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[CALBIRDS] Point Arena Laysan Albatross RFI & Report

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    Mendobirders, The following post is forwarded from CALBIRDS. John Hunter Arcata, CA ... dcbarton_prbo
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2003

      The following post is forwarded from CALBIRDS.

      John Hunter
      Arcata, CA

      ----- Forwarded by John E Hunter/AFWO/R1/FWS/DOI on 01/06/03 12:37 PM -----

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      <dcbarton_prbo Subject: [CALBIRDS] Point Arena Laysan Albatross RFI & Report

      01/05/03 03:20

      Hello all Calbirders,
      Although I am sure many of you may tire of reading reports of
      this particular individual, the Laysan Albatross of Point Arena lore
      is present, and was viewed at a range of ~10 m by Miguel
      Demuelemeester and I yesterday afternoon, ca. 4 pm.
      The real reason for my post is the realization that since this is
      either the sixth or seventh year of visitation by this individual it
      represents an opportunity to examine the progression of certain
      plumage characteristics (e.g. flight feather molt & facial markings.)
      I took some photos at close range yesterday, and was curious if
      anyone has any detailed photos dating from earlier in this bird's
      visitation schedule that might make a useful comparison. Although
      Laysan Albatross are well studied in some regards, their plumage
      sequences are not, and additionally, may vary between populations
      (perhaps lending a clue to the origin of this particular critter.)

      Please feel free to contact me on or off list at dbarton@...

      Dan Barton
      Bolinas, CA

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