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White-tailed kite

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  • Kate Marianchild
    I have one sitting on a nest here at Round Mountain. It s the first nest I ve seen that isn t on top of a mistletoe clump. It s extremely flimsy––I can see
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 19, 2013
      I have one sitting on a nest here at Round Mountain. It's the first nest I've seen that isn't on top of a mistletoe clump. It's extremely flimsy��I can see through it from underneath. Maybe a young, inexperienced pair, though Birder's Handbook says it's not uncommon for the nests to be flimsy. She sits on the nest and makes that weak osprey-like chirp.

      Marisela and I heard that chirp last week along the Willits By-Pass route, near Dripworks, and we also saw a kite flying. Not sure if the chirp was from the flying bird or another one. But we didn't realize that the chirp could possibly lead us to a bird sitting on eggs. I went back yesterday late in the day and didn't hear it. If anyone else wants to try, I'll be happy to give you directions. What we're looking for is any bird of any species sitting on eggs.


      On Mar 19, 2013, at 10:10 AM, jarlyus wrote:

      > I had a single White-tailed Kite perched atop an oak tree this weekend in southeast Potter Valley.
      > This reminds me of a time when there were one or more pairs perching and hovering around and over my pasture on a regular basis.
      > Jim Armstrong

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