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Harris' Hawk in FB

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  • AlbionWood
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2012
      Forwarded from the Mendocino-Announce list:

      > A local breeder and falconer has lost a very young Harris Hawk. The bird
      > is very large, chocolate brown all over with a white stripe at the base
      > and end of its tail. The bird was bred in captivity and was being trained
      > for falconry purposes, but is too young to know how to fly properly and
      > cannot hunt for itself. It's been loose for 4 days and has about a week
      > before it succumbs to starvation. Anyone seeing a bird that looks like
      > this can call Brent at 961-0223 But, please check the colors before
      > calling if you have simply seen a large bird. The bird also has a band on
      > its leg. The bird was last seen at the south end of Fort Bragg, about two
      > miles east of the highway--but it can fly so might be sighted anywhere.
      > 961-0223
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