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Mendocino Nat'l Forest (Lake and Mendocino Counties)

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  • Matt Brady
    Austin Booth and I camped up near Hull Mountain this weekend, and saw some high-altitude species. We visited Spruce Grove, Hull Mountain Summit, Tar Flats,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2003
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      Austin Booth and I camped up near Hull Mountain this weekend, and saw some
      high-altitude species. We visited Spruce Grove, Hull Mountain Summit, Tar
      Flats, and the Mendocino County Black-chinned Sparrow Spot. At Spruce Grove
      we heard and saw a red-morph FLAMMULATED OWL on both nights we camped there.
      We also had a female WHITE-HEADED WOODPECKER, and numbers of songsters,
      In the Corn Lilly meadow next to M1 we saw 4 or 5 LINCOLN'S SPARROWS. Along
      the road up to the summit of Hull Mountain we had a CALIFORNIA THRASHER walk
      across the road. At Tar Flats there was a HAMMOND'S FLYCATCHER singing,
      another WHITE-HEADED WOODPECKER, and several WESTERN TANANGERS. Along road
      M6 we had a GOLDEN EAGLE soaring high above Penny Pines, and another near
      the Black-chinned Sparrow spot. Also at the Black-chinned Sparrow spot was
      but NO Black-chinned Sparrows. Other birds of interest along the various
      roads included a DUSKY WARBLER and a nesting HAMMOND'S FLYCATCHER between
      Spruce Grove and the BCSP spot along M1, and a COOPER'S HAWK soaring above
      the junction of roads M1 and M61. MOUNTAIN QUAIL were abundant, with
      several calling at all stops, and about 10 sighted along the various roads.
      We also saw a Black Bear early this morning along M1 just past where the
      road for Spruce Grove turns off.

      Directions: Spruce Grove is off of M1, several miles north of Hull
      Mountain. The turn-off is not marked, but there is an open meadow with Corn
      Lilly on the left, where the Lincoln's Sparrows were, and a small marker
      that says "Discovery Trail" on the right. The turn-off goes up the hill to
      the right, and the Flamm Owl was where the road makes a shard turn to the
      The "Black-chinned Sparrow Spot" is just below the summit of Hull Mountain,
      and is just within the Mendocino County line. We used George Chaniot's
      directions, posted to Mendobirds last year. His directions, which I will
      paraphrase, are: about 0.2 miles past the turn-off for the summit of Hull
      Mountain, there is a pull-through with several fire rings on the west side
      of the road. Just after this pull-through is an off-road vehicle trail that
      goes off towards the west, to Windy Point. This is labeled 10W32 on the
      Forest Service map, but is not labeled on the ground. Austin and I then
      followed this trail out to a rocky outcropping, which we sat upon, and
      listened. We didn't hear anything, but people last summer at about this
      time had luck with the Black-chinned Sparrows.
      All roads we drove on were passable by passenger car.

      Matt Brady
      UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA, currently Ukiah, CA
      AIM: Podoces

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