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Fw: Acorn Woodpeckers

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  • Redbud Audubon
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      > >On Saturday, Feb 23, Susanne Scholz, Jeannette Knight and Janet Swedberg
      > >went up Siegler Valley Road and down into Deep Valley. About halfway
      > >into the valley, we saw three Acorn Woodpeckers sitting in a tree. Each
      > >one of them had a brown 3" x 3/4" (approx) stripe on the wing next to the
      > >white patch. Although each of us has looked at hundreds of Acorn
      > >Woodpeckers, none of us had ever seen this before, and we were unable to
      > >find any reference in any of our bird books. Is it a feature peculiar to
      > >this family, or is it a mating plumage variation? If you have any
      > >information on this, please respond to redbudaudubo@...
      > >
      > >Janet Swedberg
      > Hi, Janet,
      > I have never noticed this myself. I just looked at an Acorn
      > Woodpecker out the window in front of me, and I couldn't see it. I checked
      > in Pyle (Identification Guide to North American Birds) and he indicates
      > that they molt once a year (Jul-Sep) and that some wing feathers
      > (primaries,secondaries, and coverts) are not molted every year. My guess
      > that the brown feathers are faded feathers that are more than one year
      > I have seen Nuttall's Woodpeckers in late summer that were so brown that
      > they looked surprisingly like Arizona Woodpeckers.
      > Would you like me to post your question on Mendobirds? You could
      > it yourself by sending it to Mendobirds@yahoogroups.com It's an
      > interesting question.
      > George Chaniot
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