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Bullock's Oriole still here

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  • Feather Forestwalker
    The female (immature? adult?) Bullock s Oriole that has been frequenting my feeders is still here. Generally, she shows up around 9:30 and stays til around 11
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2001
      The female (immature? adult?) Bullock's Oriole that has been frequenting
      my feeders is still here.

      Generally, she shows up around 9:30 and stays til around 11 AM or so,
      though she has been here later in the afternoons than that. She's eating
      the peanuts and other nuts in my platform feeder which is attached to
      the apartment window. She also drinks water droplets from the tops of
      the other window feeders and has not yet utilized the oriole feeder I've
      hung on the window.

      She's got the typical olive-coloration with the eye-stripe and faint
      wingbars that are as wide as a male's but much lighter in color, and an
      olive-yellow tail, whitish undersides .

      She chases the Pine Siskins off the feeders every chance she gets and
      the Brewer's Blackbirds are usually in abundance whenever she is
      nearby. House Finches are fewer in number and the American Goldfinches
      have disappeared altogether. An occasional European Starling makes an
      appearance, and as of yet I have not seen a single House Sparrow. (*BIG

      So, to anyone who wants to cruise by and take a look:

      From Main Street in Fort Bragg, if coming from the south, turn RIGHT on
      Chestnut just before the Rite Aid. Go two blocks to South McPherson
      (just past the Dodge dealership) and turn left. Go all the way down to
      the end of the block and find a place to park. (The parking area in
      front of my apartments are marked "Tenants Only" and should, of course,
      be respected).

      The apartment complex I live in are the dark brown ones that are set in
      an "L" shape which is upside-down from that perspective. I am in the
      apartment closest to the dumpster, on the lower left floor. It has bird
      feeders on the outer window closest to the dumpster and my porch has the
      most potted flowers. (*laughing*) There's a bush beneath the window
      feeders that has a bird bath resting in the top of it. Hummingbird
      feeders (three) are on my front porch; two attached to the main window
      and one hanging beneath my neighbor's balcony.

      Or, you can call me - 964-7023, e mail me, or whatever, if you want to
      see this bird. I have attempted some photographs, but the film has not
      yet been used up: I am waiting for the right moment. Today I plan to
      clean the window (again) for tomorrow's sighting. The bird has been here
      every day since the 17th of December, without fail.

      Come see her!

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