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continued 1st and 2nd MENDO records

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  • Robert J. Keiffer
    4 January 2011 - Recently the Mendocino County Bird Review Committee reviewed and accepted (6:0 vote) a large batch of old records and established credible
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2011
      4 January 2011 - Recently the Mendocino County Bird Review Committee
      reviewed and accepted (6:0 vote) a large batch of old records and
      established credible first and second records. A "record" is considered one
      individual bird, so a "flock" consists of several individual "records" and
      may have contained the 1st & 2nd MEN record. Older records on file with
      lacking or minimal support may exist. The MCBRC does NOT review species on
      the current CBRC "Species Review List".

      I will, over the next couple of weeks, continue to post all of those records
      in groups of 10 species at a time..and here is a continuation of those.
      All records have what we consider solid documentation of place, date,
      observer, and observation notes/photos or there is a specimen housed at some
      museum or collection. Here are the next ten species reviewed:

      First record Black-throated Blue Warbler 10/13/2003
      Miner Hole Road, Garcia River Jerry White

      Second record Black-throated Blue Warbler 10/5/2006 RR
      tracks at Fort Bragg Karen & Jim Havlena

      First record Palm Warbler 12/31/1980 Ukiah Sewage
      Treatment Plant Dick Erickson

      Second record Palm Warbler 10/11/1987 Mendocino Headlands Kurt

      First record Blackpoll Warbler 9/2/1988
      Russian gulch State park Mike Robbins

      Second record Blackpoll Warbler 9/11/1988
      Manchester State Beach Helen Green

      First record Black-and-white Warbler 12/17-23/1982
      Mendocino area Jacques Helfer, Oliver Kolkmann

      Second record Black-and-white Warbler 1/1/1983
      Miner Hole road, Garcia river area Gary Lester, R.Giebel

      First record Prothonotary Warbler 10/19/1998 UC-Hopland
      Research & Extension Center Chuck Vaughn

      Second record Prothonotary Warbler 11/7/1999 Noyo Harbor, Ft.
      Bragg Lila McMurtry; mob

      First record Ovenbird 12/13-30/1989 Irish Beach house
      rentals Ruben Balzer; mob

      Second record Ovenbird 7/14/1995 Yolla Bolly-Asa
      Bean Flat, USNFS-MendocinoNF John E. Hunter

      First record Northern Waterthrush 9/16/1991 UC-Hopland
      Research & Extension Center Chuck Vaughn, Robert Keiffer;OJK

      Second record Northern Waterthrush 9/25/1999 Navarro River
      Gjon Hazard

      First record Summer Tanager 8/26/1994 Little
      River Mary Ann Bennett; mob

      Second record Summer Tanager 11/13/1999 Van Damme
      State Park Al DeMartini

      First record Clay-colored Sparrow 1/25/1992 PAPA
      birds, Mendocino Steve Cardwell;mob

      Second record Clay-colored Sparrow 2/29/1992 Ukiah Sewage
      Treatment Plant Dorothy Tobkin

      First record Black-chinned Sparrow 1/21/1975 Oak Manor,
      Ukiah Oliver Kolkmann

      Second record Black-chinned Sparrow 10/13/1975 Lake Mendocino
      Oliver Kolkmann

      Good birding for 2011! Bob Keiffer

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