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Feb 22nd pelagic trip

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  • Robert J. Keiffer
    6 February 2009 - There is a proposed pelagic trip scheduled for Feb 22nd (SUNDAY) out of Fort Bragg, MEN. I spoke with the Peregrine Audubon Society board
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2009
      6 February 2009 - There is a proposed pelagic trip scheduled for Feb
      22nd (SUNDAY) out of Fort Bragg, MEN. I spoke with the Peregrine
      Audubon Society board last night and they approved "sponsoring" the
      trip in their name (they are not paying for the trip). I also spoke
      with Jason, the captain of the Trek II, this morning, and he said
      that he has to have a definite answer by FRIDAY morning, Feb
      20th. So ... I must have a commitment and check in hand by the
      evening of THURSDAY Feb 19th (this is the Peregrine Audubon monthly
      meeting also ....so checks can be accepted then). Actually, I would
      like to have the FIRM COMMITMENT very soon, even if you plan on
      paying at the Peregrine meeting.

      The cost per person is $99 (you can make it $100 if you wish), and I
      am planning on 24 to 28 participants on board. Payment must be in
      the form of a check made out to PEREGRINE AUDUBON SOCIETY but should
      be mailed directly to me at BOB KEIFFER - pelagic trip, UC Hopland
      REC, 4070 University Road, Hopland CA 95449. If anyone would like to
      pay an extra $25 it will be used to give a student participant a
      discounted price of $75. This will hopefully be an all day trip,
      leaving the dock at 8:00 AM.

      The intention of the trip will be to get offshore as far as we can
      during the day in hopes of finding Parakeet Auklets. Of course
      weather and sea conditions will dictate how far out we get, or even
      if the trip is a go or not. In the case of cancellation your check
      will be destroyed unless you request it to be returned to you.

      We should see a variety of winter season pelagic birds. January
      through March is the best time to study gulls. California, Western,
      Herring, Glaucous-winged, Mew, Thayer's, and Black-legged Kittiwakes
      should all be found with maybe a few Bonaparte's Gulls mixed in.
      Rhinoceros Auklets are starting to appear in their breeding plumage.
      Finally, there is a mix of Sooty and Short-tailed Shearwaters so this
      is the optimal time for potentially viewing these close look-a-likes
      side by side. Red Phalaropes and Ancient Murrelets numbers
      decrease. Other rarities are possible such as Flesh-footed
      shearwaters. Extreme rarities such as Short-tailed Albatross or
      Parakeet Auklets .... who knows? Marine mammals numbers were very
      good during the one past winter pelagic trip. Gray Whales will be
      migrating down the nearshore.

      I will send more detailed information to those who reserve a spot on
      the boat about preparedness, possibilities, directions, etc. This
      will be a first-come/first serve prioritized list ...based upon
      direct communication with me (email or phone or mail) to reserve a
      place on the boat. Please spread the word. $25 donations will be
      accepted to help sponsor student (18 yrs or older - college or
      university current enrollment) participation, as mentioned above.

      HAPPEN! Thanks. Good birding! Bob Keiffer

      Robert J. Keiffer
      Principal Supt. of Agriculture
      UC Hopland Research & Extension Center
      4070 University Road
      Hopland, CA 95449
      (707) 744-1424 FAX (707) 744-1040
      HREC website: http://danrrec.ucdavis.edu/hopland/home_page.html

      "It is not the critic who counts... not the one who points out how
      the strong person stumbles... or where the doer of deeds could have
      done better. The credit belongs to the person who is actually in the
      arena." Theodore Roosevelt

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