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    Know Your Local Birds Slideshow and Christmas Bird Count Pre-meeting set for December 11 Article by Kate Marianchild Peregrine Audubon Society invites all
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      "Know Your Local Birds" Slideshow and Christmas Bird Count
      "Pre-meeting" set for December 11

      Article by Kate Marianchild

      Peregrine Audubon Society invites all members of the public to come to
      a "Know-Your-Local-Birds Slideshow" and Christmas Bird Count
      "pre-meeting" on Thursday, December 11, 7 p.m, at the Ukiah Civic
      Center. Ukiah's Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is part of a remarkable
      all-volunteer effort that has taken place every Christmas season since
      the year 1900 – an outpouring of enthusiasm and dedication that spans
      the length and breadth of the western hemisphere and involves up to
      60,000 people each year. The data collected during the CBC is used by
      ornithologists to monitor the health of bird populations and their

      Whether or not you plan to participate in the Christmas Bird Count,
      you are welcome to come to the pre-meeting to enjoy Matthew
      Matthiessen's excellent photographs of local birds and learn how the
      CBC works from Count organizer Bob Keiffer. The Count itself will take
      place on Saturday, December 20. Anyone who wants to participate in the
      Count should come to the pre-meeting to sign up on a team. Those
      unable to attend the pre-meeting can contact Bob Keiffer at
      rkeiffer@... or call him at 744-1160.

      On "Count Day," seven teams, each with a designated leader, will
      assemble in the morning at seven different spots within a 15-mile-wide
      circle. Participants will then scan trees, bushes, fields, and ponds
      for birds, and will record the approximate numbers seen of each
      species. People who aren't yet proficient at identifying birds can
      make themselves useful by spotting movement in trees, guessing the
      numbers of birds in a flock, or recording numbers on a clipboard. New
      birdwatchers will have the option of joining a "beginning birders"
      group led by Roger Foote.

      Several dedicated birders will get up long before dawn to listen for
      owls, but most teams will gather at the more civilized hour of 7:30 or
      8 a.m. Counters keep going as long as energy and time permit. At the
      end of the day all participants and their significant others are
      invited to a potluck "Compilation Dinner" where food, drink, and
      stories will be shared and the day's tally of species will be
      reported. Each year CBC regulars hope to break Ukiah's record for
      number of species seen during one day, which currently stands at 128
      species. Will Ukiah reach 129 this year?

      The Compilation Dinner will be held at Grace Hudson Museum at 6 p.m.
      Please bring your own plates, silverware, and cups, along with your
      contribution to the meal. For more information go to
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