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North American Birds - Spring 2012

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  • Robert Keiffer
    15 April 2013 - North American Birds (NAB) is a quarterly publication published by the American Birding Association (ABA). It is THE official published
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2013
      15 April 2013 - North American Birds (NAB) is a quarterly publication published by the American Birding Association (ABA). It is THE official published documentation of bird observations and movement throughout North America. The ABA area is divided into different "regions", and each region has one or more regional editors that summarize reports submitted to them for their region. We are in the "Northern California" region .... Which has four regional editors (each one responsible for certain phylogenetic families of birds). I am the "subregional editor" for Mendocino (MEN) County.

      Each quarterly period (spring, summer, fall, and winter) I summarize the more significant birds observations from Mendocino County (MEN) and submit the report to the Northern California editors. They ask for a certain format ... "common name (tab)date mm/day/yr (tab) location (space)county abbrev. (tab) number with sex or age abbrev. if applicable (tab) observer ... using an accepted acronym if it is on the master list for the region ... mine is RJK". So, I pull together Mendobirds posts, eBird posts (thanks to Chuck Vaughn), and direct individual reports in order to compile each MEN season's report. I never quite know what bits and pieces the regional editors will use in their regional report.

      If you review the recent Volume 66: No. 3, 2013 - March through May 2012 issue, you will see that MEN is well represented with 13 citations. Those were: REH's late Red-breasted Mergansers at Navarro, the juv. Short-tailed Albatross seen on the 20 May off-Noyo pelagic trip, "AL", the Laysan Albatross that frequented Pt. Arena Cove for the 19th consecutive winter/spring, inland Whimbrels and Long-billed Curlews at the Ukiah Sewage Treatment Plant (DAB,CEV,RJK,CWH, mob), 2 Scripp's Murrelets also on the 20 May pelagic trip, a nesting pair of Vaux's Swift in a residential chimney at Ocean Meadows (KHv,JHv) throwing into question earlier 1975/76 reports of nesting Chimney Swifts in that vicinity, a photographed White-throated Swift nest from inside the Highway 101 bridge over the S. fork of the Eel River (photo by Jim McIntosh), the lingering Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Rose Memorial Park in Ft. Bragg (REH), a Phainopepla at the UC Hopland Research & Extension Center as found by George Gibbs and seen by mob on the Peregrine Audubon field trip, a fully breeding-plumaged Lapland Longspur at MacKerricher State Park (DT), MEN's first Brewer's Sparrow found at Juan Creek by KHv, and MEN's first Baltimore Oriole (found on the winter CBC) that lingered into the spring season.

      This is a great showing for MEN in a NAB seasonal report. Thanks to ALL who provided any and all observation records (all records are archived into the Mendocino County bird files at UC-HREC). If you have a serious interest in such bird records I encourage you to subscribe to the North American Birds (www.aba.org/join/<http://www.aba.org/join/> ). It will soon be an online report as they will be going away from the printed publication. And ...Soon, I will have all of the past seasonal MEN reports available for viewing on the UC Hopland REC website. Good Birding! Bob Keiffer rjkeiffer@...<mailto:rjkeiffer@...>

      Robert J. Keiffer - Superintendent
      UC ANR, Hopland Research & Extension Center
      4070 University Rd.
      Hopland, CA 95449
      707-744-1424 ext. 112
      Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00

      Please check out our Website: http://ucanr.org/sites/hopland/
      Also, take a look at our blog (updated daily): http://ucanr.org/blogs/Hopland/index.cfm

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