waited 55 minutes for the 30 minute shuttle. I took it to stop
      >#9 for Rainbow Falls. It was about 1:30 P.M. when I arrived at the
      >trailhead. I hiked with lots of other people towards the falls trying to
      >avoid them and find birds. The area starts out with a nice green forest but
      >soon turns into an old burn (1992, lightning). At the edge of the burn and
      >green, I added Willy Sap. Along the way to the falls were Mountain
      >Bluebird, Nash Warbler, and Lesser Goldfinches. At the falls, I tried hard,
      >spending two hours, waiting for the Black Swifts that Steve Rovell saw in
      >August of 1999 but only managed one Vaux's Swift (new) with lots of V-G and
      >Cliff Swallows. I also looked for Dipper and Clark's Nutcrackers to no
      >avail. Hiking back into the green from the burn, I added a nice male
      >Black-backed Woodpecker. Waited for and caught the shuttle to leave the
      >park. The shuttle driver told me that the last shuttle leaves at 7:45 P.M.,
      >but I was thirsty, hungry, and tired. If you go, go early. If you go late,
      >take food and water. Went back to Reno.
      >Nevada County July 2nd
      >Kind of heading home, but I went through Glenshire adding Cassin's Finch at
      >a feeder beside a house. Took Hwy 20 off I-80 and stopped at Skillman Flat
      >Campground adding Hammond's Flycatcher. I then went around a little heading
      >up to Bridgeport off Pleasant Valley Road (intersects with Hwy 20),
      >crossing the bridge over the Yuba River, and taking the first dirt road on
      >the left which is unmarked but supposed to be Rice Crossing to look for
      >reported Purple Martins which I figured were gone but were reported again
      >while I was on this trip. So I didn't stick around long enough to find any
      >but did add Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. That was 2 P.M. and I was hot. Went
      >home. A few miles before Rocklin on I-80, added Vaux's Swift to Placer
      >Bird's still the word.
      >Jim Lomax
      >Solitary Birder
      >from No Particular Place
      >"pleased to meet you,
      >hope you get my name"
      > Mick
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