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Spring Arrival Dates

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  • chaniot@pacific.net
    With a major infusion of data from Chuck Vaughn, I have put together a list of the early arrival dates for some migrant and summer resident birds. These are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2001
      With a major infusion of data from Chuck Vaughn, I have put together a
      list of the early arrival dates for some migrant and summer resident birds.
      These are the earliest spring dates recorded over a period of some years.
      In most years, of course, they usually arrive somewhat after this date.
      The geographical area covered is the interior valleys and ranges of
      Mendocino County from about Willits south to Hopland and the Sonoma county
      line, including Potter Valley. Roughly, the SE quarter of the county. We
      are in need of better information on some sparse migrant species
      (MacGillivray's Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Olive-sided Flycatcher, et al.)
      and for the primarily montane species (Flammulated Owl, Green-tailed
      Towhee, Hammond's and Dusky Flycatcher, et al.). The higher areas of the
      county are little explored in this season.
      I have also put this data on the web at
      with some similar data from a subarea, Potter Valley, at
      Thirdly, I have created a database at the Mendobirds homepage where we can
      accumulate information on arrivals as the spring season unfolds. Go to
      and choose "database" from the lefthand column. Any subscriber can enter
      new data, edit entries, correct my spelling, or write over information
      already there. (Someone may want to edit my Rufous Hummingbird entry. ). I
      have included columns for the coast separate from the interior, as I know
      there are some differences in timing of migration. Does anyone have similar
      historical data from the coast that they would like to contribute?
      Well, eight have returned, only thirty-two to go.
      George Chaniot

      04 Feb Tree Swallow
      13 Feb Violet-green Swallow
      14 Feb Orange-crowned Warbler
      28 Feb Allen's Hummingbird
      03 Mar Rufous Hummingbird
      03 Mar N. Rough-winged Swallow
      05 Mar Common Yellowthroat
      07 Mar Cliff Swallow
      07 Mar Pacific-slope Flycatcher
      09 Mar Chipping Sparrow
      12 Mar House Wren
      12 Mar Western Tanager
      13 Mar Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
      17 Mar Bullock's Oriole
      19 Mar Barn Swallow
      20 Mar Cassin's Vireo
      20 Mar Warbling Vireo
      22 Mar Lazuli Bunting
      22 Mar Greater Yellowlegs
      25 Mar Western Kingbird
      30 Mar Green Heron
      01 Apr Wilson's Warbler
      02 Apr Black-throated Gray Warbler
      03 Apr Black-headed Grosbeak
      08 Apr Calliope Hummingbird
      15 Apr Vaux's Swift
      19 Apr Purple Martin
      19 Apr Yellow Warbler
      21 Apr Yellow-breasted Chat
      22 Apr Hermit Warbler
      24 Apr Western Wood-Pewee
      26 Apr MacGillivray's Warbler
      06 May Swainson's Thrush
      06 May Olive-sided Flycatcher
      ? Nashville Warbler
      ? Western Sandpiper
      ? Green-tailed Towhee
      ? Flammulated Owl
      ? Hammond's Flycatcher
      ? Dusky Flycatcher
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