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Fort Bragg Gets Pelagic Press

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  • Karen Havlena
    Fort Bragg has received some good press in Bird Watcher s Digest magazine, July/August 09 issue.  The latest Far Afield column, written by Alvaro
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2009
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      Fort Bragg has received some good press in "Bird Watcher's Digest"
      magazine, July/August '09 issue.  The latest 'Far Afield' column, written
      by Alvaro Jaramillo, is "Pelagic Birding in Northern California."  See
      page 89 for the following quotation:

      "Recently, a new destination has opened up: the Fort Bragg pelagic, in
      northernmost California.  These trips have caught on because they have
      been good for finding rare birds, including multiple Hawaiian petrels (part
      of the dark-rumped petrel pair of species)."  ---- Alvaro Jaramillo.

      He is a well-respected expert on gulls and other seabirds, and he is a
      professional tour leader for Field Guides.

      Karen Havlena
      North of Fort Bragg, CA

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