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RE: new species added to MEN lsit

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  • Robert Keiffer
    15 November 2011 - Correction, the Bay-breasted Warbler observation date was 16 Sept 2011 (not 28 Sept). Good birding. Bob Keiffer ... From:
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      15 November 2011 - Correction, the Bay-breasted Warbler observation date was 16 Sept 2011 (not 28 Sept). Good birding. Bob Keiffer

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      Subject: [Mendobirds] new species added to MEN lsit

      14 November 2011 - The Mendocino County Bird Review Committee recently reviewed 4 observation records as possible first county records. The MCBRC, a six-person committee, reviews all potential first and second county records for a species. An observation record must receive 6 aye/0 nay or 5 aye/1 nay votes in order to be accepted. Good credible documentation must be provided for review before an observation has a chance of be accepted. Two of the records were accepted and two of the records were not accepted. Here are the 4 recently reviewed records and a few comments:

      Record 2011-01 Baltimore Oriole, January 17-March 18, 2011, Fort Bragg MEN 2 accept/4 not accept NOT ACCEPT Comments: "probable but not enough for 1st county record"; "wing bar in photo supports, but can't rule out hybrid"; "Maybe hybrid, but probable BAOR"; "no observers 100% convinced, possible hybrid?"; "not definitive/possible hybrid"

      Record 2011-02 Brewer's Sparrow, June 25, 2011, Laytonville MEN 0 accept/6 not accept NOT ACCEPT Comments: "lack of details/outside breeding range and habitat"; "not a good description... cannot rule out juv. Chipping sparrow or female/juv. Lazuli bunting or clay-colored sparrow"; "description too vague... unexpected in spring or summer"; "not sufficient for a very rare spring species"; "not enough details"

      Record 2011-03 Dickcissel, September 25, 2011, Manchester MEN 6 accept/0 not accept ACCEPT Comments: "details rules out other NA species, but wish for more face details", "good description by 2 experienced birders"; "neat find"; "skimpy face details but rules out any other"; "wish for more head details... good observers, notes, and long-looks"
      Becomes MEN species # 410

      Record 2011-04 Bay-breasted Warbler, September (not 28) 16, 2011, Usal MEN 6 accept/0 not accept ACCEPT Comments: "excellent combo of details... no other species choice"; "good descriptions from experienced birders"; "as observer it was quite clear & well-marked"; "very good descriptions leaving no doubts"; "100% certain"
      Becomes MEN species # 411

      Good birding! Bob Keiffer

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