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Winter Period bird report

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  • Robert J. Keiffer
    2 March 2009 - The winter report period for bird observations has come to a close. The winter report period is a normal-length seasonal period - comprised of
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2009
      2 March 2009 - The winter report period for bird observations has
      come to a close.

      The winter report period is a "normal-length" seasonal period -
      comprised of the months of Dec,Jan, and Feb. It is always an
      interesting period because of the winter resident species that show
      up ...especially along the coast. I will soon be summarizing the
      significant Mendocino County bird
      observations for these months and then submitting them to the
      Northern California sub-regional editors for North American Birds.
      If you wish to submit any previously UNREPORTED sightings, or submit
      personal summaries, then send them directly to rjkeiffer@...
      or mail them to the address near my signature, before March 10th.

      If the sighting was already posted on Mendobirds then I have it
      already, but I gladly accept summaries or specific details from
      observers. If you saw a rare or unusual bird that was discovered by
      someone else, then please note who the original "finder" was (ie:
      Dave Shuford 12/31/08 for the Grace's Warbler).

      Again, a kindly reminder for those posting messages on Mendobirds
      ....if you begin the message with the full date (like 1 December
      2008) and end the message your full name and maybe contact info
      (phone and/or email) ....then it makes it MUCH easier for me to
      conserve on ink, printed space and time when I print them for the
      hard-copy files. (that way I can "select" and "print" without
      printing all of the associated meaningless garbage).

      Thanks. Good birding. Bob Keiffer

      Robert J. Keiffer
      Principal Supt. of Agriculture
      UC Hopland Research & Extension Center
      4070 University Road
      Hopland, CA 95449
      (707) 744-1424 FAX (707) 744-1040
      HREC website: http://danrrec.ucdavis.edu/hopland/home_page.html

      "It is not the critic who counts... not the one who points out how
      the strong person stumbles... or where the doer of deeds could have
      done better. The credit belongs to the person who is actually in the
      arena." Theodore Roosevelt

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