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Re: Pelagic trips

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  • Debi Shearwater
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 18, 2003
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      >From: "Debi Shearwater" <debiluv@...>
      >To: mendo@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: Pelagic trips
      >Date: Sat, Jan 18, 2003, 8:06 PM

      >Hello, Mendo Seabirders,
      >Now is the time to begin planning for pelagic trips from Fort Bragg.
      >Shearwater Journeys will be offering at least 5 trips this year. The dates,
      >so far, are: May 11, August 15 & 16, September 21, and October 15. May can
      >be a terrific time for albatrosses. Our last May trip found over 400
      >Black-footed and nearly 20 Laysan Albatrosses! With such high numbers it is
      >always possible that we will attract a Short-tailed or Shy Albatross.
      >Murphy's Petrels have been found only 8 miles offshore during May. August
      >has produced more mega-rarities than anywhere in North America. We fully
      >expect both August trips to sell out well in advance. Our past August trips
      >have found: White-capped Albatross, Dark-rumped Petrel (two years in a row),
      >Markham's Storm-Petrel, and last year, knock-out views of a Streaked
      >Shearwater that flew around the boat for 45 minutes! We also found a
      >Yellow-billed Loon on last year's August trip!
      >As a special courtesy to Mendo area birders, Shearwater Journeys would like
      >to offer the following discounts: May 11-$90; August 15 & 16-$110, September
      >21-$110, October 15-$90. (The regular fee for all of these trips is $150).
      >This is the total fee. This is sort of like a frequent flier program,
      >restrictions apply! You must register in advance by sending the full payment
      >along with your name, address, telephone, and email. Please send the same,
      >if you are registering others in your party. There will be a LIMITED number
      >of spaces available at these prices (just like the airlines!), and there are
      >NO REFUNDS! So, don't book unless you are sure you want to go. There are no
      >transfers to another trip, if you can't make the one that you sign up for.
      >If the trip is weathered-out, you will receive a refund. This is a discount
      >for Mendo area birders. If you know birders who are not on this list-serve,
      >please pass this message on to them. We would welcome any local birders.
      >If you have any questions, please check our web site at
      >www.shearwaterjourneys.com for more information, or to email us. Our trips
      >are approximately 8-12 hours long and go in all sorts of weather. Our trips
      >from Fort Bragg have enjoyed extremely high quality leadership. Past leaders
      >have included: Jim Danzenbaker, Sophie Webb, Steve Howell, Jon Dunn, Peter
      >Pyle, Todd McGrath, Tristan McKee, Lisa Hug, Mike San Miguel, Debra
      >Shearwater and others. We hope that you can join us on these very exciting
      >Good Seabirding,
      >Debra Shearwater
      >Debi Shearwater <debiluv@...>
      >Shearwater Journeys
      >P.O. Box 190
      >Hollister, CA 95024
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