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THREE Accipiter Day !! (N Goshawk)

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  • Karen Havlena
    Tue, 30 Dec, 2008 --- Today (12/30/08) is my last day for 2008, since Jim & I are going to Humboldt Co tomorrow morning.  So, I decided to go to Covelo and
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      Tue, 30 Dec, 2008 --- Today (12/30/08) is my "last day" for 2008, since
      Jim & I are going to Humboldt Co tomorrow morning.  So, I decided to
      go to Covelo and give Lewis's Woodpecker one more try.
      On my way over Branscomb Rd, I thought that perhaps a side trip north
      on Wilderness Lodge Rd might be a good place to check on the way
      I couldn't resist turning up Wilderness Lodge Rd at about 10-am, since
      it was sunny.  I drove about 3/4 to Angelo Preserve, when I spotted a
      raptor at the top of a snag.  It was a large, female COOPER'S HAWK,
      with tail and wings spread to dry off in the sun.  Continuing north, near
      the boundry of the Angelo Preserve, another large raptor flew speedily
      by and landed nearby in an open redwood.  It was a NORTHERN
      GOSHAWK !!!!!!  (I had only hoped that I would see one here, really
      checking the area for sometime next spring).  I called Jim immediately,
      I was so happily surprised.  We plan to return in the spring to hike
      there and look again for N Goshawk.  Not long after that, I saw a
      SHARP-SHINNED HAWK near Branscomb Rd.

      I did go over Dos Rios Rd to Covelo and Round Valley.  The elusive
      Lewis's Woodpecker was still absent every place I looked.  They
      only like George and Matthew, at least this year anyway!

      In Round Valley, I did see 2 FERRUGINOUS HAWKS, an adult
      and several RED-TAILED HAWKS.

      NORTHERN GOSHAWK was my 322 MEN County bird and 293
      for my 2008 year list !!!!  (Even though there were some big misses,
      I would not have passed Jerry White's 299 in 2005).

      Karen Havlena
      North of Fort Bragg, CA


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