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Re: Awesome day on Clear Lake!

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  • Floyd Hayes
    I just posted several photos in a Mendobirds album titled Clear Lake 11-21-11 : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mendobirds/photos/album/1627371596/pic/list *
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 22, 2011
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      I just posted several photos in a Mendobirds album titled "Clear Lake 11-21-11":


      * Photos 1 and 2: Odd dark-backed gull at Lakeport: what we thought was a Vega or Slaty-backed Gull now appears to be an odd WESTERN X GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL with a very bright iris, slight head streaking and a string of pearls on the primaries. But the big, bulbous bill and yellow-pink orbital ring are more consistent with Western Gull. We were puzzled by it all day!

      * Photo 3: Adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL at Clearlake.

      * Photos 4-5: 3rd-cycle LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL at Lakeport.

      * Photo 6: Hybrid ICELAND X CALIFORNIA GULL at Clearlake! Okay, it isn't really a hybrid, but you'll enjoy seeing it. It's a partially amelanistic CALIFORNIA GULL that I first found at Walmart on 30 October.

      * Photo 7: Two RED-NECKED GREBES at Clearlake Oaks.

      * Photo 8: Female SURF SCOTER between Anderson Marsh and Indian Island (unfortunately overexposed; John Sterling has much better photos).

      Floyd Hayes
      Hidden Valley Lake, CA
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